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How does CIA Spy using your Smartphone?

Recently news about how Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is using smartphones and cars to spy on their owners were in trend. This is not just a joke and thousands of such incidents have been published in the media and majority of those have been proved to be true.

Technology is changing very fast and with the benefit, there are lots of disadvantages as well. Your personal privacy and security are on the edge. Private photos are getting leaked; your calls are getting tapped etc. And most of these are getting done using a smartphone itself.

Sometimes, I wondered can the government look through my phone camera? why does the government watch us? and How to know if the CIA is watching us or not? Today, We are covering the aspect of using smartphones by CIA to spy us.

And so we can say that phone is no longer just a medium for calls and texts. Instead, it is being used as professional devices, surveillance system, and a device to spy on others. But this is not new; everyone knows that these things can be done. The camera is there to take a picture while the same hidden camera can be used to spy. The thing is you have to be careful to avoid such incidents.

In this post, we will see how a smartphone spy on us. Let’s start!

Is CIA Spying on my Smartphone?

1. Hidden Camera (Can the government look through my phone camera?)

This is the most common use of the camera. Most of the leaked videos come through the hidden camera used in the form of mobile phone only. If you are going to a hotel or public places, make sure there are no such hidden camera. You can browse the internet as for how to check for the hidden camera.

2. To Locate Someone (why does the government watch us?)

Although GPS devices can be used in this case but who cares? People use some mobile apps which work on GPS navigation and allow you to get the location of others if having the same app or shared the location. The apps like Hoverwatch helps you in this case which you can download from the play store.

There are so many illegal activities going on such as Terrorism, Blackmoney etc and to track them, sometimes it’s very important for the government to keep you under surveillance. That helps the genuine guy.

3. Android Activity Using keylogger

Using keylogger you can come to know the activity made by others on their android phone. Again here you will have to use any keylogger app on your phone and the phone for which you are trying to get the details. I recommend snoopza keystroke logger for android which fits the best for the requirement.

This is quite a popular method to get your eye on your kids so that they won’t deviate in the wrong direction. Snoopza app records pictures from camera, calls and it spies on text messages (SMS), MMS, internet activity, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, tracks geolocation, contacts, calendar and much more. It can capture passwords, phone numbers, and other information. Every keystroke pressed by a person you’ll be able to see in the log file. You can sign up using this link for Snoopza.

#4 Web Spy

This is again a serious issue to look for! Here using the spying apps all your online activity will be monitored and that may be sold or used for some illegal purpose. To avoid this you should use the trusted sites only and don’t download anything from untrusted source. Don’t go searching for the free copy of the premium stuff. Because at the end, you will end of landing on suspicious sites which will be quite harmful to you.


These were some thoughts on how smartphone watch over us. This is no longer secret and so all we can do is take precautions. Access only the trusted websites and download from the real sources only. Also, don’t click on all the links who knows some might take you to some virus sites.

Also, as we saw smartphone is getting used a lot to spy on you and so you should be more careful to avoid any issue further. What’s your thought on this?

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