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Hearts of Iron IV is on the Verge to Extinct the World | #GameReview

Everything is fair in War. And this is the exact thing, that makes the War a much more mysterious.

Undoubtedly, Hearts of Iron IV is on the verge to extinct the world and Today, in this article, we are here to let you know how Heart of Iron IV is giant scenario, how this game is about a ‘Brain’ of iron and how this game enhance the leadership quality and ability of respecting other authorities.

The game uses an extremely powerful tool to destroy the whole world. They are in progression to make a whole world a pool of death. The scenario of the game is simply mindblowing and breathtaking!

Heart of Iron IV is the giant scenario

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The very unique trait of the game is that the game is the scenario. When I started playing heart of iron 4 game, I got mesmerized with the very well graphics quality, extremely well-designed background, the players, and the weapons used are the factors that make the game truly interesting and adorable. There is a wide, open playground of the Crusader Kings/Europa Universalis.

Heart of Iron IV is more about a “Brain” of Iron

The game makes you utilize your practical knowledge, your intuition and the bit of common-sense for that matter. There are pre-war scenarios and even treaty. It is you who will decide how to play and invite your enemies. The complete game will be your decision. Hearts of Iron 4 is the global war game. It literally spins up the whole damn world.

The decisions and plans in the game are amazing to make and implement

The game gives you an extremely cool interface. At the instant, you will be battling anywhere on one given point and at the other instance you can zoom on directly to the point you wish to head to. You can see the whole globe in order to plan up your henceforth move.

Enjoy your Leadership powers to the best with Heart of Iron IV

You will have all the privileges in your hands to decide what your next move will be. Decide your own plan, make your own rules, develop your own squad, decide whom to place where, and to whom to give what kind of responsibility. All the factors are going to be depended on your decisions. The enemy’s war is dependent on your position and decisions.

Heart of Iron IV is a simulator that may bring out other facts of history

Are you a history lover? Do you just, out of a curiosity, want to try out how would history have been if the decisions that were taken, would not have been taken in the same manner? Try your hands on the Heart of Iron 4. The game gives you the exact scenario and the feel that would have most probably existed and occurred.

Heart of Iron 4 expects you to be a smarter

The game punishes you for the bad predictions and the decisions. You have to be smart with your decisions and choosy with your team. You can produce the team you desire to. Heart of iron 4, is such a realistic game, drafted with high intelligence.

Heart of Iron 4 imparts you all the respective authorities

There is a numerous amount of casting made in the game. If ever you want to assign someone a task, the person knows his own authorities. No one can pick up the rifle and start shooting. Even the war begins with the preparing and full awareness. The enemy is supposed to obey and follow his own rule and regulation. He does not cross his authorities. You are forced to punish anyone that will disobey the rule. Everything is planned, well drafted and composed. The simulation is extremely realistic.

You can literally re-live the history with Heart of Iron IV

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You can fight the world wars and the wars and the other significantly big wars on the simulations. Read about that attack in the history book? Live that attack in the simulator. Amazing graphics and the background has been created in the game.

Heart of Iron 4 Latest Update

In the recent update of Heart of Iron Game on 27th June 2018 – They fixed crash issue which was happening in some mods when spotting traits was gaining by an admiral and not to forget, they made their patch update as per EU’s GDPR Policy.

Review of the Heart of Iron 4, in a nutshell

The game is as interesting to play as it is to read. You will love the game and its graphics. The game size is larger, but it is highly satisfactory in terms of the graphics and the interface it provides. The game is addictive and quite fair enough. The core purpose of the game, though, is to disrupt the whole world. And be the lone king ruling no one but the calm planet.


The game of heart of iron 4 gives the goosebumps while playing. It is as interesting as it appears to be. The game is worth putting your hands on. There are high chances that you will be addicted to the game, once you start playing it. The game makes you decide whether to have a war and with whom to begin a war, before starting. That means, your intellectual power is been highly tested. Even the infrastructure you will build will check your foresight. There are many decisions that will test your decision-making and decision making power. The war game is best simulated ever. You cannot resist but play more, once started up.

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