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How to download movies using uTorrent app in mobile?

The uTorrent application is a file downloading client that has revolutionized the way to download big and high-quality files like movies, books, music, T.V shows, games, applications, anime, and other files, for Windows, Mac, and Linux by making them compatible with the operating system of all the devices. If you are having trouble installing or running the uTorrent software on your smartphone, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process to download movies using uTorrent app in mobile so you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows easily without any inconvenience or wastage of time.

How to download movies using uTorrent app in mobile
How to download movies using uTorrent app in mobile?

Step 1: Installing uTorrent

On your smartphone, open Google Play Store. Tap the search box appearing on the top of the screen, and type “uTorrent.” A drop box will appear with a number of suggestions. Click on the app icon that’ll appear as the topmost suggestion. A window will appear showing an overview of the app including highlights of the number of downloads, user ratings, and reviews, description, etc. This application comes in at around 11MB, which means you should download it in no time, provided the connectivity is good. Wait for a moment until the installation is done. Finally, go ahead and tap on the ‘Open’ button.

Remember, uTorrent will open and ask for several permissions. You need to allow uTorrent to access your device’s location, as well as to access your device’s media files.

Step 2: Download a Torrent File

Once you have successfully installed the uTorrent app on your phone; half of your job is done. Now the next task is to use this application to download torrents

In case you are opening uTorrent for the first time, you’ll see a short guide. This guide does a good job of explaining how to use the app, so make sure to go through it carefully. Once you’re done with the guide, you’ll see uTorrent’s home screen.

Start off by tapping the search box in the top left corner. A dialog box will appear, where you enter the required move you’re searching for. Example, we type “Titanic” in the dialog box and tap on “Search”.

In case you have multiple Web browser apps installed (like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.), you will be asked which one you want to use. If not, the default Web browser will open. Once you select the browser, you’ll see uTorrent will redirect you to Google homepage to search for the torrent file. Go ahead, check out the options based on the search results and your requirements and download the torrent.

When you click on the torrent file to download it, the smartphone will ask which app you’d like to use before you proceed with the download. This is where you need to tap on the uTorrent icon, and the Android will download the file and open it in uTorrent. Make sure that there’s sufficient storage space in the file location where it’s being downloaded.

Your task is almost done. All that is left now is to wait, as uTorrent will add the torrent, start searching for seeders, and then begin to download the file. While you’re waiting, you can tap on the torrent’s name to see more details, like which files are included are how fast you are downloading those files.

Once the download is finished, you’ll receive a notification. Tap on it, the uTorrent will open and you’ll see a green Play button. You can click on it to play the movie or music you’ve downloaded.





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