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5 upcoming interesting WhatsApp features for Android and iOS (2019)

Among all instant messaging apps Whatsapp is the topmost choice of everyone. In a very short span of time, Whatsapp got Billions of downloads and the Facebook-owned messaging app continuously upgrading itself. In 2018 Whatsapp facilitated its users with cool features and in 2019 it is also presenting unique features. If you want to know about the upcoming Whatsapp features then you have reached the right page. Upcoming attires of Whatsapp are underway and it is assumed that they will cater you soon.

Thanks to rumors and random leaks which gave us a fair idea of the upcoming Whatsapp facilities. On the basis of rumors, I have created the list of 5 upcoming interesting features of Whatsapp so observe the post till the end to be familiar with them.

Upcoming Whatsapp Features That Will Shock You
upcoming whatsapp features 2019

Upcoming Whatsapp Features That Will Shock You

Plenty of instant messaging apps are here but no one can’t replace the Whatsapp. Also with Whatsapp hacks you can enjoy this messaging app fullest. Here are the features of Whatsapp that will surprise you in the upcoming days.

1.Whatsapp Fingerprint Security Feature

If you don’t feel comfortable to hand over your device to your friends being afraid to read your Whatsapp messages then this feature is for you. You will be able to put the extra layer of security on your Whatsapp chats with the Fingerprint security feature. With this Whatsapp attire, you will lock your Whatsapp account with Fingerprint ID. It is expected that this feature will be available first for Android users and then it will facilitate to iOS users.

2.Dark Mode Feature

Whenever I used to chat on Whatsapp in the night then I feel a lot of strain on my eyes. But I think this issue will be fixed soon with the Whatsapp dark mode feature. This feature is awaited for a long time and we hope in 2019 it will come to Whatsapp users. Moreover, if you have an OLED screen then you will also notice a drastic enhancement in the battery life of your device.

3. 3D touch action for status

Another cool Whatsapp feature which will be available for iPhone users via which they will be able to view the status with the 3D touch screen. One of the great advantages of this feature is that the person whose status you have read will not get the read receipt. Thus you will be able to read anyone’s story secretly.

4. Whatsapp Group Invitation Feature

One thing is really annoying when someone adds you in any Whatsapp group without your permission. The messaging giant understood our issue and the developers of the app tried to solve it with Group invitation feature. According to the leaked information, it is assumed that this feature will come in 2019. After the launch of this cool attire, no one will add you without your permission. Cool na!!!

5.Consecutive Voice Message

Do you love to communicate via Whatsapp audio? If yes then here is good news for you, Consecutive Voice message feature. It is expected that Whatsapp is working on a feature via which your audio messages will play automatically after finishing the previous one. You would not have to press on each audio message in order to listen them. I am also waiting for this Whatsapp feature curiously.

Concluding lines

There is great hope that all these Whatsapp features will serve the users soon and I hope you would be crazy to get them as soon as possible. Have patience folks they will come to you soon. Hope you have collected the exact information via the post and if you loved the article then do share with your close ones.

Still, any question then let us know below in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share if you have the knowledge of any other Whatsapp feature which I didn’t describe here. Stay in touch for more updates till then happy messaging.


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