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Best Games Torrents site still Working (Non Blocked Torrent site)

Every gamer seeks games that are out of their reach every now and then thus the indispensability of game torrents and games torrents sites to the average gamer. There are multiple non blocked Game torrent sites serve as a hub where gamer can download a variety of games.

Best Games Torrents site still Working (Non Blocked Torrent site)
Top 3 games torrents sites working today (best Unblocked torrents)

Why You must download games torrents sites( importance of Games torrents)

Every gaming lover had this experience or something similar. You get introduced to a game and get hooked on it. Then you begin to search for similar games to quench your thirst. Your search for such games may yield good results based on prevailing circumstances.

One of such circumstances is your location. Depending on the location of the gamer, some games are unavailable. The location barrier is because of the efforts by the local gaming industries to protect local content.

Lack of funds is another circumstance that can limit one’s accessibility to their favorite games. Gaming is one hobby that could hurt one’s pockets especially gamers that are typically too excited to wait one more second after a game is released. Because of the major restrictions that could be caused by the lack of funds or locations, a lot of gamers turn to game torrents.

Although game torrent sites are some of the best creations a gamer cannot be thankful enough for, it takes a lot of work to find game torrent sites that work efficiently especially with the rate at which these torrent sites are being closed down and restricted in different countries. So, one could find a game torrent site today, and it will be gone the next day.

We have put together the best game torrent sites which every gamer can still rely on in 2018.

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Top 3 games torrents sites working today (best Unblocked torrents)


GazelleGames is one game torrent site that every gamer knows about and can rely on, and that’s why it’s taking the number one spot on this list. There are several reasons why this game torrent site is the beloved game torrent site for many gamers.

One of such reasons is the availability of a wide range of game torrents. Anyone that can search fruitlessly for their favorite game torrent understands the importance of a site that puts the best game torrents in one place. There are over 60,000 torrents on GazelleGames which can be accessed by its members.

Another appealing and unique feature of this torrent site is its membership system. To access GazelleGames, one must be a member of the community by registering and then getting approval. This membership system was implemented because of the rate at which different torrent sites were being closed down.

Getting approval may take a bit, and members of the community can also send out invites to persons interested in being members of GazelleGames.

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TorrentsGames is that game torrent site that offers gamers the hidden treasures they never knew existed. TorrentGames offers a well-curated archive of games, and this archive is updated regularly to allow members access to the newest games as soon as they become available.

The seeder-to-lecher ratio on this platform is also impressive because of its popularity based on its reliability. The game torrents available on this site are also well organized into 14 categories. These categories include Windows PC, Linux, and XBOX.

It is also pretty straightforward to navigate this site and download one’s preferred torrent. TorrentGames also doesn’t have a membership system. Gamers are sure of high-quality links to a variety of game torrents on TorrentsGames hence its reliability and popularity, especially among avid gamer.

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The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is unarguably one of the best sources of torrent files in the different niches, from documentaries to TV shows and gamers. Since it was founded in 2003, The Pirate Bay has remained strong and provided gamers with high-quality links to their favorite games, even the latest games.

This torrent site also has a strong international presence despite efforts to clamp its operations in several locations. Gamers are sure of a wide range of game torrent from this torrent site which receives about 50 million visitors per month. Its international presence is also solidified by the fact that there are about 30 language options attracting users from all over the world.

The Pirate Bay has shown that it has come to stay and is one source that gamers can trust for their favorite game torrents.

Tips to download games torrents sites (Prerequisites)

We have brought you three reliable and effective game torrent sites that still work perfectly in 2018 but it is important to keep in mind some tips for making the most of these sites.

For example, use a VPN to unblock location restrictions as well as download game torrents without being traced. VPNs offer several benefits to a user, and these benefits include enhanced gaming speed.

Other options for bypassing restrictions that may hinder maximizing game torrents include the use of efficient plugins. Do not forget to torrent safely by reading this guide.

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