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Roll The Ball Guide: Tips And Tricks To Clear All Levels

Roll the ball is the simple game. The game has many things and challenges to perform. Roll the ball is the game for all the ages. You will be addicted to the game simply by playing it once. The tactics and the graphics used is very simple. The game is unending. You will be glad the moment you reach new stages. The guide, tips, and tricks will help to clear the game by excelling in every stage that you play and are yet to play.

Roll the Ball Tips and Tricks

Star mode and Classic Mode

The game can be played in two modes. The one is the basic mode and the other is star mode. When you hit the play button, you enter the start mode. Your aim is to collect the pieces with stars and you will be able to have 3 stars, 2 stars, and one star. If you wish to play the game in the classic mode, just press the C button and you enter the classic mode.

There is no Time Limit with BitMango

You can utilize as much time as you want to play the game. The game does not have any time out. You can plan your moves and pause the game for a while to study the scenario.

Watch the Guideline Videos to Get the Game

Do not skip the guiding or tutoring videos. You will know the game by just watching the videos. Exploring the game all over by yourself has its own glory, though.

Turn the Poping Ads off

Although the ads make the owner of the game earn a lot, you get nothing out of ads besides getting distracted. Hence, you can turn the ads off at times.

Make use of Undo Whenever Necessary

You can undo your move in case you have mistakenly done. The game offers you an opportunity to undo the recently made move. And the best thing, undoing the move will not affect your star rating at all.

Check your Message Box

There is a Santa who sends you the gifts. And the gifts are in the form of anything like hints to the game or any suggestions that can help improve your game.


Roll the ball is a very simple game. Without a guide, you can explore it and enjoy it. It takes a proper guideline, hint, tips, and tricks if you wish to excel in the game. Before this, you should also check what another expert gamer rank this game. Once you are addicted, you will strive to get more stars across the game. For excelling in the game and to know updated features and trending news of the game, stay reading us.

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