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Learn How to Win Every Game in Ludo Star: Tips & Tricks {Dice Hack}

Ludo Star is definitely one of the most popular online multiplayer board games these days. It brings back the sweet memories of childhood when you used to play Ludo with our friends and siblings as kids. However, this Ludo is different than the one we played. Here, you can use some secret tips and tricks to win every time. Wondering what they are ? Keep reading to find out!

How to get Sixes in Ludo Star {Dice Hack}

You can find a lot of fake tips and tricks, and even MODs, to get many sixes in a row, but none of them will actually work. That’s because most people are unaware of the fact that the developers have developed it in such a way that the game gives almost equal total numbers to both player, which are 6,5,4,3,2,1s. So all you gotta do is learn how to get sixes when need ’em. Wait, don’t you always ? :p

So I’m gonna share the most useful tips you’ll find online t score sixes, but you gotta keep it a secret. That is because the developers keep tracks of the game patterns, and if any tricks is being used widely to win the game, they trace it and disable it.

So let’s begin, when you need two sixes in a row along with a 5 or a 1, do the following steps. Let the time keep running out and the tap the dice just when you see the last warning. You will get a six, now tap again instantly, and you will get another six, but never tap instantly again, because then you will get 3 sixes in a row, and you may get traced. Just wait for a quarter of the time and tap, and you will get a1 or a 5, which gives you 2 sixes plus a 1 or a 5. You shouldn’t use this truck repeatedly to get sixes every time, just keep doing it after every 3-5 turns or when you need some big leaps urgently.

I have been personally testing this trick to get sixes for over a month now, and I can guarantee you that it works amazing. There you go, you can score sixes anytime you want! But remember, do not use it a lot, and do not share it a lot.

Ludo Star Tips & Tricks to Win

Now obviously there just can’t be one hack to help you win any match, because there are millions of permutations and combinations of the number of ways the pieces can be arranged on the board. However there is a special series of moves and patterns you can use. Take a close look at the pictures below one by one.

Ludo Star Tips & Tricks to Win

Ludo Star Tips

Ludo Star Tips & Tricks to Win 3

Ludo Star Tips & Tricks to Win 4

Ludo Star Tips & Tricks to Win 5

Ludo Star Tips & Tricks to Win 6

Ludo Star Tips & Tricks to Win 7

Ludo Star Tips & Tricks to Win 8

Ludo Star Tips & Tricks to Win 9

Ludo Star Tips & Tricks to Win 10

Ludo Star Tips & Tricks to Win 11

Ludo Star Tips & Tricks to Win 12

Is this a Game of luck or skill?

In my honest opinion, there’s a little bit of both. You have to throw the dices,which is luck (atleast in the real life board game Ludo.) Unless you cheat on the cell phone game, you cannot change or affect this uncertainty of the game. The dice can land on any of the six numbers .

However, how you move ahead in the game with all the numbers you get is nothing but skill. Will you keep moving the same peg over and over until it goes home safely ? Or will you get all tokens out as fast as you can, and move them at different times and locations, to ensure that they remain safe and far from enemy pegs ? Or will you use your pegs to attack opponent’s pegs ?

Hence, the game is a bit of both luck and skill.

Can we learn life lessons from Ludo Star ?

I feel that not just Ludo, but every other dice game has an element of uncertainty in it, and simultaneously competition as well. You may have a good game and all your throws may get you good numbers, but then you may have to keep waiting for the right numbers to get in, and meanwhile your opponent will beat you in a flash. The degree to which this uncertainty occurs may vary but it is always present.

What we should learn from such games is that there is always uncertainty in life and we should always be prepared and quick with a strategy accordingly. However, life’s moves are notn-linear unlike those of board games, so you can not expect same outcome every time, despite giving the same input every time. There will be element of unexpected error, chance and probabilities in some part of the game.

Ludo is a game that teaches us some life skills but they are restricted to a very narrow domain, one that is mutually proportional to uncertainties.

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