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Latest Features of Plants vs Zombies Game And Reviews

Plants vs Zombies Game

Plants Vs Zombies was originally introduced as a video game only. Later with the advancement of technology the developers have also launched this game for different platforms like Android, IOS, Windows, PC etc. Presently this game is available across all the platforms. It was first released in the year of 2009 for Windows and OS X and was developed originally by  Popcap games. A year later in 2010, developers also launched its IOS Variant that is very famous among the users. As the time passes and the game became famous, developers launched Plants Vs Zombies Game for different operating systems. Here in this article, you will get a complete insight and all the information related to Plant Vs Zombies Game.

plants vs zombies

Features of Plants Vs Zombies Game:

  • Solo and Multiplayer Game: Earlier in the Video game mode, the game was available as a multiplayer game only. With further developments in it, Developers also launched its solo variant of this game. Now you alone can also play this game.
  • More than 200 Million Downloads: Presently the game has more than 200 million active downloads and installations of this game, This itself shows the popularity among its users. Many users like to play this game as it involves less complexity.
  • Different type of Modes available in this game: The game consists of different types of modes available in this game. Below we have mentioned the three modes available in this game that are:
    • Plant Mission Mode: In this mode, you need to lead a powerful plant and save your plants from zombies. You will get different types of missions and tasks to stop zombies from attacking the plants.
    • Zombie Mission Mode: In this mode, you need to develop zombies, who can go and pull up the plants from its roots. In this mode of a game, you need to pull up the flowers come across you in this game.
    • Multiplayer Mode: It is the most exciting mode in this game. There are the real-time matches and are more interesting than zombie mission and Plant mission mode. In this mode, you are in the real-time match playing against other actual players instead of some machine or program.
  • Daily Quests: Quests are the normal tasks and questions being asked in this game that you need to complete and answer respectively. In return, you get gems and silver that you can spend on stores to get respective teammates, heroes etc.
  • Auto Team Builder and Edit team option: The game also provides the option of auto team builder, where your team will get automatically build. It also helps you upgrade your team as you collect new characters. They also have the feature of Edit team option where you can customize your entire team as per your requirements.
  • Their own store: They also have their own store where you can visit and spend your hard earn gems and silver on packs that are filled with awesome teammates, heroes, and tricks available in this game.
  • Offline Availability: You can play this game offline as well and make progress in this game as while playing offline as well. Though you need an active internet connection to earn gems, complete your quests and to complete quests. The basic features of this games are available online as well as offline.
  • No Time Lag: If you are using a standard smartphone, you will not complain about any kind of time lag and the same goes for the computer as well. Whether you are using PC, Android, IOS it will not cause any kind of time lag.


User Reviews of Plant Vs Zombies Game:

  • Plant Vs Zombies game is one of the most favorite games among the users who play online games. Its 200 million plus downloads itself demonstrate its popularity among the players.
  • Users also review this game as a fun game that also enables the strategic thinking of users.
  • The game is also bit addictive in nature and very popular among the users.

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Final Words on Plant Vs Zombies Game:

Plants Vs Zombies game is one of the best game among the players. Presently the game is available for all the operating systems. In this game, you need to make sure that your plants are safe from Zombies. If your zombies eat the plants, you are out from the game. You need to make sure that your plants remain safe from zombies. We have mentioned all the details of this game, if we miss any information regarding the game, you can let us know in the comment box given below.

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