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Wawa App Not Working: 5 Easy Fix [2023]

Wawa App Not Working

Have you experienced any problems ordering food using the Wawa App?

This could be because of some in-app issues or your device.

You can apply app-related fixes if the issue is with your device.

However, if you’re having difficulty setting up your navigation, you must change your device settings and get a completely accurate live location.

So, let’s get started with a list of solutions –

How to Clear the Cache

If you’re having trouble with the Wawa app, one of the easiest ways to fix it is to clear the cache. To get rid of any temporary files stored on your phone, you need clear your cache, which can sometimes cause app problems. Here’s how to do that:

Android Phone: Head to Settings > Apps or Application Manager to clear your Android cache. Once there, select “Wawa” and then tap on “Storage.” Tap ‘Clear Cache’ and then give it a few seconds for it to complete before opening up Wawa again. If you still have an issue after following these steps, try going into Settings > Apps or Application Manager > All Apps, find Wawa, and force close it (this won’t delete anything). Then reopen it again.

iOS: To clear your iOS device’s cache, open up Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage and scroll down until you see ‘Other,’ then tap on that option followed by tapping ‘Storage.’ Next, tap ‘Manage Storage’ and choose which app(s) need their data cleared out (if any). Select Wawa from this list if applicable (it should be), then tap on Clear App Data/Cache, and lastly, Delete the App. To ensure all caches were properly deleted, exit out of Settings entirely before reopening Wawa once more if necessary.

P.S. Alternatively, you can use a third-party app CCleaner to automate the cache-cleaning process.

Check/Update Your OS

Open Settings on your phone and tap on System.

  • Navigate to About Phone and tap on it. The build number should be mentioned right under it. If not, you can use the search bar to determine the current version.
  • You should also check if any updates are available in Settings > Software Update > Check For Updates (if present). If yes, select Download & Install to install all available updates in one go!

Turn on Location Services

The Wawa app uses the Location services on your device to find your live location and nearby stores in your location and check if there is a touchpoint available inside the store.

The location service can be turned on or off in settings. You must turn on Location Services (GPS and network-based) for the Wawa App to work correctly.

Delete your Wawa App and Re-install it.

If your Wawa App is still not working, you should try to reinstall the app.

Keeping your smartphone’s storage full can slow down your phone and affect its performance in general, so it’s best to delete the app and re-install it.

Not just that, you must uninstall some unnecessary apps installed on your device to free up some much-needed storage space.

In most cases, installing unwanted apps could be causing slowdowns in general as well, so remove them if not needed.

Once the clean-up part is done, reinstall the Wawa app and log in using your credentials.

To reinstall:

  • Open Google Play Store on your device
  • Search for “Wawa” and select the appropriate app from the results list (there may be more than one result if you have an older version installed)

Note: Alternatively, you can use google play store alternatives to reinstall the Wawa app.

Reset your Network Settings

If you’ve tried everything else and the Wawa app still isn’t working, it’s time to consider resetting your network settings.

This will reset all your data settings, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. It’s a last-resort solution—but since it doesn’t delete anything from your device or change any information stored on it, it should be an easy fix to ensure you get a completely accurate live location.


Hopefully, I’ve clarified that you can fix the Wawa App not working error.

I have listed 5 fixes to help you rerun your app and make it usable!

If none of these worked for you, then your phone may be wrong.

In that case, I recommend contacting your device’s customer care and getting their help fixing your smartphone ASAP.

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