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Top 3 Lip Sync Video Maker Apps Reviews

Lip Sync Video Creating is a trend, these days. Everyone seems quite busy posting the videos that are been created using lip sync. And what goes trending, has several ways to get better by developers. There are certainly a variety and a range of applications that try to provide best services with best features. The Lip sync is similar. The idea and concepts are trending already. Hence, the applications are in various features and formats.

Here’s a list of –

Top and best Lip Sync Video Maker Apps

TikTik or vector logo.svg

TikTok or these days, very popularly known as, is very much trending lip-sync video creating an application.

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Features of TikTok or is capable of recording 15-second to 1-minute videos in single or multiple shots allows the users to record their voice from anywhere between the duration of 15 seconds to 1 minute. The recording can be done either in a single go or multiple shots. The recording can then be paired and synced with the standard songs and the sounds. allows easy editing interface enables you to edit the recording by actually changing its speed or reversing the motion of the recording. You can modify the recording in many ways.

Create Live moments with GIFs with music has an amazing feature to create shorter videos. Those are named “live moments”. The videos are basically GIFs with the music.

Can reuse the other users’ sound

Users can actually “reuse” the sound clips that are originally created by other users on the platform.

Interactive platform

“Ask a Question” and “Duet“ are the features that make this platform so much interactive. You can also message the followers directly and privately.

Reviews of

Users have found the app very useful. They love the app and hence the peaked no. of downloads.


Image result for starmaker features

Star maker Features

Allows you to sing freely

You can create as many clips of songs in your own voice as you want to. The best part is, Star maker imparts the quality and variety of features, in its free version.

Enjoy the impromptu singing party with friends

Star maker gives you chance to sing along with your friends. You can collab and do duets amazingly well.

Best karaoke tracks available

The feature that makes the star maker stand out is the popular karaoke tracks available. You can actually watch yourself live. Sing along with the lyrics as they pop up on your screen and never get lost.

Edit your voice tone

Tap on any of the voice settings options on the StarMaker to improve your voice tone.

Star maker Review

Arthur Bakers reviews the app by saying, “The format of the recording you’ll have is in mp3 which is pretty easy to download and doesn’t take up too much space. Aside from the fact that you can adjust the pitches and key and tune to make your voice beautiful, you can actually sing and share your videos on Facebook or Starmaker community!”


Image result for Dubsmash features

Dubsmash feature

The app allows users to lip sync over audio clips

You can lip sync with audio clips that includes sections of songs, movies, and famous quotes.

Users can upload their own audio

You can upload the audio in your voice and can add and edit with colour filters, text animation to the recordings.

Dubsmash Review

Justin Porter says, “For apps like, Dubsmash is a fun alternate to make lip sync videos. The new update, however, appears to really bring this one down, as one reviewer called the app “horrible” after its update. I don’t think this is a great solution for me.”

If you don’t like dubsmash, we have best dubsmash alternative here!


These are the best applications for creating the lip syncing videos. It is great fun to create the videos with these apps. Apart from these mentioned apps, there are various more applications. The developers are putting efforts to add more features into it. Drop a comment below, if you know ye another best lip sync video creator application. You can give your reviews of these apps in the comment below. For the latest updates and features, stay reading us.

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