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Best Arabic Dictionary Apps in 2018 for Your Android Phone

Today, learning arabic becomes easy as there is multiple Arabic dictionaries apps available online and offline in 2018. If you give your 5-20 minutes daily on learning arabic in the dictionary apps which given below, I am 100% sure you would be able to speak arabic language fluently.

Even, according to the Google Trends, there was a 23% increase in the trend for “Learn Arabic” on the Google Search. This means that many people are now looking forward to learning Arabic. Learning a language requires you to know the language, the alphabets and the meaning of the words. While you can learn the alphabets and language from various books, finding the meanings of a book would be tough, that’s why we’ve created a list of best Arabic dictionary apps.

Best Arabic Dictionary Apps in 2018

Some alphabets might look very similar and could confuse you, that’s the reason why using a physical dictionary unless you’ve grasped the words could be a problematic thing. Most of them learn the alphabets and use the Arabic Keyboard to type the alphabets and then they copy paste the words into the dictionary app and get the meaning of it.

Note: We personally think that knowing the alphabets, typing it and finding the meaning of the words, don’t just help you know the meaning, but it also helps us learn the word. That’s why if you are someone who’s learning Arabic for the first time, follow our recommendation.

Best Arabic Dictionary Apps

You may be someone who already knows Arabic, but still, there might be words you might want to know the meaning off. Don’t worry, this article isn’t just for the new learners, it’s for people who know the Arabic language too. So, without wasting a minute more, let’s help you find the best Arabic dictionary.

  • Arabic Dictionary by Innovative Software 

    The Arabic Dictionary by Innovative software is not just a dictionary app, but it’s also a learning tool and helps you explore a lot of the words. The best thing about this app is you can search for both English and Arabic words. However, in case you are new to Arabic and want to learn Arabic then it’s important that you learn to type the letters using the above-mentioned keyboard. That would help you learn the alphabets and grasp them too.

    This app works even when you don’t have an online connection, It also suggests you the completion of the word you are typing. However, the developers at the moment say that if you are on a slow phone, you might face a lag while using this. They’ve currently given the option to in the App settings to turn off “Automobile.” This is one of the best Arabic dictionaries available and a lot of experts have loved this. But some people don’t prefer it because it’s not a modern looking app and the design could have been much better with this.

  • Arabic Dictionary by SalafSoft 

The Arabic Dictionary by SalafSoft is one of the cleanest dictionaries available on the Google Play Store. The best thing about this app is, there are no ads. Yes, there are no ads and the design is great as well. On top of all this, the dictionary also divides the word you’ve typed into multiple parts says “Conjunctions”, “Prepositions” etc. This feature not only helps you to know the meaning, but it also teaches you the effective use of a word. According to 10 people we suggested this app, 5 loved it and 3 became a fan of it. What are you waiting for? Install the dictionary on your device now.

  • Arabic Dictionary & Translator – Dict Box

This is another great app for people who are planning to learn Arabic. This not only helps you with the meaning of words, but it also helps you with translation. A lot of people use this app for instant website translation service. The app also notifies you about a new word on a regular basis, which means you can learn one Arabic word without even opening the app at times and just from your notification.

The app is fast, has most of the functions a person who’s looking for an Arabic dictionary might look and solves the majority of the problem. So, if you are someone who has a phone which is slow, you shall consider using this.

Verdict: Best Arabic Dictionary for Your Android Phone

The above mentioned apps are great when it comes to knowing the meaning of the Arabic words. The good, as well as bad things about these apps, is they support “English” and other languages too. Wondering how is it a bad thing? Well, when you don’t have the English as an option, you’d surely need to make efforts and type the word in Arabic. This process would increase the chances of you remembering the word for a long time. This way, you won’t just know the meaning, but would also learn the language. Using a different app? Don’t worry, you can let us know and if we like the app and is better than the above mentioned, We’ll update the list.

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