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Borderlands 3: Release date, trailer, character and other latest details

Are you here to confirm the release date, characters, and trailer of Borderlands 3? If yes, then you are on the right path. We are here with the hot news about Borderlands upcoming version that you are searching for.

First person shooting games is the most popular category among all and if you love to play these games then definitely you have tried Borderlands. And your motive to land here is to discover the interesting information about the Borderlands 3. Indeed the upcoming version of this series is packed with four new characters and lots of new weapons to take your excitement on the next level. Look below to get the exact release date, trailer, and other details about the upcoming amazing first-person shooting game.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay
Borderlands 3 Release date, trailer, character

Key Factors

  • Borderlands 3 will release on September 13, 2019.
  • Whole new 4 vault hunters are awaited for you in the upcoming version of Borderlands.
  • You can enjoy the game on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • Developed by Gearbox.

Borderlands 3 Release Date

Everyone is curious to confirm the exact release date of this outstanding fighting game. Your wait is over now and I am glad to reveal that the latest version of Borderlands will reach to you on 13 September 2019. But in the beginning, the game will available at the Epic game store for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Borderlands 3 New Characters

Along with the old characters, the upcoming version of Borderlands is coming with 4 new exciting vault hunters to multiply your fun. Here are the four characters with them you will rock in the game:

Amara will appear as the new Siren who is loaded with some special powers. Six brawny arms, self-rejection and a face look are the special attributes of Amara.

FL4K will appear as the Beastmaster and it will control the beasts in an effective manner.

Zane can be named as the operator which comes with special combat skills. Zane can distract rivals, fool them with their decoy.

Moze will look as the gunner and when she requires backup she builds her mech knows as the Iron bear.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay

One of the foremost things about the game which is striking in everyone’s mind is the gameplay of the upcoming version of Borderlands. But on the basis of its trailers and leaks, it is looking similar like the Borderlands 2. You have to shoot different peoples and beasts with a wide array of weapons. Apart from the gameplay when we look at its visuals then we observe a slight upgrade. We can expect a boost in its lighting tech, shadows, and outlining. You know very well that the game is famous for its comic-book art style but the 3rd variant’s visuals look more than it.

Another best thing about the upcoming version is that you will get the opportunity to explore the new world via the game. Each location will be equipped with new rivals and new environment.

Nevertheless, the game will offer you level sync, which will make co-op play more interesting.

Also, you will get more skins and outfits to customize the look of your character in the 3rd version of Borderlands. Not only color options but also you can change the full body costumes of your character to make them more appealing.

Borderlands 3 Versions

As I said above that the game will be the epic game exclusive for six months after its release but you can also preorder the game. If you preorder the 3rd variant of the Borderlands then you will avail Gold Weapons Skin Pack as a gift. You can choose from:

  • The Standard version costs $59.99/£49.99 and it contains the basic game and the gold weapons.
  • The Deluxe version costs ($79.99/£74.99) comes with more characters, weapons, and other goodies.
  •  The Super Deluxe version will be your after paying ($99.99/£89.99) and it comes with weapons, skins, trinket, and a grenade mode.
  • Borderlands 3 Collector’s edition is the power pack and comes with diamond loot chest and you have to spend ($249/£249) for it.

Borderlands 3 Trailer

While we are eagerly waiting for the next version of the FPS game, we have different trailers to pore out. Via the trailers, we can gain the rich look of new characters and locations of the upcoming Borderlands version. Indeed there are drastic similarities in this version and the previous ones and we got it after observing the available trailers. It can disappoint the fans who are waiting for a whole new series but we can’t say anything exactly on the basis of these footages.

One thing we are damn sure about that is the game will come with over 1 Billion guns. After releasing the game everything will be clear but for now, it is enough.

Concluding lines

Well, guys, these are some clues about the Borderlands next version and we hope you got the expected information via our post. If you really liked the information then pass it on to your friends who are searching for the same.

Still, any question regarding Borderlands upcoming version then let me know below in the comment section. We will cover it in our next post. Stay connected for more latest tech happenings.

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