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How to Track a USPS International Package: USPS tracking

With USPS international tracking you can up to date with your international shipments. The USPS offers various levels of tracking for international packages but all depends on the mail class. There is a different tracking system for different countries based on their scanning capabilities. Also, there is a variation in the tracking system of different USPS tracking services. Some services permit more tracking details when compared with others at different additional delivery points. USPS International package can be tracked with the USPS track and confirm tool. With this tool, you can track the status and location of your package.

If you are looking for the easiest way to track your international packages with USPS then you are on the right page. Here I will assist you for the same.

Where can you track your USPS package?
How to Track a USPS International Package

Where do you get your USPS international tracking number?

Your custom form is your USPS shipping level in many cases. The most tin PS form 2976 may be integrated with your shipment, the longer PS form 2976-A is inserted into the custom declaration package attached to the shipment’s address side. Your tracking number is your USPS custom Form.

Where can you track your USPS package?

It is pretty easy to keep a track on your international packages with USPS and there are different methods for this is tracking tool and you just need to insert your tracking number to see the status and location of your package. You can also use other methods to track your shipment with USPS:

  • To call at 1-800-222-1811 you can know the status of your package.
  • You can also send a text message to 28777 along with your tracking number to confirm the status of your shipment.
  • There is also a USPS mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can utilize the app to track your international orders.

USPS tracking status and their meaning

You must have the proper knowledge of USPS status and their meaning to track your package successfully. Have a look below to be familiar with them:

Pre-Shipment: Pre Shipment means USPS got the electronic transmission of the package and didn’t receive the package actually. After receiving the shipment USPS will update the tracking status and also offer the expected delivery date.

In Transit: In transit means that that the package has arrived at the post office and it proceeds for the delivery.

Out For Delivery: Out for delivery means that your package has been sent from the delivery office with a carrier.

Delivered: It means that the parcel has reached to your premises and a delivery scan code is recorded at that time.

Alert: In case the deliver employee doesn’t access the exact delivery location then Delivery attempted, No access to delivery location alerts will occur.

Well, like this you can easily track your international package with USPS tracking. But make sure your package must be eligible for tracking once they leave the US because there is a variation in the scanning capabilities of each country.

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