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Clash of Clans Strategy of Attack UNLOCKED | 2018 |

I love Clash of clans because we want to tune up our attack strategy better. One of the most sought after resources in this game is the Clash of clans strategy of attack.

Even when I started playing this back in 2012, I could come up with amazing defenses to save my resources. Now? Not so much, and that brought me to this endless search for clash of clans strategy to win.

Clash of clans strategies

Drafting the perfect defense is so important for safeguarding your resources. But, making the perfect attack is also important. At the end of the day the difference between an average player and a great one; boils down to how you strategize your attacks.

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So, Here Is My Easy To Follow Clash of Clans Strategy of Attack:

Barbarians & Archers 

Out of all the strategies of attack, this one has proved to be the best. You would need to reply on Barbarians and Archers but with that, you would also need to get a few wall breakers. It will also help out with the enemy’s castle.

Cost Effective Army Base

The plus point to barbarians and Archers is that it gives you a pretty low-cost army. But, before you venture into this, you would need to read in full and be prepared.

But, with a low-cost army, you can cause a lot of high-cost damage.

Eliminate Enemy Splash Defenses 

Barbarians and Archers are where you would love to keep attacking your enemies. But, to win the clash of clans game you would need to first make sure you take out the splash defenses of your enemy base.

Take out the Collectors

This is the best part of the Barbarians and Archers attack strategy. You can just get 5 to 10 barbarians and archers to take out all the loot outside from the collectors by beating them up. Not bad eh?

For more strategies, I am also attaching a video here so, you don’t run out of strategies to attack and win at the clash of clans game in 2018.

Before I go, I hope I helped and if I have not covered a strategy feel free to tell me in the comments section. The more we collaborate the more win at Clash of clans.

Download: Clash of Clans

Till the…happy gaming people!

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