How to track a fedex package: Fedex Tracking in-depth guide

FedEx tracking helps you to provide the details of your shipments to your customers. Indeed your transaction process doesn’t end after sending their packages but the process starts from here. The customer expects the right information about the status of the package at the right time with any lag. To fulfil the desires of your customers you must have an online tracking tool. This tool must be easy to use and also simple to navigate and FedEx satisfy both.

If you want to track your shipments with FedEx then you have headed at the right page. Here I will describe the way you can track a FedEx package and also aware you about the advantages of using the FedEx tracking tool.

Fedex Tracking in-depth guide
How to track a fedex package

FedEx Tracking

In our previous article, we have described the USPS tracking and this time we are going to discuss FedEx tracking. In fact, the tracking tool enhances the reputation of your business. When the customers will get the proper awareness of their shipments when they require it will enhance their faith in your company. Not only customer satisfaction there are many more benefits of using a tracking tool such as you can keep an eye on the entire route of your package, decrease warehouse costs, etc.

You and your clients can get the status of up to 30 packages and freight shipments at a time. You don’t need to log in to to get basic status tracking of your shipments.

There are different criteria to track your packages and after logging in your FedEx account you can apply them. Below I am describing both ways For basic information and for in-depth information.

How to track Fedex package: Foor basic information

You can track your shipments with this unique tracking tool 24/7 and the process is pretty easy. To access the basic info about your package you have to follow these steps:

  • Initially navigate to the home page of
  • Here you will get a box containing “Enter a FedEx tracking, door Tag, or FedEx office order number” and you have to enter the one number.
  • After it clicks on “Track”.

With this information, you can perform these things:

  • You can save shipment tracking number which will help you if you want to return the package or also you can again check the status of your package.
  • If there is a delay then the status will be highlighted in Red color.
  • You can give a pet name to your package for quick access.

How to track Fedex package: For in-depth information

In case you are willing to get detailed information about your package then you have to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, log in to your by using your FedEx ID and password.
  • Then tap on the Track tab and select FedEx tracking.

You will get different criteria to manage your shipments and to assist your clients. Below is the information about those things:

  • There are two choices for you: List view and calendar view. List view offers you more customization features and calendar view give you the overview of your shipments on the basis of day, week, and month. All depends on you with which you want to go.
  • If you want to observe the most relevant shipments which are useful for you and your customers then you can filter them. You can filter them according to a reference number, shipment date, and company name, etc.
  • For more effective updates and keeping your customers updated, you can convey notification to up to 4 email recipients.
  • Also, you can avail a mark of delivery in the form of a picture of your customer’s signature.

What are the advantages of FedEx Tracking?

When you provide the exact information which your customer demands then automatically it will increase the goodwill of your business. Not only customer’s trust you can get all these favors with this service:

  • After receiving the up to date information about the shipments customers they will not tend to make calls and thus your customer service department will get fewer calls.
  • After observing the exact status of your inventory you can decrease the utilization of inventory holding locations.
  • Transparency is the most wanted attribute of any business and when your customers get proper visibility then they will feel satisfied and it will strengthen your relationship with them.

Well, fellows like this you can track your shipments with FedEx and I think next time you will not find any complexity while tracking your packages with FedEx.

We have also made an Infographic to make you better understanding for FedEx Tracking system:

FedEx tracking Tool to Track The Package

Still, any question regarding the above-mentioned description then let me know below in the comment section.