Download KineMaster for PC Without (Watermark & Bluestacks)

Kinemaster, a video editing apps with 10 Million+ Downloads, became one of the famous android apps to create any video and then, as you are on this page, you want to download Kinemaster for PC but that’s too without bluestacks.

What is Bluestacks App Player?

Bluestacks is an Android emulator to use all android apps on a laptop and there are a lot of alternatives to Bluestacks or you could say, there are a lot of other android emulators to download any app including kinemaster on PC.

Bluestacks works fine with the high-spec laptop and if you are having low specs laptop, then you are on the right page. Here, we are with plenty of options to choose from!

Can I use Kinemaster on a PC without Android Emulator?

No, As of now Kinemaster is only available on Android and iOS versions, and officially, they don’t have any PC Version.

Why is Kinemaster not Recommended on Windows PC?

You know what, there is a lot of advanced versions and easy-to-use apps in Windows which make video editing so smooth. So do you want to know the names of Kinemaster alternatives or similar apps on PC?

Kinemaster Alternative Apps for PC

While searching about similar apps to kinemaster, I found 12 interesting tools to start with 1 as a beginner and 12 as a video editing expert.

  1. Movavi Video Editor – A completely Beginner Software
  2. Openshot
  3. Shotcut.
  4. Moviemaker
  5. Sony Vegas Pro
  6. NHC Video Pad
  7. DaVinci Resolve.
  8. Avidemux
  9. HitFilm Express
  10. Cyberlink Power Director
  11. Techsmith Camtasia Studio
  12. Filmora

On the other hand, Lightwork, Blender is not easy to use as a beginner and can be used to create 3D animation videos. Hence, require a lot of experience!

If you want, you could try any of the above tools and that’s too absolutely for free. Isn’t that great? Advance tools free of cost…

If you’ve changed your mind and you want to use kinemaster on PC with bluestack then make sure to fulfill system requirements.

System Requirements to Download Bluestacks

  • Operating System: Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3
  • There should be an Administrator on your PC.
  • Minimum 2GB RAM
  • Minimum 4GB of disk space required
  • Updated Graphics drivers
  • Your PC must have a fast internet connection

Bluestacks is one of the best android emulators and you can enjoy the high graphics games and your desired Android apps on PC with it. But the main problem is that you can’t access Bluestacks on average spec PCs.

Download Kinemaster for PC Without Bluestacks

In case, you still want to use kinemaster for pc (Windows 10/8.1/8/7, XP) but without bluestack, then here is the list of another android emulator (For Free) that could give you seamless experience:-

  1. Nox Player (recommended).
  2. Tencent Gaming Buddy.
  3. GameLoop,
  4. MEmu,
  5. Ko Player,
  6. Genymotion,
  7. Remix OS,
  8. Bliss OS

Now, it’s just you need to download any of the above Emulators and install the Kinemaster app for video editing.

To download Kinemaster for PC, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, go to the official site of the NOX android emulator and tap on download to begin the downloading process, or else just click on the “Download Nox Player” button.

Download Nox Player

  • After downloading, tap on the install button to initiate the installation procedure.
  • After installing the Nox emulator, you need to launch it on your PC.
  • Now sign in with your Gmail account.
  • After it opens up Nox and visits the Google play store available in NOX player.
  • Here search for Kinemaster and click on the download option.
  • Then install this video editing pro tool on your Windows device.
  • Finally, you find the app icon on the home screen of the emulator and now you can edit your videos like a professional.

If you are unaware of Kinemaster’s feature, then  have a look here:

Kinemaster Features:

  • One of the best attire of the Kinemaster is its multi-layer support and users can attach multiple layers of videos, photos, music, and other types of media.
  • No professional knowledge is required to run this app.
  • Any newbie can try hands-on editing videos using the kinemaster.
  • All the required tools and features are available for editing videos.
  • Another awesome feature of this app is that you can preview these edits while editing your videos.
  • You can change the background color and image with this advanced video editing app.
  • Kinemaster supports all video formats like MP4, MOV, and many more.
  • One of my favorite features of Kinemaster is that you can integrate your videos with your own voice on your desired songs.
  • The Kinemaster without watermark contains animation styles and 3D transition to provide your videos 3D look.
  • You can give a professional touch to your videos with Kinemaster within minutes so it saves a lot of time.

Kinemaster without watermark

Do you want to have kinemaster pro features for your PC and that’s too without watermark, without paying for the software?

If yes,  download kinemaster mod apk in any android emulator and You are good to go.

Want kinemaster in your favorite colors! Check Out: Black Kinemaster Apk, Green Kinemaster Apk, Red Kinemaster Apk, and so on!

The only difference between paid and free versions is that watermark. Otherwise, all the features are almost the same. However, there are a few vast features and filters in the premium version.

There is an amazing feature in the premium version of Kinemaster that is known as the Chroma key. We have discussed these features in detail further in this article.

Kinemaster for Mobile

Kinemaster for mobile
Kinemaster for mobile

Kinemaster for mobile either android or iOS is available on respective play stores or iTunes. Simply go to Google play store or iTunes and download and install the Kinemaster video editing app. This app has all the professional features even in the mobile version of the app.
It makes video editing so much so simple that you can edit your videos while on the go. You can even make videos with your precious memorable photos collection by adding music or voice-over. Even you can give different effects and filters for it to make it as per your wish.

Kinemaster FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Let’s discuss a few FAQ’s about Kinemaster in detail: –

How to import 2 images together in Kinemaster?

As mentioned above there is a feature in the premium version of Kinemaster which is known as Chroma key.

This chroma key tool is being used to import two images of working on two different layers in Kinemaster. This feature is mostly used by professional video editors.

That means you can blend 2 different images or videos as a single video. One will work as a background and another as main.

You can make transparency in two of them as per your wish. One of both will be on top with customized transparency by you. This super amazing tool is also known as green screen mode.

The green color screen is selected as a background that is making used to blend different backgrounds in the same image. Using this chroma key, you can create outstanding, cinema-level professional videos.

How to unlock the video layer+chroma key in Kinemaster APK?

After reading the usage of the Chroma key in video editing, you must be looking for unlocking video layer+chroma key APK. Let me tell you, this feature is only available with the paid / premium version of the Kinemaster video editing tool.

This professional tool is widely used in cinemas while recording the action in the movie in a single place with a green color background in it. However, the VFX artists edit it afterward by editing the suitable background according to the shoot.

This tool not only saves a lot of money for the producers rather helps in minimizing the hassle and travel time involved in it. The artist needs some to edit it while other’s time can be saved while utilizing it in different tasks.

You can download or unlock the video+chroma key apk from the kinemaster asset store. That means you can buy it using an in-app purchase.

Or else download kinemaster pro mod apk from here…

I want to uninstall the kinemaster application so if I uninstall it, does it delete all the videos from the gallery?

Once downloaded and is saved in your PC’s drive or your phone gallery, it won’t be moved, deleted, or removed.

So, even if you want to re-install the latest version of the Kinemaster mod apk, there is nothing to lose! Go ahead and enjoy the latest kinemaster mod apk!

However, if you are an iOS user then I would suggest you always keep a backup of your videos. In this case, if you uninstall Kinemaster accidentally then you don’t need to worry about your data. It’s 100% safe!

Can I use Kinemaster songs for my youtube video?

If you are using the paid edition of Kinemaster then you can use the available music for youtube commercial videos.

But you can’t use it in free kinemaster edition for your commercial youtube videos. However, you can use free music in the free edition of Kinemaster for your personal videos.

So, I would suggest you always use the paid version of Kinemaster, if you are using kinemaster for making and editing videos for your commercial youtube channel.

Giving credit for the music used in the video always depends on you. If credit for others is mentioned at the end of the video then you can give it to used music. Otherwise, it is not necessary.

How to Increase Kinemaster Video Layer Quality?

Increasing the high resolution of the video layer is only possible in the paid version of Kinemaster.

If you are using the free version of kinemaster then you can export only the maximum quality of the video is either 720p or 736p. It is based on your mobile device only.

However, in the paid version of the Kinemaster video editor, you can export the videos even in HD quality.

How to Login with the Same Email Id for Kinemaster in 2 Devices?

You can use the same login details on 2 different devices. Like if you have logged in on your mobile device with your login credentials then you can use these credentials to log in to your PC as well.

However, you are not supposed to share your login credentials of a paid version with your friends.

How can We Play Kinemaster Videos on Television?

Yes, once you have exported the video to any of the resolutions, it then converts to mp4 file type and you can play it on any of your devices. All you need to do is just a plug-in pen drive to your TV which has a USB port.

Once your video is exported and you have saved it on your PC or mobile device then you can play it on your TV by either connecting your mobile device with TV or by lug-in USB.

How to Sort Pictures Added in Kinemaster for making videos?

As I said earlier, you can add 2 images in the kinemaster using the Chroma key. However, you can add multiple images one by one and make the transit effects to those images.

You can add voice-over to the videos you have added and give them transitional effects to the added images.

  • You need to click on the wheel-shaped object on the “Layer option”.
  • Select the type of media you wanted to add & then Select images from your library.
  • Set the frame time and voices over what you want to give to the images and convert them into the video.

Everything depends on you. Like, for how long and which transition you are selecting. Moreover, you can also select where to add which voice-over and much more.

How to Add Media files to Kinemaster from Google Photos?

You can directly add the images from your google drive. You need to make sure that you have a secure internet connection to access your google photos.

You need to access media browsers available in kinemaster then you will find an option to access your google drive and there you go.

Once you access your google drive using the media browser on kinemaster then you can directly import images from google photos in kinemaster.

Concluding lines

I have explained all the details of the most popular details about the most used video editor. This video editor even gives you professional features with a paid version.

Indeed, you can edit your photos and videos on PC more effectively as you get a large screen. Here you came across how to download the Kinemaster app on your PC and hope you got the tutorial.

Still, any queries regarding the Kinemaster app for windows then let us know below in the comment section. For more updates, stay tuned and keep reading.