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Plant and zoo video game Download | Trailer | Features

Plant and zoo

Planet Zoo is among the best video game produced and distributed by Frontier Developments for Microsoft Windows. The game was released on 5 November 2019. It is the most advanced game with a completely different concept. It is base on a simple theme of creating a virtual zoo in your pc with real-life effects. Planet and ZOOwill provide you with full liberty of creating your Environment with different species and land spaces. Game is fascinating due to its video quality and marvelous sound effects. The genre of the games is strategic and management games. It is also widely known as the successor of ZOO Tycoon due to its gameplay and several studio theme parks. It is a single-player and an offline game and, online players have faced some issues that can play the game. It is best for the person who wants to show his creativity skill of management. It is eyecatching not for the player but also for the viewer who sits just beside you.

The Trailer Of Plant and zoo

The duration of the trailer is the only 3min. It describes all the features and genre of the game. The trailer of the game is so fascinating that it increases the inquisitiveness of the viewer to play the game. You can easily watch it on youtube or its official site. At the beginning of the trailer, it shows various types of animals along with the suitable Environment they need. In the end, it expresses the enthusiasm and excitement of the people of watching the animal in the ZOO.


Overview of the Planet and ZOO

It is base on the concept of forming a virtual ZOO that shows as well as help to increase the level of creativity of your mind. It is a unique game where animals have to live, survives, and essence a beautiful environment build by the players. Experience globe-trotting operations or let your creativity run wild in the liberty of Sandbox mode. You have to build novel habitat to nurture your several animals of various species, in the magnanimous landscapes and World wildest ZOO. Players also have to take the decision from time to on tourists, animals, place management to make their ZOO fascinating and not harm by any tourist. The game brings you into a different world where you have to think about the animals first. Its a world of incredible, extinct and endangered species. The number of visitors with an iconic exhibit helps your ZOO with new research and distinct creatures of the previous generation back into the wild. It is eyecatching for the tourist to watch the endangered species.

There are 68 species in the first game, and 12 new species becoming accessible through three different DLC packs. Thomson’s gazelle, Komodo dragon, and (precious) pygmy hippo are exclusive to the Deluxe Edition of Planet Zoo.

Animal Style, Saff member, and Tourist

There are more than 64 animals in Planet and ZOO like ed pandas, aardvarks, gharials, grizzlies, etc. You can place on display and keep on an eye, how your staff is treating them also took care of the Ambience. It is the responsibility to allocate the right Staff member for the animals for proper take care of the animal. We should have to think according to a living being. It will help in increasing the no of tourists in your ZOO.

Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour

The Significant features of Planet and ZOO

Ther are several different feature and characteristic which make the game unique and able to engage the audience toward it.

  • It will help you in building a Wonderful ZOO with the help of several animals and the landscapes.
  • It will come with the Better Guidance For Players that help the players in understanding the lifestyle of the animal and maintaining their staff.
  • The game will offer you a unique looking animals that is a symbol of advance technology in graphic designing. They seem distinctive, act in novel ways, and can pass on features, and quirks down generation. It will make you feel alive in the game.
  • It will provide you with a simple interface that is easy to understand or the player. It helps in increasing the reach of the game in the youth.
  • It offers you Instant assistance and quick support that help in resolving the problem of the player in the nick of time.
  • The complexity of the game increases as you reach the depth of the game. It will help in maintaining the enthusiasm and inquisitiveness among the players for the game.

Planet Zoo Minimum System Requirements

CPU: It requires Intel Core i5-2500 3.3GHz or on AMD FX-6350 for the proper functioning of the game, But if you use I7, then it will provide you with a much better experience. game

RAM: It is necessary to have a computer or pc having ram 8GB to play the game.

VRAM: If you need to play in HD, then your computer must have 2GB VRAM.

Graphics Card: It require NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (2GB) or AMD Radeon R9 270X (2GB).

OS: The game will easily play operated on window 7 64 bit or its higher version.

HDD Space: Your hard disc must have the minimum space of 16 GB for the better experience of the game and also have some space for storing the window files.


  • You may also need a Pixel shader and vertex shader of 5.0 along with the mouse and keyboard.

Planet and ZOO Download



The game Holds a good position in the gaming world due to its novel feature and genre. The team of developers works hard to satisfy the demand of the user Yet few things disappoint the players while playing the game like Animal AI is often not working, sluggish menu in online game mode, time taking game. Despite all these issues, the game capable of gaining the attention of the players because of its theme. It also helps in developing the management skill and the rise of humanity toward the animals. The game is for showing your level of creativity.

From my personal experience, I would suggest you play the game at once

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