Best Hammer VPN Trick for Vodafone Users

who don't want free internet! Today, we are talking about best Hammer VPN Trick, How to use gprs setting & free net hack code for Vodafone Users.


Today, I am gonna tell you about best hammer VPN tricks along with vodafone free GPRS settings trick hack unlimited 2018 along with the features of hammer vpn tricks and how to use it for Android Cellular Consumers. We will also let you know the best hammer vpk for vodafone users too.

Hammer Vpn Trick For Vodafone User

It’s January 2018, Vodafone New Unrestricted 3-G Hammer Vpn Trick of Vodafone use No Cost Internet On Your Vodafone Sim.

Yes, It’s true now you can use Vodafone Hammer VPN trick on you Vodafone sim without any cost.

Inside this article, you get to know the new functioning of hammer VPN Vodafone hint using the server that is working that is brand new.

The secret downloading and doing work great in nations with browsing. Almost all of us understand that your smart-phones are nothing whatsoever. The web includes a rather crucial function of our living.

Best Hammer VPN Trick for Vodafone Users 1

However, In India, the data packs are now getting too cheap than the past years.

But the Vodafone sim realizes they truly one among the biggest network operators in India as it pertains to Vodafone aspect. However, Vodafone perhaps not provides affordable info options for funding end users.

Yeah, So let’s get into the hammer VPN trick that will you never will need to trigger any info packs, so you also may enjoy completely free online in your own Vodafone sim with this trick.

The suggestion is predicated on VPN, therefore, you are able to use this specific completely free online hint of Vodafone in either pc and mobile.

Here’s, the features of Hammer Vpn Trick 

Best Hammer VPN Trick for Vodafone Users 2

I hope now you know also the features of hammer vpn trick.

So here are methods for android user,

How to activate free 3g internet Vodafone with Hammer VPN Trick For Android Cellular Consumers…

how to use hammer vpn trick on android
1. Download Open VPN from Playstore
2. Download Config files from these websites CONFIG 
3. Install OpenVPN on your own Phone
4. Now extract the config data files downloaded and open it in OpenVPN program
5. Connect and Revel in free Vodafone 3g internet at Highspeed on your Android telephone.

Here, the best way to use this trick…

Best Hammer VPN Trick for Vodafone Users 3

  • Open Hammer VPN 2.6.9, also select server Godzilla 2.
  • Pick Protocol As TCP.
  • Put in Rport — 443 and set L Port — 0.
  • Then Open Advanced Options.
  • Currently Fill-in DNS Server —
  • Utilize Proxy As — (or)
  • Currently, fill port –3128
  • Filling headers –Host:
  • Now Save all Settings Along With Connect Hammer Vpn.
  • Then Enjoy Unlimited Exploring And Downloading With Your Vodafone Sim.

Best Hammer VPN apk for Vodafone User…

Best Hammer VPN Trick for Vodafone Users 4

Download here Hammer VPN AntiDPI VPN

Let Us Know…

Best Hammer VPN Trick for Vodafone Users 5

Lastly, you can start to use these trick to fit new Vodafone VPN that you will test and if work for you give useful feedback.




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