You Season 2 Spoilers, Release Date & Trailer?

Last year’s Psychological thriller tv show You, will soon be back with a bang. Well, this much of high expectations were expected as the season 2 will be released by Netflix instead of Lifetime Network.

Besides, after the twisted ending of season 1, more than 40 million viewers of the drama are curious to find out what’s next. So, that’s why several rumors regarding the trailer launch & release date are circulating online. Now, when it comes down to this post, I will discuss about the potential release date & You Season 2 spoilers. So, let’s proceed: –

You season 2
You season 2

When You Season 2 will Release?

On Dec. 3, 2018, it was announced that the You Tv Series will move to Netflix. However, before this announcement, several buzzes were going around all over the web— Will there be Season 2 of You? When will You Season 2 will release?

To put a full stop to all the ongoing rumors, the makers of the show confirmed the 2nd season with the coming soon post on the official social media handle of You TV series. So, if you loved the 1st season of the Psychological Thriller show than soon you will be able to stream the next season on Netflix.

You Season 2 Spoilers

If you’re already a big fan of this tv sow than you might already be aware of the fact that the entire season 1 is filmed in New York. Now, when I talk about the follow-up book (Hidden Bodies) of You tells a story when Jow has left his past life & relocated to LA to make a new start.

When asked about the relation of the TV show with Books of Caroline Kepnes, the executive producer of YOU Tv Show Sera Gamble told THR: “Joe Goldberg comes to LA and he is a die-hard New Yorker so I can’t say that he comes to LA and he instantly falls in love with the place. At least at first glance, this is not Joe’s kind of town.”

She did add that the show will “continue to remix the novels… keeping the core while deviating in ways that are exciting and fresh”.

“It so happened [with season one] that a lot of stuff remained intact, but the guiding principle has always been to kind of bring to life the spirit of the story and not to obsess too much over plot details… Caroline has always been on board with that, and I think that’s going to continue to be the path in season two.”

You season 2 trailers: When will it land?

Everyone who has loved the season 1 of You Tv series is pondering here & there to find the trailer of the upcoming season. Well, at the moment, there is no confirmed release date of the second season. So, how can expect a trailer to get the online release?

Besides, after looking at the social media handle of You Tv series, you can sense that soon You Season 2 will be live on Netflix.

The Return of Candace?

After watching the season finale of You TV show, it is almost confirmed that Candice will return in season 2. So, it means, we as a fan, will get to explore some hidden aspects of Joe’s personality. Although, Candace played a small to none role in season 1, her entry in the end was shocker for every Fan of this thriller show.

Though Candace played a very small role in season 1, her entry towards the end was one that shocked the entire fan base. Now, all I’m doing is waiting for her to return in season two and find out how she will affect the plot of the show & Joe’s life.

Besides, the show will take a new turn & bring new outlook to the series. If you have seen the You Season 1 finale than for the first time we get to see a completely baffled Joe. So, you can expect Season 2 to be much more crazier than Season 1. All the twists in the plot is the reason why Millions of fans are hooked with the Psychological thriller show.

Now, that the location of season 2 is changed from New York to Los Angels, several rumors like Joe’s new love interest are revolving all around the world. Besides, as per my opinion, I think that Season 2 will bring dismay in Joe’s life as Candace has returned to his life.

As the season 2 is getting much more closer, fans of this psychological thriller drama are sharing their on version of theory on social media platforms. One of the theories is that Joe did not actually kill Beck. Isn’t it crazy?


Now, I will end the post with the hope that soon we will get some news about season 2 of You TV show. Besides, till then you can list your favorite moment from season 1 of You TV Series in the comment section given below. I would love to read them out.