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How To Download Windows Movie Maker In Windows 10

A long back, Microsoft launched a bundle or collection of free apps that know Windows Live Essentials. The great essentials kit contain some great software that includes Live Writer, Microsoft Writer, and Windows Movie Maker. Among all the software, the most used and favourite software for the users is Windows Movie Maker. Though Microsoft essentials kit has been discontinued a long back. The users still love its products. Among all the products, the best software to use is video editing due to its easy to use interface and it is completely free to use. Today it is quite difficult to download Movie maker but with our guide and tutorial, you will be able to download and install the same.

Features of Window Movie Maker:

Easy to use Interface: The main reason of users behind Window movie maker was its easy to user interface. It gives you easy to navigate options that you can use to edit videos according to your usage. Though the software is not available to use with mobile phones and is available for Window PC users only.

No Time Lag: A lot of other video editors cause time lag in your PC but this is not the case with Window Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker will not affect the processing of other software running in the background. It is one of the best software as you can edit your videos without any time lag and can speed up your work too.

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Free to Use: The best part of using Windows Movie Maker is that it is free to use. You can use all the features without paying any extra penny. Though it have limited features to use only that can cater all the basic needs but for advanced editing requirements, you need to switch to some paid software available in market like Camtasia, Adobe Premier Pro.

Multiple Type of Features: They come up with multiple type of features and tried to make it value addition upto a great extent to its users. They have also added a lot of new features that can make the video editing easy for you.

Windows Movie Maker : Download and Install

Many people want to download and install the windows movie maker for in their windows 8 laptop but they are not able to do so. With this tutorial, you will be able to learn how to download and install the Windows Movie maker in your PC.

Step 1: Firstly, You need to search for Windows Movie Maker on google and you will get the multiple downloading links that can help you to download and install the same.

Step 2: Now you need to check the trustworthy source where you can download the software. Among them, Filehippo is trusted.

Step 3: There are 2 versions of Windows, One is 32-Bit and another one is 64-bit, you need to check that which version of the software you are downloading. If you are using 32-bit then make sure that you are downloading the software of 32-bit and vice-versa.

Step 4: Now you need to open the Downloads Folder and look for the setup of the Windows Movie Maker.

Step 5: Double click on the same and you will get the option to install the same. Click on install and the file will be installed in your PC

Step 6: Before start using the same, you need to restart your laptop once and make sure that all the apps are turned off before restarting.

Step 7: Now you can use the Windows Movie Maker in your laptop and use all its functions.

Download and Install Windows Movie Maker: Final Words

There are a lot of software available in the market that you can use to edit videos in your PC. With the help of Windows Movie maker, you can all these things for free of cost and solve  all the basic problems of Windows Movie Maker. Our Team of experts tried our best to help you with the download and installation process. If you have any doubt, you can let us know in the comments. Our team of experts will surely try to help you with it.

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