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GameOn – Capture a Sixer Clip or Favourite Mobile Game Clip | Numerous Features| Pricing| Download Links And Many More….

Just think…Your favorite cricketer makes a sixer in the game and you want to share only that sixer clip with your friend….What you will do?

How you will do? Best way to do it? How much time it will take to make a clip? Lot of questions in your mind…..Isn’t it?

In this article, we will share with you the best method to make your clip effortlessly. This will not only help you to make clips, it offers numerous other features as well.

So, without any further delay..Let me share with you the name: GameOn.


Amazon gaming service- GameOn app is available for Android users to effortlessly record and share the mobile gameplay. With this, you can capture 30 seconds to five minutes clips of their favourite mobile games.

You know what? Who launched this Gameon App? This app is launched by Amazon. Isn’t that great and we knows that whatever the Amazon do, do it so well that everyone love it.

At the launching event, more than 1000 games were supported by the GameOn including numerous well-known games like PUBG Mobile, Final Fantasy, Brave Exvius.

Apart from this, it let you add

  • online multiplayer competitions,
  • leaderboards,
  • objects into your game, and
  • leagues.

All of this will increase your social interaction, fun-level, player’s involvements, and resulting in an increase in the monetization of the businesses. Yes, with Gameon You can earn!

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Game On

Moreover, GameOn API helps you to choose your host competitions, online events at your desired locations irrespective of any boundaries, where AWS exists. Isn’t it amazing?

Overall, it offers you to:

  • Capture your gameplay
  • Share it with your friends
  • Supports more than 1000 games
  • Participation in Online Events
  • Host Competitions
  • Edit the videos
  • Personalize the videos
  • Provides you Selfie Commentary
  • On-screen captures
  • Enable you to create your own competitions

Well, this not enough. The list is quite big. You can attain plenty of benefits through this app. Do you want to know about them? For that, you have to glance at the features of the GameOn. Let’s Begin:

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Features of the GameOn:

Not yet satisfied by the above-mentioned traits? No Issue…It has more benefits to provide you. We all know the attributes and traits of anything make it more valuable and efficient. So, let’s talk about its scalability:

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Add Modernization and Fun to your Competitions:

Will enjoy the game you are a pro and put against someone who just knows about entry-level…. Not at all.

The experience will not be amazing. You both will regret your game as Pro you want some new experience with Pro competitors whereas the entry will enjoy some easy challenges to gain some confidence in the game. Isn’t it?

Here, the GameOn will do wonders for you. It will permit you to use filters to match you with someone having equal skills like you, for an amazing battle.

In this developers match and manage the players in respect to:

  • Geographic Locations
  • Device Location
  • Skill Type
  • Your device type
  • And many more..

It is difficult to dope the API as it has enough capabilities to detect faults, frauds, and suspicious players.

Numerous Prices In-Game and Real-World Prices:

You can receive in-game rewards such as currencies and different kinds of other objects. Not only, this you can also, share real-world physical gifts to players which are amazing.

Surely, the prices will increase the user’s engagement and involvement in the game.

Provide you options to create your own Competitions:

Powered by the Amazon GameOn API, all the players and end-users of the GameOn can create your own competitions. Imagine you are enjoying your gameplay with your own designed competition:

You have to simply, follow the below steps:

  • Give Invitation to your friends.
  • Control your own Leaderboards and stuff.
  • Enjoy your game.

Isn’t it is adventurous?

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Record On-Screen and Edit your Videos within the App:

Apart from recording your favorite action in the game, it also helps you to edit your videos with numerous in-built functionalities for better support. Give it a try and share who’s your experience.

Also, you can download Kinemaster for pc to edit your videos.

Play Contest :

In the GameOn app, you will get feature challenges in the game. It includes different contests in which you can take part. Some of them are Game-specific and time-limited contests where you can share your favorite gameplay clips.

The most popular and higher user’s involving video will receive a Digital Ranking Badge.

Effortlessly Manage your Competitions through GameOn API Console:

The easy-to-use and intuitive interface allow you to quickly and effortlessly manage your competitions. Anyone can manage this, be it a marketing manager or community manager. No high knowledge of the development is required to interact with the console.

Even the GameOn console helps you to create recurring competitions, layout rules, and leaderboards for various events.


You can do all of this with the help of GameOn. The functionalities of the GameOn are numerous, once you use it- you will definitely feel its real value in your gameplay.

After, gaining all the above information; you will be wondering about the games that are supported by the GameOn. Right…

GameOn Supported Devices:

Excitedly, any app or game available online can consolidate with the GameOn. If you have any existing player vs player and immense multiplayer competition, then you can also use it especially features running in the GameOn app.

Moreover, you can customize the GameOn attributes as per your need and preference. This will further improve your gaming experience.

The way you use technology will reap the benefits. And hence it is extremely required to prioritize the technology notably for the kids who are unaware of the outcomes if it is used in an unhealthy manner. There are 3 technologies that you must prioritize for your kids.

GameOn Pricing:

One of the most significant questions as cost affects the decision. Isn’t it? Our decisions are expected..what about you? Share with us.

Well, GameOn is a paid service but it is based on the player usage. There is no setup fees or minimum cost of it. So, can easily dive into it and start experiencing it without any delay and worrying about the cost.

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You only have to pay for what you have used. GameOn associated with AWS for the billing process for no delay and better efficiency.

As per the Amazon AppStore, these are payment procedures:

  1. Each score counts as single pay.
  2. The first 35,000 plays per month are free per developer across your apps for the first 6 months of use.
  3. Additional plays are billed at $0.002 per play.

From Where to Download?

For Android users, you can download it from the google play store. You can download it for free.

For iPhone users, you can access it from Appstore.

Final Words:

GameOn is one of the best apps to capture your exciting movements in your gameplay. Besides, capturing you can edit your videos which is very interesting.

So, next time you play or watch your favorite game before that download GameOn. To avail of all of its services and keeps yourself ready for the amazing experience.

For all the queries, feel free to associate with us. We will support you and try to solve all of them.

GameOn Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who launched GameOn?

GameOn is launched by Amazon. This is one of the best apps to capture your gameplay and live sports. 

2. Can I use GameOn on my PC?

GameOn is specifically for Android and iPhone users.

3. Does GameOn provide any kind of prices?

Ans. Yes…GameOn provides numerous in-game and real prices to the users. The platform also runs various contests, if you win these contests then also you will get prices. 

4. What is the Price of GameOn?

Ans. Price of the GameOn depends upon your usage. You only have to pay for what you have used and there are no setup charges. 

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