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Demonoid Not Working? Top Alternatives of Demonoid in 2021

demonoid not working

The new Demonoid site is still around and active in 2021. But if you are unable to access it, it means that this site is blocked by your ISP or government due to legal issues.

Well, if you were a Demonoid user, and are looking for the best Demonoid alternative, these 10 Peer-to-Peer (P2P) File-sharing torrent sites and torrent search engines can impress you.

Demonoid Proxy Websites

Demonoid Proxy/Mirror Urls List Status
Demonoid Proxy 1
Demonoid Proxy 2
Demonoid Proxy 3 (USE VPN)
Demonoid Proxy 4
Demonoid Proxy 5
Demonoid Proxy 6
Demonoid Proxy 7
Demonoid Proxy 8
Demonoid Proxy 9
Demonoid Proxy 10 (USE VPN)

10 Best Demonoid Alternative for 2021 – Top Torrent Sites

best alternatives to demonoid
best alternatives to demonoid


RARBG is a well-received website and an ideal site like Demonoid. This website provides torrent file and magnet links to enable peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.

The site was founded in 2008 and attracts over 500k visitors every day. RARBG provides a very clean and spontaneous UI that makes searching content a breeze.

It is worth noting that, RARBG is blocked in many countries such as the UK, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, and India.


1337X is another popular torrent community and somewhat similar to 1337X users share the best torrent files for free download. According to TorrentFreak, 1337X is the third most popular torrent website of 2018.

The 1337X has a clean UI, and the content is very well organized based on various categories. The 1337X gained a lot of popularity after the discontinuation of KickassTorrents.

Pirate Bay

pirate bay torrent site
alternative to demonoid

The Pirate Bay is maybe one of the oldest torrent websites. Well, Pirate Bay has minimal UI, and there is no search option. That said, you can simply search the content, download it, or even contribute magnet links and torrent files.

Finally, if the pirate bay is not available in your country or your ISP has blocked it then you can check the best pirate bay option.


LimeTorrent is a newcomer, but the Torrent website has gained considerable popularity in recent years. Content on LimeTorrents is very well organized in various categories such as movies, games, music, anime, TV shows, and software. This website offers verified one-click torrent downloads.


Torrentz2 is an alternative to the original site. This torrent meta-search engine is open about the fact that it is not related to “real” torrents and holds itself as a new and improved version, which is searching over 60 torrent sites.

Although it is a torrent search engine, it is one of the most used torrent sites.

Due to ban on various torrent sites, you might be frustrated and obviously wanted to know different ways to get access to those sites. So, here are various methods to unblock banned sites safely.


The next best Demonoid option on the list is Torlock. Besides, content on Torlock is very well organized in different sections like TV Torrents, Music Torrents, Movie Torrent, Game Torrents, Software Torrents, and E-Books Torrents. As a result, searching and searching for content on Torlock is quite simple.

Torlock has a simple UI and a huge collection of Anime series on the website. Finally, Torlock also displays the trending torrent on its homepage. And in case, you want to know more about the actual website then do check out our recent post on torlock which answers most of your most asked queries.


seed peer torrent site
demonoid alternative

SeedPeer is a redesigned version of the popular decade-old torrent website Meganova. This website provides an extensive collection of high-quality torrents. Just like the content on many other websites on SeedPeer are very well organized in various sections such as movies, TV shows, games, apps, music, books, and more.


Zooqle is another popular Demonoid alternative that allows movies and TV shows, may impress enthusiasts. Zooqle’s UI is visually appealing and very well developed.

If you are a mac user and want to download various movies on your system, it is hard for you to use these torrent websites . You can check our list of torrent websites for mac which works properly without any error.


YTS is the next popular torrent website for film enthusiasts. All types of movies are available on this torrent website. As a result, you cannot find other items like music, games, applications, and more, YTS allows users to choose between various properties such as FHD, HD, and SD.

Also, YTS provides a direct one-click download option for all movies on the platform.

Torrent 9

The last Demonoid option on the list is Torrent9. This popular website offers verified torrents. The UI of the website is visually impressive and the two sections separate the content into various sections such as movies, TV shows, games, music, software, etc.

Also, Torrent 9 has a random movie on its homepage that may affect some users.

Every gamer seeks to download free games, here are best unblocked torrent sites to download games for free.

Demonoid Invitational Codes

Unlike many torrent website, access to this website is quite limited. So, the website uses an invitation method similar to the clubhouse appwhere users with an invitational code can get access to the actual website.

So, let me ask you for once – Do you’ve the invitational code required for the website?

I assume you don’t have one, right?

That’s why I’ve found a place which you can use to get an invite code for yourself – A reddit thread.

This reddit post includes multiple codes to get into Demonoid. You can use them to easily get into the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Demonoid site?

A Demonoid staff-built replica of the famous torrent site survives the legacy of founder Demos. The new website preserves the look and feels of the original, giving users of the now default torrent tracker a legitimate choice.

Is the demon legitimate?

A new Demonoid is installed by members of the old staff, connecting the gaps exploited by scammers. The new platform is not a torrent tracker, but just a magnet link index for people to share links.

Is Torrenting Legal?

In theory, it is. But if you are downloading and redistributing copyrighted material then it is an illegal activity. It comes under the category of pirated content.

If you have any doubt related to utorrent,or want to see honest review of it ,dont worry we are here. You can check various advantages and disadvantages of utorrent with honest review here.

That said, if you’re sharing just-copyrighted content then torrenting is completely legal. Redistribution of the copyrighted material is the major reason for banning torrent websites in various countries.

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