Biggest Mystery: Zodiac Killer Dead or Alive?

Over the years several people claimed that they have seen the zodiac killer. No one is actually able to prove the same. Still, our law enforcement authorities have very limited knowledge about that historic killer its Mindhuters.

The notorious zodiac killer successfully terrorized northern California as after killing more than 40 people. Agencies were not able to figure out who is behind all these killings all yes…. It’s true still not even a single murder solved till the date.

If you don’t believe you can ask your grandfather or search out the webstream it happened in 1960 almost 40 killings but as I mentioned earlier if the murder mysteries are not solved yet than How can these be connected with zodiac killer? Well, you will get all the answers and many other facts.

zodiac killer
zodiac killer


A Louisiana man claimed Earl Van Best Jr. who is now dead was the original Zodiac killer. Now you might be thinking that why this man? Disclosing this mystery did he have any evidence?

Steward is the name of the gentleman and the person is his own dad. Here you will get information on all aspects of the scenario. Why it is happening? How did he figure out the killer? But know all that you have to read till the end. 

How did Steward Figure out the Killer?

Steward was born in New Orlean, soon he was left abandoned and later on while living in Orphanage home he was adopted. At the age of 39, he was contacted by his biological mother Judy for the first time. From there he started searching for his biological dad as, after a divorce, the mother doesn’t have any contacts with his husband.

After a long journey of ten years, he finally gets to know about his father but a cruel truth was waiting for him as a Legendary zodiac killer. Who is a big mystery to everyone now disclosed in the form of his biological dad. Steward is holding a post of vice president in a cleaning company. And Now he released a book that is based on the zodiac killer.

While finding his dad he maintained a journal to note down daily activities done by him. The same journal is the basis of the book. It is named as “The Most Dangerous Animals of All ” Are you curious to know what book contains. If yes then must read the book available at a store near you.

Incident that Marked his Real Father

One day when Steward was watching television with his son coincidence it was a documentary of the zodiac killer. While watching the series wanted a poster of zodiac killer flashed steward son screamed saying dad it’s you. After saying this I can see the fear in the eyes of my own son that made me think about it.

From there I started following things related to zodiac killer including forensic evidence available. He also matched handwriting from zodiac killer letters from his mother’s marriage certificate. After a while, his mother got a photograph of his father that to resembles with the sketch wanted a poster. 

How Police Acted on the Claim

Police said it is true that zodiac killer always quoted a statement that is “if you crack the cipher, you’ll have my identity”. Similarly, they have a signature but they never able to trace whom they belong.

San Francisco Police department said they will investigate the claims of the latest person. As the case of zodiac killer is still open and active so they can not make any comment. Be patient and wait as police will verify the claim and bring out the truth. 

Claims Made in the Past As Well

Steward is not the first one, who claimed to frame the zodiac killer. Previously several others including Dennis Kaufman he claimed on live news claiming his stepfather Jack Tarrance as the crazy serial killer. He also claimed that his stepfather’s handwriting is similar to zodiac killer letters.

Another claim made by Deborah Perez who made claims for some murders of zodiac killer was done by his father but his half-sister called his claims a big lie. Steve Hodel also claimed to say that his father was a columnist in San Francisco chronicle the same paper where zo diac killer sent his letters. As per Hodel his father herself use to write those letters and never caught. 

Final Words

I hope you liked the information shared here and will refer this with your friends and family members. As per my opinion, it is very difficult to trace who is the real zo diac killer and it doesn’t matter to anyone. As all is going well and people are living in peace. Will you read the book “The Most Dangerous Animal of All” Mention it in the comment box below.