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The accused of Zainab murder case is now arrested.

Police of Pakistan called the Zainab’s murder accused as ‘Beast’.

Pakistan’s police have now arrested the suspected man behind the rape and murder of the seven-year-old Zainab from Pakistan,  the police was seen describing the accused as a ‘beast’.

Murder case of zainab ansari

The POLICE in Pakistan have now arrested a man who is suspected to be the serial killer who is responsible for the rape and even the murder of the seven-year-old girl Zainab. Ever since Zainab’s murder and rape case came out in Public, there have been outbursts from people both on social media and otherwise, people have been really angry and vocal about the whole issue where icat institute child is subjected to such heinous crime.

The Police did find Zainab Ansari’s body mutilated in a garbage dump which is in Kasur district quite near to the east of Lahore in the past week,  which happened about four days after she had been reported missing.

How & Where Zainab Murdered?

One should be shocked to know that Zainab was the 12th child who has been found raped and murdered within the radius of two km in the district in the last two years, this horrifying incident had sparked riots, with thousands of people who were seen swarming on police stations and even setting fire to a lot of politicians’ home who were seen accusing authorities of inaction by the police. The outburst was everywhere, this incident didn’t just shook Pakistan but the entire world where people realised the importance of making the world a safer place for women. This incident was surely an eye opener on many levels.

confessional statement of accused rapist & Murderer Imran Ali:

Shahbaz Sharif who is also the chief minister of Punjab province, the place where Kasur is located, he had claimed that Imran Ali, the 24 year old had confessed to Zainab’s murder and also the fact that his DNA was found in the samples which were found on her body.

Chief Sharif had also even said that the ‘beast’ has even confessed to have committed in past such heinous crimes and that it was not his first time. Chief Sharif had also added that the DNA of the culprit was matched total of 100 per cent with the samples that were collected from crime scenes. Then also in the polygraph test, the accused also confessed each of his wrong doings, they said that they have the video recording.” The Police had also claimed that also the preliminary findings had even matched Ali’s DNA to the evidence that was collected from the scene of crime. The investigators have even found the same DNA, that of the culprit which was found on about six out of the 12 victims, as per the medical officials.

A Kasur Police official had reported that Ali used to live on a street which was next to the street where Zainab used to live. Also a senior police official had said that Ali had even been arrested days after the killing of Zainab but then he was later even released by the officials as he denied any involvement. There had been reasons for him being one of the suspects and it was clearer when finally the accused fled the city for few days.

The official has said that the accused was apprehended even as a suspect because of door-to-door raids. The official even added that the accused had fled the city and he even went to the other cities for a few days without even knowing the accused was also under observation. It was only later during a polygraphic test that the accused has confessed his crimes. It is definitely a big day that her accused had been arrested, no everyone demands for the harshest of punishments to be given to the accused.

Zainab’s murder had even sparked fury all across Pakistan where two people were even killed in the riots in Kasur. There was a hashtag #JusticeForZainab that had been trending on social media where even the celebrities, opposition politicians and ordinary citizens demanded action. It was trending not just in Pakistan but people from throughout the world demanded action.

Television stations had even repeatedly been broadcasting the chilling CCTV footage which had shown the young girl who was seen walking hand-in-hand with also an unidentified male in what would have been her last moments. The incident is surely shocking and is an eye opener on how safe women are all over the world and also the fact that one needs to change this situation as soon as possible and ensure safety to our women.

Thus, please share this post as much as you can to ensure justice to #Zainab. Let people be aware so that what happened with Zainab doesn’t happen with anyone else and also the criminals of Zainab are served with the harshest of punishments and the world is made a safer place for everyone.


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