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CCleaner Review – Make your PC clean and fast


CCleaner is one of the known software used for cleaning and optimizing Windows system and for that reason and to help you understand every aspect of it here we present you a complete CCleaner Review. Among all the variety of software for cleaning and optimizing the Windows system, it’s difficult to find really high-quality and credible projects. It is difficult, but not impossible. The program CCleaner under consideration undoubtedly refers to this category as the most high-quality and reliable solutions for optimizing the system operation.

About CCleaner

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On the Internet, if you want, you can find just a scale-off number of different system cleaners, registry optimizers, and other “tweakers.” However, not all these applications are able to perform their work as high-quality and safe, and many are completely disguised Trojans.

After careless cleaning of the system by such applications, often the necessary programs and games cease to run, important data is lost forever, and even the Windows system itself can start to slow down or even worse.

On the other hand, the Paid version of the same programs from eminent developers are often estimated by the creators as excessively expensive, sometimes comparable to the cost of the Windows system, and the trial version of the same is seriously limited in functionality and in the duration of use.

All this, however, does not mean that you can forget about the cleaning and optimizing the system with free programs. Piriform Company for many years has been creating and systematically improving the program CCleaner, one of the most popular “optimizers” of the system in the world. Similar to the other popular solutions, CCleaner also exists in two editions that are free and paid, but unlike other programs, the free version of CCleaner is full-featured and unlimited in time. What is the point of the existence of a paid version then? For owners of CCleaner Pro personal support is provided and in the program, several additional options are added, not too popular among the majority of PC users.

The development of CCleaner, Piriform, has the certificate of a licensed Microsoft partner. Thus, all programs created by Piriform are officially approved by the developer of the Windows operating system and cannot cause any harm to your system.

CCleaner Features

Using CCleaner, you can perform efficient and safe registry cleaning, delete temporary files, a fair amount of which accumulates over time in any system, edit the startup list and uninstall unnecessary programs that are littering the hard drive and registry.

The interface of the program is quite simple and convenient as all the necessary actions for optimizing the system can be performed with just a couple of clicks thereby cleaning the system with CCleaner.

Clean the system with CCleaner for Windows.

Due to the intuitive interface of CCleaner, even the most inexperienced and novice PC users will be able to fully use the program. All the basic parameters of the smart scanner are configured to minimize the impact on the system during the cleaning process, which allows you to start using the program without going into technical details and without fear of screwing anything up.

Installing CCleaner

Recently on the official page of CCleaner, users are asked to choose one of the three versions of the program. The first, free version is the “classic” CCleaner, which has all the necessary functionality to support the operating system “in its tonus”. The second version, CCleaner Professional (formerly called CCleaner Home), will cost the user $ 24 USD and is favorably favored by the availability of operational support from the developer as the owner can safely contact the official support service in case of problems and questions. Buy a professional version can be on the official website of the developer as well.

CCleaner Business Edition version is intended for corporate users, and also includes personal premium support for customers.

To download CCleaner from the developer’s site, click the Download from Piriform link on the download page. You can also download CCleaner from the official server for free.

Installing CCleaner should not cause problems even for inexperienced users. If you do not have difficulties with the installation of other applications, you can safely skip this section.

In the first step, select the installer language:

Choosing the Installer Language Ccleaner

In the new windows, click the “Next” and “I Accept” buttons. In the “Installation Options” window, I recommend removing the checkboxes next to the items “Add to the Recycle Bin menu item”, “Launch CCleaner … “and” Open CCleaner … “. After that, click the “Install” button.

Configuring CCleaner Setup Options

Cleaning the system

Clearing the system of clogging its temporary files, of course, can be recognized as the most important function of the program CCleaner. Due to a large number of settings available for this option, the user is always able to set the necessary scanning parameters for each supported application and search by system files.

Cleaning the registry

Based on years of experience using CCleaner, we can safely say that cleaning the registry using CCleaner really will not bring any problems. The developers of the program provided an extremely careful algorithm for the analysis of the registry, which does not affect any critical values and excludes the possibility of erroneously deleting the current parameters.

Cleaning the system registry is made from the tab with a concise title “Registry”. The default settings cannot be changed. However, if you do this for the first time, I recommend that you keep the registry backup when the program prompts you to do so.

Privacy settings

In the latest versions of CCleaner, the functionality of the program has been significantly expanded, due to a new feature called “Irrevocable Data Erase”.

With the usual removal of a file from a computer, it is assigned the status “deleted”, which makes it invisible to the user but physically the file from the hard disk is not erased as the system that is occupied by it is considered free and then uses it to write new files. Due to this, an attacker can easily restore previously deleted files, if they have not been overwritten by new ones.

Using the option “Irrevocable deletion”, the users fully protect themselves from such a turn of events. Depending on the importance of the files being deleted, you can choose different methods of overwriting:

  • Easy dubbing (1 pass)
  • DOD 5220.22-M (3 passes)
  • NSA (7 passes)
  • Gutmann (35 cycles)

Repeated rewriting cycles are advisable to use when deleting extremely important, confidential information. For everyday use, we recommend choosing between the first two methods. You can configure this option in the “Settings” section, “Basic parameters of the CCleaner”. More detailed information about various methods of information destruction can be found in the article Wikipedia Data Wipe Algorithms.

The latest versions of CCleaner also improved performance in Windows 7 environment, added support for Windows Server 2008 R2, optimized work with 64-bit versions of Windows, added support for AVG Antivirus 9.0 and fixed various errors.

Check out the complete tutorial on CCcleaner use

Final CCleaner review

The program CCleaner pleasantly surprises us and not only just for its wide functionality. In addition, developers can count on fast application work, both on modern PCs and on quite ancient systems. What is more important is that the speed of the application does not affect the quality of the tasks assigned to it.

We recommend CCleaner to anyone who wants to maintain the high performance of their system during the entire time of operation of the computer. If the computer loads the desktop for a long time, it slowly opens the applications and slows down when performing the simplest operations as regular cleaning and optimization of the system with CCleaner can quite give it a second wind and will allow using the PC with maximum efficiency.

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