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8 Best Tricks for Dream League Soccer 2019: Beginner’s Guide

Although tons of Football apps and games exist over the internet, Dream League Soccer 2019 stands out among the mob due to its unbeatable features. Creation of First Touch Games is a soccer management game and its 2019 version is ready to hit your Android and iOS devices. The sole purpose of the game is to manage your team in your style. Dream League Soccer 2019 comes with plenty of new features and mechanism and also it offers you whole new database.

The AI version of the recent update is also upgraded and I think you are going crazy to download and install the game on your smartphones to manage your team. But before moving further there are certain tips and tricks that will assist you to understand the latest version deeply.

I think your motive to land here is to find out the top 8 tricks of the popular Football game so let start our discussion and explore them.

top 8 tricks of popular Football game Dream League Soccer 2019
Dream League Soccer 2019: Beginner’s Guide

Top 8 tricks for Dream League Soccer 2019


One of the basic tricks is to defend goals for your team so that your rival team can’t make a goal. Button B is for standard tackle and A for a slide tackle. But for being the best football player you have to do something more. Usually, the defenders go for button B to deal with the rival to stop a goal but the most important factor is timing. One more thing never tackles the player from behind and if you do so then you will get a yellow card in the game. Also, be careful at the time of passes and always pass within the penalty box.


Defending and offending all the two are crucial for you. To perform the best offense you must have the proper understanding of Button A and B. If you often use the button A then it causes wild passes and if you utilize button B then there are great chances that defender player will pick the ball from your feet. Apart from button A and B give emphasis on button C and with double tapping and swiping right you can do special moves to detract the defender.

3. Continue from the past where you have left

The chief motive of this football game guide is to enhance your gaming skills so that you can be a pro player in the Dream league soccer 2019. I want to figure out one thing that if you have played the same title regularly in 2018 and you have uninstalled it then you can continue from where you have left the game. Although the game’s latest version is quite different from the past versions but it allows you to continue from where you have left. If you have played the game on a regular basis then this is great news for you.

4. Focus on the ball is not enough

If you are going to play this amazing Football game then this tip is for you. You have to keep on eye on everything on the pitch to get the victory. Usually, players focus on the ball only and don’t bother about other players. But it is totally wrong. You have to focus on your rival players who are planning to tackle you and also understand to predict your moves before they take place. I recommend you to pass your time in training mode and also give emphasis on the ball, your teammates and your opponent simultaneously.

5. Bring variation in your tactics

Dream League soccer 2019 enables you to play with AI as your opponent but never think them less tactful. Indeed the AI in the game is too smart and it can easily track down your moves. If you perform the same moves then it will recognize so there should be a variation in your tactics to play the game in a much better way.

6. Watch Ad videos after a match

To buy new players for your team you need enough gold and it is pretty tricky to earn the gold. If you win a particular match then you get a tiny amount of gold and in case you lose you will get a participation trophy. Doesn’t matter you got the victory or lost a match, Dream League soccer always ask you to watch a 30-second video after the match. If you watch it then you get 30 coin bonus and you can use these bonus coins to upgrade your stadium and for buying a new player.

7.Have patience while tackling

Slide tackles are very important to de-possess your rival but it requires perfect timing. You have to take patience while tackling and not to be over aggressive otherwise you will get a foul and even you can get a yellow card for this mistake. If you utilize button B it is safe but it doesn’t allow you to make too many successful tackles. On the other hand, if you go for button A it enhances the chances of good tackles but at the same time, there are great chances of a foul. So be careful and not to try to tackle too long after your rival player avail the ball.

8. Choose your squad wisely

Another most important trick for Dream League Soccer 2019 is to choose the players with variation in their skills. Defenders must be expert in high tackling and also acquire great strength. While choosing forwarders then always keep in mind that they must have higher finishing, pace and speeding up ratings. Midfield players must be master in crossing and passing. Higher stamina is the must-have quality of fullbacks and wingers. So be selective while signing in your team.

Check the video to know about the top 10 best goals of Dream League soccer 2019

Final Thoughts

Well, folks, we hope these Dream League Soccer 2019 tips and tricks will definitely help you to improve your gameplay and win matches. If you want to be the record-breaking player in this interesting football game then follow these tricks.

Still, any question occurring in your mind then asks us in the comment section. We will satisfy your query on the priority basis. For being updated with the newest tech happenings stay in touch and keep reading.




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