Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour (100% Free Download)

Command and conquer generals is a popular game across the globe. The Game released in the year 2003. Zero Hour is an extended version with the advance feature of Command and Conquer Generals. The famous game is developed by EA Loss Angles and distributed by Electronic Arts. The new version brings unique features for both the side to maintain the inquisitiveness among the player. The game is a standalone application and available in an offline mode. The game is free with some paid weapons, tools and character to strengthen your Generals and the defence power of his empire. The graphic of the game is eye-catching with a marvellous sound effect. You can play the game along with kith and kins because the game is available in both single as well as multiplayer. The concept of the game is to defend your base from the enemies by increasing your defence capabilities. Command and Conquer Zero Hour also includes three new campaigns of five missions each instead of seven in the end game.


The trailer of the game is also available on youtube. At the beginning of the trailer, the spoke person is addressing the nation and tells about the hazardous situation of the country and requesting to do something to save the country. The small trailer is fascinating and eye-catching. Watch and enjoy…

Overview of the game

The game is good with and fascinating with the new features. In the new model of a game, there are nine general with all have a different power of destroying their enemy. Player has to select one general and fight with the rest of the Generals and take down one by one to win the game. While defeating Generals, the player will develop a powerful and build a strong empire. The General system was freshly assumed to arrive in the base games. It’s a combined effort of the developer team that game can engage the audience toward it.

There is one other fascinating game mode called an online real-time strategy. The game also adds several new and advance gaming mode like Operatproton Firestorm, Contra, Shockwave, Reborn, A Global Crisis, Light of Five Stars, A Global Crisis, Pro: Gen and Rise of the Reds.

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Command and conquer always bring a new campaign in every new version. Some time game does not deliver according to the expectation of the user. The previous campaign was not able to satisfy the players due to the technical inefficiency motion video and cinematic effect. the developer decided to back with the original theme of command and conquer where a news reporter of the representing side give the detail of the current situation in the country and the various task activity in the opponent hub. The Concept of Zero hours is the extension of the previous campaign. It has three factions which player can play the mission in a chronological order being the USA first, GLA second, and China last.

Characters of the Zero Hour

There are different character which is available for the different Faction.

The three factions contain three different characters with specific power and capabilities of destroying the enemy and defending the kingdom.

They are as follows

USA General

  1. General Townes;- Command on laser weapon
  2. General Malcolm Granger;- focus on the powerful aircraft’s
  3. General Alexis Alexander;- control the superweapons

CHINA General

  1. General Ta Hun Kwai;- command deadly weapon
  2. General Tsing Shi Tao;- expert in nuclear energy
  3. General “Anvil” Shin Fai;- provide support in infantry tactics.


  1. Thrax;- He is a toxin general of GLA.
  2. Prince Kassad;- He is a specialist in stealth tactics.
  3. Randall “Demo” Juhziz;- expert in the use of explosives.

There is also a boss general Tigress Leong Leang whos has the combined unit of the army of all the three Faction.

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Significant Characteristics of Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour

These are some significant features of Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour that you will be ready to experience as soon as you install the game on your Operating System.

  1. It includes new abilities of Generals and advancement of defence equipment.
  2. Fresh collection of units have also included in the game.
  3. It brings up the latest gaming mode.
  4. It has three new factions USA, China and GLA.
  5. The game is available in 4K Hd graphics to provide a better experience to the players.
  6. Zero Hour offers you a Captivate environment.

Minimum system requirements

These are the requirement for the proper functioning of the game on your pc or laptop.

CPU: 800 MHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor is necessary for the proper function of the game.

RAM: The computer or pc must have a minimum Ram of 128 Mb.

OS: It is easily accessible in all the operating system like all Windows XP, Windows Except Windows 2000, Windows 98.

Store: The game requires 1.8 GB free hard disk space and additional space for saved games and swap-file.

Sound: DirectX 8.1 cooperative PCI 16-bit sound card

ODD: you may also need mouse and keyboard, speed of the game is 8x.

Command and Conquer Generals Download

Click below button and enjoy the game 🙂 🙂 🙂

Command and Conquer Generals Download


Command and conquer zero hours is among the best real-time strategy game to play. The concept of the game and feature is enough to engage the audience toward it. The game has some issue like lag behind, control setting, launching in window 10 operating system. Thee team of developer put the effort to fix the problem as soon as possible. If we neglect these minor technical fault, so the game is good and has enough features, function that can engage the audience.


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