Torlock Alternatives: Popular Torrent Sites in 2021

The Mandalorian is on Disney

The Witcher is on Netflix

Jack Ryan is on Amazon Prime.

Aren’t you tired of jumping from one online streaming platform to another?

I don’t know about you but I’ve grown sick of it.

If that wasn’t enough, PAY costly subscription fee every month to get their access.

How is that FAIR?

I know it isn’t. That’s why I started using Torlock to download torrents.

However, this popular torrent site is blocked in multiple regions. That’s why I’m listing Torlock Alternative Sites.

Torlock Alternative Sites


Torlock Alternatives
Torlock Alternatives

Are you looking for a torrent site that’s completely ad-free and has a clean user interface? Don’t look anywhere else as your search is over with lime torrents.

There is a reason why I have listed this at the TOP.

Don’t believe me?

Open and see for yourself.

It has the most beautiful use interface I’ve ever seen on a torrent site. And no ads and pop-ups are cherries on the cake.

In the top bar, there are three options –

  • Browse
  • New torrents
  • Top torrents.

You can use these options to find the torrents you want to download.

Not only this the website lets you create an account and bookmark the torrents for future downloading.



RarBG is the SECOND torlock alternative in this list.

Every day the site receives millions of hits from users all over the world only to download the latest movies and TV shows torrents

Like many websites that have a fresh user interface rarbg comes with the old school interface that is speedy and easy to use. However, these looks are the reason why many users consider it a spammy website.

Despite all these petty reasons, Rarbg has a massive fan following as the site lets you download torrents from 8 different categories. Thereby, competing directly with torlock as a torlock alternative.

If you’re unable to access Rarbg in your country, you can use these Rarbg proxies to access the websites right away.

Torrent downloads

Torlock Alternatives
Torlock Alternatives

Torrent download is the third website in this list of torlock alternatives.

It’s one of the oldest yet the most active torrent website.

As millions of users come every day to download torrent files, the website updates its database with new torrents every second.

And that’s probably the reason why its database has grown over 20 million.

Further, the website lets you download torrents for multiple popular categories such as movies, books, TV shows, above, manga, and vise versa.

The Pirate Bay

Pirate bay

After torrent downloads, The Pirate Bay is the fourth torlock alternative website.

The name pirate way needs no introduction as it is one of the oldest torrent websites anyone has ever seen.

It is one of the most popular torrent websites leaving the likes of extratorrents, Kickass Torrents behind.

However, the website was taken down sighting infringement rights as the primary reason.

Has the primary reason?

However, the pirate bay website is still accessible via their proxy sites.

If you want to access the Pirates bay site to download torrents, then you can check out my previous post where I had listed its proxy sites.


YTS Movies

YTS is the 5th torlock alternative website.

It’s a website that’s only exclusive to video content lovers. You can’t find software, babes, or books here. The only thing you’ll find here is either TV shows, movies, Anime it trailers.

Despite the limited categories, it has one of the largest databases of torrents.

Don’t know how?

Well, every second it adds a video torrent to its collection. Thereby, making it one of the biggest video torrent sites.

Its humungous database isn’t the only reason why Add the home page the website lists all the popular downloads at yts website.

Not only this, YTS lets you create an account to provide tons of additional features coming out of the box.

Features like torrent bookmarking, torrent download are a few examples.



Looking for a torrent website with a nice user-interface?

Well, your search ends with Zooqle. The main reason why it has one of beautiful design is that it isn’t an ancient website that was created decades ago.

Instead, Zooqle became popular in the last 4-5 years among movie lovers. Talking about looks, that’s how the website looks –

Torrent websites are known to have too many annoying pop-ups. However, in the case of Zooqle, there aren’t any.

However, it isn’t always a FUN ride. Time ‘n’ again, the websites show messages like these…

…. to annoy the hell out of me.

So, to stay on the safer side, I would recommend you to use a premium VPN service.



Watchsomuch is the 7th Torlock alternative website. It was last year when such websites were blocked at the ISP level. However, soon its proxy websites were available on the WEB. Thereby providing easy access to a collection of millions of torrents.

The main USP of Watchsomuch is the number of features it provides.

Its top menu lets you search torrents from a collection of millions of torrents.

And left side widget PANE 100s of pre-defined filters. You can use these filters to find hidden gems of Watchsomuch. If watchsomuch isn’t accessible in your region, you can use these watchsomuch proxy sites to download the latest torrents.

iDope Alternatives

iDope is the best torrent site on the list. This torrent site is not much popular, but it has many quality torrent content.

You won’t believe it, but the website right now has over 19 million torrents under its database. In case we talk about the torrent content, the website has plenty of movies, Music, Games, Softwares, TV Shows to offer.



Last but not least is a torrent search engine called torrentz2. In terms of stability, it’s similar to Torlock except that it’s a search engine with an organized list of torrents from different torrent sites.

These torrent sites range from the oldest torrent sites Extra torrent, kickass torrents to the newest torrent sites like Watchsomuch.

Just like the name, Torrentz2 seems like an exact copy of the popular torrent search engine Torrentz. However, this isn’t true as the Torrentz2 website originated years after the closure of Torrentz. And in the meanwhile, its proxy websites were made available to the general public.

Thereby, reducing the chances of Torrentz2 as a DUPLICATE.

Final Thoughts

If not torlock, I hope you were able to access similar torrent sites. That’s all for now. If you’ve got any questions then shoot them down in the comments section given below.