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Check out Top 7 Free Apps for Dictionary

How many languages do you know well? Well, pick up any of the literature of the same language and start reading the same. You will soon get to know that, you are not even an amateur for the language. Knowing all the words are not necessary. Hence, we only have a limited vocabulary in our brain. However, when it comes to read and understand the thing thoroughly, all of us at some point need a dictionary. Now it is not practically possible for all of us to carry the paperback format dictionary into our pockets. But, surely the smartphone in the pocket will do it for you. Again out of so many apps out there, which one will be the best fit for your requirements?

Here’s a list of top 7 dictionary apps that you would like to try out:

1. Google Translator

  • Almost every one of us turns to google translator when it comes to any word or the phrase while reading online.
  • It is very much reliable and easy-to-use app.
  • You can try translating the sentence or even a paragraph in your own mother tongue for better understanding.
  • The whole page or the site can also be translated into the language you understand better.
  • Google translator is available on the web and application form as well.

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2. Merriam-Webster

  • The Merriam Webster is the dictionary that is most reliable and popular when it comes to English literature.
  • It has a trustworthy heritage for ages.
  • Moreover, even if you do not know the spelling of the word, you need to find, you can simply rely on the Merriam Webster.
  • The best thing about the dictionary is that you get the thesaurus for the words.

3. Dictionary Linguee

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  • The Dictionary Linguee is the of the best free dictionary applications.
  • The app provides the meaning of the word in the very simple language and also explains the meaning in detail.
  • The explanation of the word is done by using it in the sentence form.
  • Also, the app supports multiple languages such as French, Japenese, Chinese, Spanish etc.
  • The application pronounces the word, which will make it easier for users to know the right pronunciation.


  • The is the app that can be operated perfectly well, without the network too.
  • If you are seeking for the app that works perfectly offline, is the one.
  • The app allows you to save the words you recently learned.
  • Also, one of the best thing about the app is that it gives you the day of the word, daily.
  • This way, you boost your word power.

5. English Dictionary – Offline

  • What’s new in this offline dictionary? Well, this offline dictionary will not only give you the whole database of the dictionary offline but will also provide you with grammar rules and explanations.
  • The dictionary app also has a voice for understanding proper pronunciation and it has a song to learn and remember the words.

6. Concise Oxford dictionary and thesaurus

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  • As the name goes, the dictionary is truly”concise”.
  • The concise dictionary and thesaurus provide the exact meaning of the word, very precisely and to the point.
  • When it comes to the thesaurus, the similar sounding or similar spelt words are grouped together.
  • The dictionary imparts no more explanation.
  • It is short, precise and accurate.

7. Free Dictionary Org

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  • To the nerd who is very serious about the words and their origin, this is the right app.
  • The dictionary tells you everything about the given word as it is configured with the Wikipedia.
  • It tells how and when it was formed, how to use it in the sentence.
  • If the information is available, the dictionary also tells you who formed the word and where it was used for the first time.
  • This way, it is better to remember the word with the reference.

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All the above-mentioned dictionaries are available and compatible with Android, iOS, and windows. These apps are available on the web and/or the App store. All the mentioned dictionaries are standard and highly reliable. The reviews of the apps are genuine and are given by installed users. Any version of the Android device can download the dictionary app. All the above-mentioned apps are trust worthy, genuine and tried. If you know any other app, then let us know we will add in this article.

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