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Netflix VS Amazon prime: which is the best video streaming service

Video streaming services are quite popular now a days. Everyone crazy about online content and through streaming services you can watch the latest movies and TV shows at an affordable monthly subscription. There are many services but Netflix and Amazon Prime are the true rivals of each other. All two services are Add-free but different in various ways and here I will figure out the main facts which differentiate them. So observe Netflix vs Amazon prime and conclude for which you should switch.

Netflix VS Amazon prime: which One You Should Choose?

Netflix vs Amazon Prime: Cost

When things come in terms of price then there is a great difference between the cost of both services. You can get the yearly subscription of Amazon Prime for Rs 499 which means you have to pay about Rs 40 every month. Whereas for Netflix you will get the monthly subscription for Rs 500. Visible difference in price and also a huge one.

In price, Amazon Prime wins the game.

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Netflix vs Amazon Prime: User interface

All the two services give you almost easy to use interface so there is no visible champion in this term. Amazon permits you Hindi subtitles for English shows which attracts me a lot. Netflix offers you Apple app via which you can directly stream shows on your device but Amazon Prime doesn’t provide you apple app.

No visible winner for the user interface as both are good in different terms.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime: Content Library

When we look for English movies then Netflix is the best choice as it has a wide variety of documentary and classic English movies. Even each and every type of English movie you can watch here. Amazon Prime doesn’t have such collection of English movies and also contains less when we compare with Netflix.

But when things come in term of Hindi movies then Amazon Prime offers you a great range of Hindi content. Amazon Prime gives you both old and latest movies to watch but Netflix is far behind in Hindi movies. Amazon Prime also contain Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu movies.

Here is a tie Netflix is good for English movies and Amazon for Hindi movies.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime: TV Shows

Netflix comes with a huge range of original and quality TV shows like Narcos and crown, Black mirror, and Breaking Bad etc. Whereas Amazon Prime gives stress on humorous TV shows like Seinfeld, Two and A Half Man, and many more. Amazon Prime is behind in terms of quantity and also the quality of TV shows.

Netflix is the clear winner in terms of TV Shows.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime: Device Support

Netflix has covered almost every device and it is hard to find to which device it can’t access. In fact Netflix has a great device support and you can stream videos with smartphones, windows, tablets, desktops, Blueray players, Smart TVs, and Set-top boxes etc. It also you to cast shows and movies from smartphone to airplay on an Apple TV. Amazon Prime also has the support of a wide range of devices like smartphones, desktops, Blu-ray players, game consoles, and smart TVs.

In one term Amazon Prime is behind Netflix which is chrome cast casting. You can’t cast its video apps to google’s streaming.

My vote is for Netflix in terms of device support.

Final Verdict

Based on above description Netflix is the visible champion as it is ahead in content library, device support, user-interface. Only one sort coming is its price but you can’t ignore all the features of Netflix. In fact Netflix is the king of video streaming but Amazon Prime is also good choice. My vote is for Netflix and now it is your turn to choose.

Still, any query regarding both streaming services then comments below and also share your experiences if you are currently using one. For more updates stay connected.


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