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Line App Down: Common Line App Problems and Solutions

Mobile phones have changed our lives drastically and our dependence on them is increasing day by day. There are multiple chat and video calling apps on our devices and communication apps are the most used ones. There are tons of communication apps like Whatsapp, hike, Wechat but today we are going to discuss on Line, available for windows, android and iOS devices. You can send messages, make voice calls for free. Although Line app is a great tool for instant messaging and voice calls there are some issues with this app. Users are complaining that they are not able to log in, facing the issue at the time of calling, and downloading issues also. Most of the issues can be fixed up by updating the app but some can be fixed by the user end. If you are currently facing Line app problems then here We will discuss to fix the hurdles with easy moves.

Common Line app problems and their solution

Application Crash

There may be various reasons behind the crash issue so here are the possible solutions for this issue:

Solution 1: Update Line App  This is the normal Line app problem and it can occur if you are using the older version and you can solve it by updating to the latest version of the app.

Solution 2: Restart your Smartphone When you restart your device this can solve out software related issues and refresh the functionality of the phone so you can restart your device. After restarting check whether the app is working or not.

Solution 3: Check Internet connection The reason behind the app crashes can be poor internet connection so you can check it to fix the problem.

Solution 4: Clear Cache You can also the clear cache of the app for its smooth performance. You have to go to the Settings and then tap on the application. Get the Line app and click on Clear cache option for the proper working of the device. You can also delete unnecessary photos and videos to release the memory of the device.

Messages are not received

One of the major Line app problems is that the messages are not getting received even after the notification. This issue can be sorted out with few steps and here the steps:

Solution 1: Open up the chat This type of problem can be fixed by opening a particular chat with which you are finding problems.

Solution 2: Restart the device You have to restart your smartphone to sort out this problem. Actually after restarting the app also restart so it can function well and solve out this problem.

Solution 3: Switch to the latest version Issue may occur if you didn’t update the app and for fixing it you have to switch to the latest version. You can update it from the Google Play store.

Unknown login alerting

In case you didn’t use your Line account for a long time or you get a login notification then there are chances that someone is using your account. An unknown person can ingress your login and password then you have to change your password immediately. You can recover your genuine account by login again in a smartphone within 24 hours after receiving the alert. You have to follow these steps to fix this Line app issue:

  • Begin the Lined app and you have to tap on Login.
  • Now insert the genuine email address and the password to recover the account and then tap on Ok. You can also choose Login with Facebook and after it, you can change the password.

Common solutions to fix all the Line app problems

These were some certain issues and if you face any other problem then you can sort out with some certain steps. Take a look below to know more:

Download Line from the Authentic source

You may also come through the problems if you download the app from the unknown sources and to solve the issue you have to remove the Line app and this time you will download it from the trusted sources. You can easily download it from the Google play store or from the official site of the Line app.

Factory Reset your device

One of the most brawny ways to fix all the Line app problems is to factory reset of your smartphone. But make sure you keep a back up of all the important data otherwise you will lose everything. For factory reset you have to perform these steps:

  • Initially navigate to the settings of your phone.
  • Then tap on Backup and reset.
  • Then tap on Factory data reset.

After finishing reset process restart your device and download Line app again for a smooth experience.

Final verdict

Well, folks now you don’t need to face all these [problems as you have the solution for every Line app problems. If you found the post informative then share with your close ones. And if you will face any issue again with Line app then comments below and if you want to know about any particular app then asks us. For more recent updates stay connected and keep reading.



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