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Shadow Fight 2 Reviews And Its Hidden Features

Shadow fight 2 game is the browser-based game. Played exclusively by the Facebook users. The game is two dimensioned based on fighting genre. You will have AI opponents against you. The game is fun to play and pass the time. However, the game also pushes to make real money purchases. Here in this article, we discuss shadow fight 2 reviews and its latest features.

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Shadow Fight 2 Game Features

The Shadow fight 2 is an Extremely Simple Game with Silhouette-Style

The game is very simple to play with minimal controls. Instead of having fancy graphics, the shadow fight 2 game actually has silhouette-style decent, simple and 2D graphics. The control keys and directions are minimal too.

Upgradeable Weapons, Armor, and Fighting Styles

Although the shadow fight 2 game is easy and simple, it is upgradable. That’s one plus of the game. Enjoy the game with more powers simply by upgrading it to next version.

Shadow Fight 2 Reviews

Shadow Fight 2 Reviews: Nice game to pass the time

“AWESOME game! Tts great time killer, good graphics, addictive, and e.t.c. also good story and think its the best game nekki or any game company ever saw or made. Also pls add shadow powers to this game! It would be much more addictive and you know… anyhoo thanks for the awesome game. Never uninstalling and anyone who sees the review if its good, DOWNLOAD IT NOW. Also, you may read some people’s review s that it’s not a real skill like you can’t win on impossible or insane. Well, that isn’t true because I won almost all insane. (Not impossible) so you just need skills and brain thinking in this game. Also, you may be horrible at first but u will get better and better until there is a point you won’t be able to stop. It may be a long game but that’s a good cause. Because it keeps u busy on this wonderful fame.” says Nathan Kim.

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You Need not be Skillful to Play Shadow Fight 2

“The game has nothing to do with skills. All depends on the systems parameter. If it says impossible or insane you cannot win no matter what. Unless you buy and upgrade your gear. And when the game says easy or normal then you can win. So keep upgrading and watching videos or buy stuff. Even if you beat an impossible or hard enemy to a pulp his health won’t decrease much but when he hits you once or twice you’re dead.” reviewed Nitish Yadav.

Shadow Fight 2 Reviews: The Game and Controls are Awesome

“The shadow fight 2 game and controls are awesome, is the part that I love the most. The history is great too but.. what I hate the most is that when you beat some enemy on Impossible or Insane difficult it doesn’t give you any improvements, it should give you more coins or something like that… Because I pass all the fights on Insane and now I’m stuck on the game.” says Ricardo Tapia.

Shadow fight 3 is the next version of this game. If you also want to know how to play this game then click on this link and know some tricks.


The Shadow Fight 2 game is very simple with minimal controls. You can upgrade it to reveal more out of it. The game demands some amount of real money from you to invest. Hence, be careful if you do not want to make any real money purchases. For more such reads, stay connected with us.


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