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100% Secure App Which Could Convert You Android Device Into Spycam | App Review

Spy cam is the thing that is used by many people in different ways. But its not possible for everyone to get a brand new spy cam from market which is very costly to get. Or if you are going to use it for one day then it is not necessary to get a new device. If you know the right tricks then you can easily turn your Android phone into spy cam.

Here is one app that I came across and thought it could be the one that can turn my cell phone into spy cam. The name of the app is SC-OS3 which is a very impressive app according to its users that this app can be used to make any smartphone a spy camera by running the camera in the background. So here are the steps that I am going to show you for downloading this app.

Some SC-OS3 App Features:

  • It is very simple and small app, you can understand this app very easily.
  • This app provides you a wonderful option to resolute all image.
  • Also you can get Burst shot option.
  • By the delay settings, you can get auto shot.
  • Auto shot of the face detection option will also available on this Spycam app.
  • You have a black screen option and it is used to touch for capture.
  • You can easily custom or hide your any folder easily.
  • Experiment your video recordings by the help of this app.
  • This Spycam app is save your external or internal storage.
  • The app can capture faster than Widget and it is secure more shortcut naming.
  • You can send email and also can record video minimum 4K.
  • Format custom filename.
  • This SC-OS3 app can integration with other third party app such as Automate and Tasker.

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Spy Camera OS 3 APK file:

As you know that the Spy Camera OS 3 is a very in vogue app. And it is available on Play Store. But if you need the APK file then below are some steps to download SC-OS3 APK file.

  • First you can click the link for downloading this SpyCamera app.
  • Now wait some moments to download this app.
  • Save the file to another folder where you keep all the other apps.
  • Open the file and click on the install button when you need it.
  • Now the downloading and installation was completed.

SC-OS3 App Review:

It is a excellent app. Personally I am also using the app and I thought it can brilliantly work as a Spycam. More experts are agree that the SC- OS3 app was captured auto shot and the Spycam app detect face shot automatically. So, this app is the best app for those who are aware of there cheating sposes. Apart from jokes try this app do some excited moment.


I have discusses the features of this application which quite impressive I think those people who are in need of a spy cam can try this application. Spy Camera OS 3 downloading process is very easy for anyone, so download it and do a sting operation anytime anywhere. And if there are some other views regarding this topic then let us know by commenting below.

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