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5 Best Non Blocked Torrent Sites (November 2018)

Free word grabs the attention of everyone. Guys, can you tell me a single name who don’t pay attention to free stuff? Doesn’t matter it is online stuff or offline we always in search of that content to which we can access free. When you surf online world then you come across the limitless videos, movies, books and lots more. We can get some content without paying anything but for some, we have to pay. But if you want to grab all the latestmovies, TV shows, ebooks for free then there is a solution, Torrent sites permit you to stream online stuff free of cost. If you are looking for the best torrent sites 2018 then you are in exact place and I will suggest you the 5 best non blocked torrent sites here.

top 5 most active and best torrent sites 2018
5 Best Non Blocked Torrent Sites (November 2018)

5 best torrent sites ( Most active torrent sites of 2018)

Many torrent sites came and go from the market but we have selected the top 5 torrent sites which are holding a place in 2018. We also include the Alexa ranking for the Non blocked torrent sites so take a look below to choose the best out of them

Which one is better BitTorrent or uTorrent?

1.The Pirate Bay

Alexa Rank: 102

The Pirate Bay is the most popular name in terms of torrent sites. It is known for its multiple types of content. Having a rough past but still, the loved one of a huge number of people. The Pirate Bay offers you the Millions of torrents to download and for your ease, it is divided into different categories. Doesn’t matter you are a beginner or an experienced one it gives you an easy to use UI. You can download a vast variety of online content like TV shows, movies, ebooks, games, software etc. The main reason which locates TPB on the top position is its fast downloading speed.


Alexa Rank: 210

Let’s discuss our another torrent site included in best torrent sites, offers you an unlimited range of movies. If you are a movie lover and want to download the latest movies then it is the best choice for you. The main cause of its popularity which differentiates it from others is its home page which comes with a search box. You just need a user account and you can ask for your favorite content. Also, all the description of existing torrents is mentioned in a neat way. So you can shuffle easily your desired content.

3. 1337X

Alexa Rank: 297

If you are looking for that type of torrent site which offers you plenty of TV shows, movies, Music, and games the 1337X is the best torrent site for you. It is good for those who are confused about their content as it assists you to find out the content. Permits you a quick and simple user interface. All the torrents are presented in a good way so that there will be a low strain on your eyes. One more thing about this site that Google has vanished it from the search results but still the best site to download torrents.

4. Rarbg

Alexa Rank: 364

Our another site listed in our best torrent sites is Rarbg which comes with a traditional look. Although Rarbg doesn’t look pleasing it provides a good variety of torrents. You can assume its popularity by this factor that every day 300,000 users visit this site. It permits you different torrent categories like music, movies, games, software etc. One and only drawback of this site that annoying ads can disturb you. Here you will find the top 10 list of every category so you feel ease while choosing torrents.

5. Torrentz 2

Alexa Rank: 559

If you are a music enthusiastic then our next torrent site is for you. Also comes with easy to use interface which makes it the best choice for downloading torrents. It is the repeated edition of the famous torrentz site but it doesn’t look like the old site and give more stress on music torrents. It provides you a search box to find out your favorite content and you can also search via it’s my torrent section. One of the topmost feature of this site that it offers you the most reliable service because it is in the onion form website. So all your torrent downloads remain anonymous.

wrap up

Above I have mentioned 5 best torrents sites in 2018 so folks pick the desired one. All the sites come with different features and give competition to each other. Still, any query then comments below and if you have used any of these sites then share your experiences with us. Stay tuned for latest technology updates.


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