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Blast Furnace Minecraft: How to Make It?

Blast Furnace Minecraft

When playing Minecraft, there are many important items that you can have in your inventory.

And a blast furnace is one of them.

Do you know why?

Well, this can speed things up in Minecraft.

That’s great.

But there’s a catch.

It isn’t that much easy as making a lead in Minecraft.

Now tell me – Do you want to know how to build and then use it?

If yes, then continue reading this post till the end to know about it. However, before I go ahead, you need to understand what this Blast Furnace Minecraft is and what it does in the game.

So, let’s get started with this:

What is Blast Furnace Minecraft?

Blast furnaces were first added in the early 2019 update of village and pilage.

You can use the blast furnaces to smelt tools and armor from it.

But wait.

It’s just like any regular furnaces. Then what’s the difference?

Well, as I said earlier, they can speed things up.

The blast furnaces in Minecraft Works twice as fast as regular furnaces.

However, to work twice as fast as any regular furnaces, it uses a pile of iron or gold as fuel at twice, the pace.

And that is the biggest downside of it as the blast furnace yields lesser experience than a normal Furnace.

Now with the advantages of blast furnaces in mind, you might be wondering how to get this larger variant of furnaces.

Well, you can find them inside an armored house that’s built using cobblestone and consists of two torches and a chimney. Moreover, these armorer houses can be easily found in a Minecraft Village.

However, not everyone likes to steal stuff from the houses of poor helpless villagers.

Now that stealing blast furnace is not an option. What else can you do to obtain it?

Well, if you’ve previously created an underwater base using Minecraft Heart of the Sea then you can make it yourself.

Is this even possible?

If yes, then how?

When Building a blast furnace for yourself. You will be surrounded by fire & you would have to place iron ingots as well as three smooth stone blocks similar to a regular furnace.

However, before you go ahead, remember this process is not as easy as it sounds.

So be attentive when following the complete procedure that I am going to share with you next.

Blast Furnace Minecraft: Some Fun Facts

Before I go ahead and share the exact method to create a blast furnace or how to use it, check out some fun facts about blast furnaces you never knew.

  • You can’t use a blast furnace to smelt food.
  • This can only be done using a normal furnace or campfire.
  • Pistons can never push blast furnaces.
  • When standing near a blast furnace, if any villager does not have a dedicated armorer. He gets a chance to become it yourself.

Blast Furnace Minecraft: Supported Platforms


Supported (Version*)

Java Edition

Yes (1.14)

Nintendo Switch

Yes (1.11.0)

Xbox 360


Windows 10

Yes (1.11.0)




Yes (1.91)

Xbox One

Yes (1.11.0)

Blast Furnace Minecraft: Types of Items It Can Smelt?

When using a regular furnace, you can use the tool to obtain food items but that’s not the case with blast furnaces. As its usage is limited for smelting only ore blocks.

This means blast furnaces can smelt only certain types of ores such as iron, gold armor, or and chainmail tools.

Similar to a regular furnace, you use coal as fuel in Blast furnaces to smelt ancient debris inside it.

The same ancient debris can further be used in the creation of netherite scraps.

Blast Furnace Supported Platforms

At the moment, a blast furnace isn’t available for every platform.

These are the only platform where you can create and use blast furnaces.

Blast Furnace Minecraft Recipe

To create a blast furnace from scratch. These are the following ingredients you would need in the game.

✅Furnace x 1.

✅Smooth Stone x 3

✅Iron Ingot x 5

Once you’ve got all these 3 items, proceed with the creation process as early as possible.

How to Craft a Blast Furnace (Survival Mode)?

First, you need to open the crafting table which will then further lets you get access to the 3X3 crafting furnace that looks something like this:

Blast Furnace Minecraft
Blast Furnace Minecraft

Now it’s time to add the three ingredients – Five iron ingots, One Furnace, and three Smooth Stone picked at the beginning to create a blast furnace together.

Next, you need to make sure the items are placed in the exact pattern as shown in the picture posted below.

Blast Furnace Minecraft
Blast Furnace Minecraft

As you can see in the image,

📌Three Iron Ingot are placed in the first row.

📌Three smooth stones are placed in the third row.

📌And the remaining two iron ingots are placed in the first and third columns of the second row.

📌The only furnace is placed in the middle of the second row and second column.

Now that the crafting grid is filled in the same pattern as posted below,

You can see the created blast furnace on the right-hand side.

Lastly, all you need to do is put the blast furnace back into the inventory.

How to Use a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

Now that you have successfully created a blast furnace, the biggest question is how you can use it in the game.

As I have said before, I will say this again, you can use the newly-created blast furnace to smelt tools, armor, gold, and chainmail.

Now, once you smelt either of these mentioned items into the blast furnace along with fuel, this changes their current state to Lit.

This will start the chain of events as fuel will begin burning twice the rate as it is being smelted.

Once the process is complete, you can collect the smelted items back into your inventory.

Minecraft Furnace Not Working: How to Fix It?

I have repeatedly pressed this in this post that it is not that easy to create a Blast Furnace.

Because of your ignorance, you might run into some serious errors. Errors that can get even bigger than the ones created by the Minecraft Nether Update.

But don’t stress out. I am sharing some fixes that you can apply to revert to the working condition.

I have seen many users placing some items that a blast furnace never supports.

  • Now, you tell me how you can use sand to turn it into the glass when Blast Furnace supports smelting of ores tools and armor.
  • When using the newly created Blast Furnace to smelt the supported items. You might be making a big mistake by placing less Coal in the smelting process.

Apart from these problems, if you are facing any specific issue with the Minecraft Blast Furnace, then do let me know about this in the comments section given below.


Even though, this whole Blast Furnace, the creation process is quite easy. But this casual approach can also lead to some common errors.

So, whenever building A furnace for yourself, make sure to keep these things in mind.

That is all for now.

Now, if you have got any questions for me then, do let me know about them in the comments section below.

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