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UC Bowser vs Google Chrome Vs Opera Mini

Gone are the days when you have very limited choices of internet browsers to access the internet, presently there are a lot of internet browsers available over the internet that you can use to access the internet across the globe. Among all the internet browsers, the most popular ones that one can use is UC Browser, Google Chrome and Opera Mini. You might be thinking that why we are so much focused on mobile browsers only. Here we are talking about the comparison between browsers.  Presently, more than 75% of the audience available over the internet is using internet through mobile phones only.

According to the data presented by Statistics, 80 users out of every 100 users access the internet using mobile phones only. There are several options available for mobile but these 3 are the most used browsers. Below we have mentioned everything about these 3 browsers.

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is a web browser belong’s to tech giant Google. It is available for Mobile and PC both. A lot of people are already using it and are well aware of google chrome. In a majority of smartphones available in the market, it comes as default mobile browser. There are lots of features available in Google Chrome.

Its browser has special material design and it has a very amazing user interface to use. Along with that, it is very to use and interact with. There are few features that are enriched in Google Chrome is Bandwidth Compression, Voice Search Option, HTML 5, incognito mode, Do not track feature etc. Along with there are many features available in Google Chrome.

comparison in opera,uc and chrome

Opera Mini:

Another web browser that is very famous across the internet and is available to use is Opera Mini. Opera Mini is available for both PC and mobiles. One can directly download and Install the same from play store. You can also check their official website to download and install the same.

There are many features available in opera mini browser that make it different from other browsers. Some of those features are Private Browsing, Data Synchronizing, capacity to save web pages in the internal memory of the phone, single column view etc. Opera Mini is completely free to use and can be downloaded from any 3rd party site or any app store.

UC Browser:

It is another famous Browser backed by Chinese Tech Giant Alibaba. One can download and install it from its official website as the browser is not available on play store due to some policy violations.

The unique feature of using this browser is its In-built ad blocker provided in this browser. There are many features available in this browser that make it different from other browsers. Few of those browsers are Speed Boosters, Ad- Blockers, Private Browsing, File saving etc. Presently it is one of the best 3rd party mobile browser available to access the internet.

Similarities Between Opera Mini / Google Chrome and UC Browser:

  • All these 3 browsers allow your private browsing.
  • All are easy to use with an interactive user interface.
  • All these browsers allow the feature of data compression.
  • Data sync is another great feature offered by these 3 browsers.
  • You will also get the option of screen gestures with these browsers.
  • All these browsers are good to browse in slow net connection.
  • None of these browsers allows you any feature of Anti Malware.

Difference Between Opera Mini, Google Chrome, and UC Browser:

All the browsers have some similarities and differences between them, below you can read the differences between them:

  • UC Browser has an inbuilt feature of Ad-blocker while you will not get this feature in other 2 browsers
  • UC Browser also allows the flash feature while there is no such option in the other two browsers
  • Opera Mini and UC Browser give you the option of suggested content but you will not get this option with google chrome
  • Google Chrome comes pre-installed on your android mobile phone, while you need to install the other devices on your own.
  • You will also get an option of the reading mode in UC browser, but you will not get that option in the other 2 browsers.
  • You can also customize the theme in UC browser and Opera Mini that you can not do with Chrome.

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Final Words:

There are many browsers available on the internet to access the internet. All these browsers have different features and specialties available in it. If you are looking to access the internet with the slow internet connection, we would suggest you use Opera Mini. You will also have a choice of using google chrome to access the internet as a default browser. UC Browser is also a great choice to access the internet but you need to download and install the same from its official website or some 3rd party app store.

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