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7 Best Strategy Games like Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans has is a very popular strategy game. The game display you as a chief of the village one have to complete tasks.  These tasks involve building your own town, collection of resources and finally participate in clans wars. This interesting game is a proud product by Supercell. Due to its huge popularity, everyone has tried the game at least once. I am sure you have tried it as well. However, there are several other games like clash of clans that you can play in your smartphone.

Liked the gameplay and are looking for some other games with the same essence.  Then you are in the right place, As today here you will get to know about the best strategy games. I have carefully handpicked games that are like Clash of Clans. As this feed your daily hunger for the addictive game Clash of Clans. On the other hand, giving your fresh feel with new games.

top 7 strategy games

The List of Best Games like Clash of Clans

Boom Beach

This is another game by the developers of Clash of Clan. Having almost similar essence but this time supercell has added several unique elements. To give a fresh feel with a newer identity having a similar base. Beach Boom gives you a much better experience than Clash of Clans.  It is a strategy game that enables attacks by other players to retaliate against the computer generated attacks. The game has great graphics showing a tropical group of islands reminds us Clash of Clans. In this game, you have to build a base, collect resources to upgrade defence or unlock troop upgrade. In Boom Beach, the same map is used to play in single player mode and multiplayer mode. Boom Beach also available for pc must try if you are a Clash of Clan fan.

Dawn of Titans

Searching for realistic graphics but tempted to play strategy games. Dawn of Titans is a good choice for you. The game is pretty easy to handle and offers a quality experience. It offers classic Massively Multiplayer Online features. You can build up teams with your friends in order to take down other kingdoms. You can say it is a detailed version of clash of clans with great graphics. This reason is enough to give it a try.

Lords Mobile

It one of the most popular game developed and published by IGG. The game looks have great inspiration from Clash of Clans. Lords Mobile offers several game modes including Player Versus Player battles. In the game, you can attack the monster and other powerful characters that appear from time to time in the game. Doing this allows you to claim resources helps you in upgrading your character Hence, improve your playing efficiency.

Jungle Heat

It is a strategy game offering an ability to of use hardware from different game to play with each other. Create your fortress and defend it from your enemies in order to ensure that. Build troops and develop them to target and finish an enemy base. You can loot resources while destroying a base helping you to increase your efficiency. The game portrays a beautiful green Jungle where all the gameplay takes place. Experience the joy of playing a strategy game by trying Jungle Heat.

Viking Wars

This game takes you to the early age of Vikings where powerful kingdom destroys the weaker kingdom. Through this, they acquire resources of weaker to enhance their power. The game has a simple concept where you have to safeguard yourself from attacks. At the same time gather resources by attacking other tribes. The game offers a referral by using that you can earn gold and cash.

Total Conquest

The game Total Conquest takes you down in the age of the Roman empire. Where you have to prove your skills of controlling and defending the kingdom from attacks. If you able enough to prove that you are the next king as the empire is searching for a warrior and king. To win the game you have to use tactics and great courage. As this helps you out in uneven situations. So, Enjoy a king life and show your skills and defeat enemies and conquer the land.

Castle Clash

While playing for the first time you get a feeling of playing Clash of Clan. It is a clone game with a uniqueness offered by the game in multiplayer mode. Develop your base, train your soldiers, or unlock minions to fight for you. Concept of the game is the same build your fort and defend it from attacking forces of the enemy. A Must try for die-hard fans of Clash of Clans as it gives a fresh experience in the same type of graphics.


The above information of games enables you to find a new game with a similar experience. Once you have download and play any of the above game. I bet you forget about Clash of Clans. By playing these games you have can refresh your experience of playing a strategy game. Try any of the above mention game as they are hand picked by game geeks. Do not forget to mention your experience of the game. Finding any difficulty in the content or feels that we have missed any game. Kindly mention it in the comment box below our team try their best to resolve that as soon as possible.

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