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What Makes Your Photos Deleted or Disappeared from Your Android Devices

You can view all the photos on your Android through the Gallery. You just need to choose Gallery icon on your Android and find the photo you want to see. On the other hand, there is a case that suddenly you can’t open and see the photos on the Gallery. The problem is that you don’t what happens and you don’t know what to do.

Here, we show to you the steps to view those disappeared photos on your photos gallery. At least, by following the tips below you know the basic things to do if you can’t open and view photos on the gallery before doing something else.

The steps below can be used before you are taking android phone photo recovery software to get those photos back.

Corrupt or Malfunction Process

One of the common causes is because of the corrupt or malfunction process. This wrong process affects the cache and finally, you can’t open or view the photos. The first step to check it is by pulling down the notification bar.

The check the gear icon in the upper right corner and click it. Now, find the Application Management option and click it. There will be the list of the apps you used. Because you want to check the gallery, just find Gallery app there and click on it.

There is an option to force to shut down the app. Just select it and click the Clear Cache option. Then, go back to the main screen and restart your Android. That’s it! You can open and view all the disappeared photos.

Move the Photos to .nomedia File

Restoring photos by clear and forced to shut down the Gallery app is not the only way to view the deleted or disappeared photos. There is also a possibility that the photos are not deleted but they are moved to a specific folder namely .nomedia. It is a blank file and located in a folder. You can’t open and view the photos if you store the photos in a folder with a .nomedia file. Because of that, the Gallery will not scan the photos. This is the reason why the photos seem like a deleted photo.

To solve this problem, you just need to go to the favorite file manager and find all folder with .nomedia file. Then, delete the file from the folder and then rename the file just like what you want. When it is done, you just need to restart the Android and all the photos will be appeared and you can open and view it just like a normal photo.

Accidentally Deleting the Photos

The third reason why you can’t view the photos is that you have deleted them. The good news is that you can still see and restore them.

First, go to the Google Photos app and find the tap menu. The tap menu is located at the top left.

Second, find the Trash menu or icon and click on it. All the new deleted photos are there. The bad news is that you can’t find the old deleted photos because the trash only keeps the photos in a certain period of time.

You can also restore those deleted photos if you want it. Just touch and hold the photo you want to recover. Now, find the Restore menu which is located at the bottom and tap on it. The selected deleted photos will be back and you can open and view it just like before.

Easy Way to Find and Restore Deleted or Disappeared Photos

Actually, there is a new way to find and restore disappeared or deleted photos. The way to do it is by using a data recovery software. The benefits of using this software are that you can find any kind of data which have been deleted or disappeared. You don’t have to find the photos or data one by one because it takes your time a lot.

Just download the data recovery software and use it. Connect the Android devices to the computer or PC. Launch the software and follows the instruction. You just need to give the location where the deleted photos are.

Then, the software will detect the deleted photos and data automatically. Some of the trusted software is supported by a deep scanning system so you can rescan the Android to find all hidden photos or data.

When the scanning process is done, you can check the list and preview the photos and data one by one. The scanning time depends on the software. The best data recovery software is able to scan your device faster and accurate. Just click restore and all the deleted photos and data will be back.


There are some reasons why your photos or data deleted or disappeared accidentally. This article explains the reasons and the way to recover them.



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