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Best Ebook Torrent Sites 2021: Download Free Ebooks

Are you searching for Ebook torrent sites? If yes, then you are at the exact place.

Many people are struggling with finding out the platform to read online books but they don’t aware of the ebook torrenting sites. Here we will tell the best ebook torrent sites to download free books.

Best Ebook Torrent Sites for eBooks Downloading

Books are our best friends and they can teach us and everything.

I am a book lover and from my childhood, I have read several books but it is the digital era and everything is at our fingertips.

It is the time of ebooks and for reading online books torrent sites are the best for accessing free books.

You can read ebooks anywhere you want and you don’t need to carry heavy books. Just download a book for free and read them according to your convenience.

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Best  Ebook Torrent Sites to Download Free Books

Extra Torrent

If you wanna download the latest ebooks then extra torrent is the best ebook torrent site for you.

There are plenty of ebook torrents and it is really complex to stand out of the mix but extra torrent provides you best books which makes it the most popular site out there.

This is a vigorous site and quite popular among its users. You can also watch TV shows and other media files on extra torrent and grab many ebooks.


Not just limited to ebooks.

Popular for tv series episodes & movies.


❎Too many pop-up ads.

Best  Ebook torrent sites
best EBook Torrent Sites 2021: Download free Ebooks

The Pirate Bay

If you are looking for a trusted torrent site for reading online books then pirate bay is the great torrent site for you.

The pirate bay was launched in 2009 and till then it has faced many hurdles and in many countries, it has been banned.

But you can access it in every country as it runs plenty of proxy services.

The pirate bay gives you a huge collection of books which contains categories like arts, science, commerce, literature, etc.

The main reason behind its popularity is the variation of books and also makes it the best ebook torrent site for downloading free books.


Not limited to ebooks.

Supports bulk downloading of ebooks.


❎A bit difficult to find proxy websites.


Let’s discuss our next best ebook torrent sites that surpass the giant torrent site pirate bay.

Kickasspirate has launched in 2009 and came into the spotlight because it provides you magnate links for P2P file sharing.

It 2014 kickass torrent has considered the most visited torrent site and you don’t need to register yourself for taking its benefits.

You can find your favorite book from the vast library of Kickasstorrent.

There are few sayings that it a proxy service but we just have to read books so don’t take tension and use it for reading online books.

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Not limited to ebooks.

Provides magnet links for P2P sharing.

Multiple proxy websites are available.


Too many advertisements.

❎You must have a torrent client to even download ebooks. 

Best  Ebook torrent sites to download free books


Another name included in our best ebook torrent sites is Freebookspot which is a dedicated site for ebooks. You can grab over 90 categories of ebooks.

Really an amazing site that contains almost every type of book and you get free registration for accessing books online.

After finishing the registration process you can download ebooks. There is a huge library of multiple books and the most used ebooks are of Engineering, Programming, and Science, etc.

So guys if you are a book enthusiastic then it is the perfect site to find out the best books for enhancing your knowledge.


It comes with ebooks from over 90 categories.

Free registration process.

Freebookspot has got a nice collection of technical books.


You can’t download anything without registration.

Best  Ebook torrent sites to download free books


It is not easy to grab the place in the best ebook torrent site but Isohunt is the ideal website to download books so it is here.

In 2016 all the torrent sites were at the gunpoint and almost on the radar of being banned and it has also faced complexity for its existence.

Isohunt possesses a nice collection of ebooks and for every type of reader. You can read educational books, comic books, adult literature, and lots more.

This site has been banned in many countries but the solution is available for everything and you can access the book through its proxy services. Guys just get your favorite content here for free.

Update: In 2021, this website or a similar website is found to be scamming users online. You can check out these scams from one detailed article posted on this site.


It can be accessed using multiple proxy websites.

It comes with a collection of ebooks for every type of reader.


Involved in multiple scams.

Best  Ebook torrent sites to download free books


Even though Z-library isn’t a torrent site to download ebooks but I couldn’t miss out out on it as it’s a darn good website to download ebooks in your desired format and that too completely free of cost.

Accessible with the URL –, Z-Library lets you download ebooks in the following 6 formats:







It’s great that you get all these options. However, to download ebooks in different formats, you must create an account on the website.

You can do that, right?

Besides, once you’ve created the account, there’s a lot of things you can do with your account on Z-Library.

✅You can save the ebook for downloading later.

✅You can share your opinions of a book in the comments section given below.

✅And lastly, you can directly send the ebook to your email or kindle in your desired file format.

However, when it comes to sending an ebook to your Kindle, you can do that only after upgrading your account.

You see it’s a completely free website.

But is asking for making donations & in-return they get the tag of Premium Contributors. Therefore, unlocking many new features including the ability to:

✅Send ebook to emails, & Kindle.

✅Download up to 999 books daily.

✅Block all ads running on the website (For himself, obviously😁).

And a lot more.


You can download ebooks in multiple formats.

You can block ads with the paid contribution. 


❎Removes multiple restrictions for paid contributors.

Library Genesis

Library Genesis is the 7th ebook torrent site on this list. However, it was the 1st website where I began downloading the ebooks. Even before buying my 1st Kindle Reader.

After this website, I got to know about Z-Library where you can download ebooks in almost every possible format.

Now talking about the Library Genesis itself, here you can download ebooks from multiple genres, Comicbooks, Fictions, Magazines, Scientific articles & much more.

As of now, you can access Library Genesis on three URLs –,, And if you’re a Windows user, you can install this on your PC as a legit desktop application.

To run this application, you must be on:

✅Windows SP2 or later

✅.Net Framework 4.5 or higher.

Once installed from the official website, you can set its language to English, French, Chinese, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Turkish.

Despite the Windows application or 3 different URLs, some users still can’t get access to the big Library Genesis library. If you’re one such user, I would recommend you to download ebooks from the biggest library using a premium VPN service.

And also, this would protect you from legal authorities as it’s considered an illegal means of sharing ebooks online. So, keep this in mind when using this website.


✅Windows PC users can download it as a program.

✅It’s accessible via 3 different URLs.


❎You can’t download audiobooks from here.


With over 10 million+ monthly active visitors, ZooQle is the 8th website on this list. Even though you can download audiobooks, ebooks, anime, games & windows software from ZOOQLE, it’s popular only because of an unlimited number of audiobooks available on the website.

When downloading audiobooks from ZOOQLE, it allows you to download them only in mp3 file format. So, this means, you can play them without uploading them on a Kindle device.

Now, talking about the website, it comes with a basic user interface. In fact, the homepage itself lists the most seeded audiobooks on the website. Furthermore, you can type in name of a particular audiobook, movie, game, apps (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux), Books (comics, magazines, texts), anime (censored & uncensored).

Once you’ve picked your choice, you can download your required file using 2 methods – Direct Download & Magnet Download:


✅It’s a torrent website. So, you would expect them to have annoying pop-up ads. But, in the case of ZOOQLE, you won’t find such annoying practice.

✅You don’t need a uTorrent client when direct downloading a file on ZOOQLE.

✅Simple user-interface.

✅ZOOQLE is not just limited to downloading audiobooks as it lets you download torrents for movies, tv shows, software & games.

✅No login is needed.


❎High-traffic website. So, sometimes you may expect downtime at its peak.

❎A limited number of audiobook collections.

❎With no registration facility, you can’t wishlist or bookmark a torrent file.


With over 1.5 million & more users worldwide, MyAnonamouse is the 9th website to download ebooks on this list. Well, not just ebooks, you can use it to download audiobooks, & comics.

That’s great.

However, there’s a big question mark when it comes to using the website in the real world.

First, you can’t get access to MyAnonamouse without using your login information & secondly, it’s a one-of-a-kind website that’s based on the invite-only system.

It’s quite similar to the one you use on the audio-only app Clubhouse. Registered users send you an invite application & you use it to create an account on MyAnonamouse with the help of your email address.

Unlike clubhouse, you don’t get invitations right away. You must be active in your MyAnonamouse for at least one month. Then only you get invites for your friends & acquaintances.

And in case, you’re having any trouble getting into the website, you can ask for help using the anonymous IRC chat available on the website.


✅The invite-only system makes it an exclusive platform with a limited number of users.

✅Unlike many torrent websites, this doesn’t get blocked every other day. This eliminates the use of premium VPN services.


❎Difficult to get a MyAnonamouse invite.


Torlock is the 10th website to download an ebook on this list. With a database of 20 million users, Torlock is considered one of the reliable websites where you can get everything that you desire.

And when you open the website, there’s a separate section for ebooks which you can use to download books from different categories.

Talking about the website as a whole, from ebooks to tv series episodes, you can get everything in one place.

If you’re new to downloading torrents, then its easy-to-use interface makes it easy for you to download any ebook you desire instantly. Best of all, here you won’t run out of any options.

Apart from ebooks, if you want to download movies, tv show torrents in large sizes then you may need popular torrent download clients such as BitTorrent & uTorrent.


✅A reliable torrent website.

✅It comes with a user-friendly interface.


❎The website annoys its users with way too many ads. However, this can be easily fixed with the help of chrome extensions.


Last but not the least, RARBG is a website that you can use to download ebooks of your requirement. Today in 2021, it’s considered one of the oldest and top-rated ebook torrent websites.

Even though this website is popular for many reasons, I like the pace at which we get the updated data on RARBG.

And most important, it provides a limited collection of exclusive ebooks that are priced higher at the Kindle Store.


✅Provides trusted & secure ebook torrent files.

✅RARBG provides a large collection of audiobooks, comics.

✅RARBG comes with the broad categories of movies, tv shows, software, games, anime, etc.

✅There’s a collection of exclusive ebooks that are priced quite in the digital & physical format.


❎It comes with a limited collection of ebooks, audiobooks.

❎The presence of multiple proxy websites makes it difficult to figure out the working URL of the website. However, you can eliminate this by going to my previous post of unblocked proxy sites.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you came across the best ebook torrent sites for enhancing your knowledge.

No one can challenge the original book,s but as we live in the digital era, we should try ebooks.

Ebooks have become the norms of today so if you wanna grab the books which are not available in particular countries or costly to download then torrent sites are the best mean of accessing books.

Still, any query then comments below and if you are currently using any ebook torrent site then share your experiences with us. For more updates stay connected.

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