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10 Mangadoom Alternatives to Read Paid Manga For Free [2022]

Are you looking for a manga reading website? If so, there are many such websites present on the internet. But Mangadoom might be one of the best sites for free reading manga comics, cartoons, and Japanese graphic novels. But recently it must have been closed due to some reasons.

So there are many alternatives available in the market for Mangadoom to read y’all new mangas and comics. Let’s get started with the list:


Mangadoom Alternatives
Mangadoom Alternatives

The very first alternative of mangadoom is Mangareader.

Mangareader can provide you with a lot of variety in genres and tastes. Their categories are adventure, action, cars, comedy, demons, drama, ecchi, fantasy, game, harem, historical, horror, josei, and many more.

You will understand why it is one of the alternatives to mangadoom because it has an enormous collection like them.


Crunchyroll Review | PCMag

The second one on the list is Crunchyroll Manga. This website has a lot of features that are not present in mangadoom. A few of them are that you can find both anime and manga in one place.

They have around 25000 hours of anime to watch, and they add more than 15 content every week. Also, they have more than 900 titles to read, updated every week at a much faster rate than other websites.


Mangadoom Alternatives
Mangadoom Alternatives

This is another alternative to try out for manga sites like Mangadoom. Mangastream has a user-friendly interface and decent search engine that quickly helps you find your favorite comic books. This one, too, has an option to download the content if you want to read it offline.

You do not need an account to access the content on this website, unlike some other websites where you have to register first before reading anything. This site offers both old and new jp webcomics with good quality pictures and reviews from readers worldwide.


Mangadoom Alternatives
Mangadoom Alternatives

The following alternative you will see here is KissManga, and this site helps to read mangas in HD quality. This site contains various genres, and it has got a massive collection of Manga from which you can choose according to your taste and preferences. This site is also free and does not charge money to read Manga online.

It has got some unique features like scroll down button, zoom feature that allows you to zoom in or out any particular page, browse button with which you will be able to check all the pages at once, save button with which you can download any manga that you want to read later offline, etc.

One more feature that this website contains is an app available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store to download on your mobile phone.


Best Mangapanda Alternatives to Read Manga Online for Free - ForTech
Mangadoom Alternatives

Manga panda Is another alternative to mangadoom, which provides a vast collection of manga comics, books, and other related stuff. You can find all kinds of comics here like Naruto, bleach, fairy tail, and other popular mangas.

It contains all the chapters from beginning to end. If you have any trouble, you can contact them through the email given on their website. Mangapanda has an app for android also to enjoy it offline and online.


✓[Updated] Manga Town - Manga Reader app not working (down), white screen /  black (blank) screen, loading problems (2022)

MangaTown has an excellent user interface with a well-organized site to read high-quality Manga online. It has a clean and simple design with an easy navigation system allowing users to search their favorite Manga by genre, alphabetical listing, latest release, popularity, or status.

The site also has a request link to send feedback or request their desired manga series to be uploaded on MangaTown’s manga list. The site also offers other features such as chat rooms, forums, and a weekly top 25 list of most-read manga series (also categorized according to the genre).


Mangadoom Alternatives
Mangadoom Alternatives

Mangafox website is designed immaculately and comes with easy to use interface. The main section of the website contains a list of all the latest chapters updated on the website. The chapters are listed according to their manga names and the revised date, status, and genre.

The homepage of MangaFox features all the recently added manga comics with their cover images that help you identify your favorite comic quickly. You can also search for your favorite manga comic by using the search bar or simply by choosing from the alphabetical list available on the right side of the website.

There are many other features of Mangafox; you can search by genre name and make your list of mangas that you like to read.

You can also find some popular mangas on its homepage like One Punch Man, One Piece, Dragon Ball series, Naruto, etc.


What Is Mangareborn And Its Ultimate Alternatives? | Teecycle

Mangareborn is a manga website that allows you to watch your favorite mangas online. Although it has not published any new manga titles, the site has been making a considerable effort to produce new and unique mangas for the world’s manga lovers.

Mangareborn has published various genres from sci-fi, romance, seinen, sports, action, and adventure to ecchi and erotic. Some of the most famous manga comics on the site include Bleach, Hunter × Hunter, and Fairy Tail.

Since this website is free to use and does not require you to sign up or become a member, there are many adverts in various places on the Mangareborn website. But even with these ads, it is an excellent source of entertainment.


Mangafreak APK Download (Unlimited Manga) Latest Version for Android is a website where you can watch Mangas for free. The best thing about this page is that you don’t need to register to watch Mangas. Without registration, you can get anything from Naruto to DragonballZ, whatever you want in one place, by using this webpage.

Mangafreak is a very professional site with no ads on the main page. You will get all the updates of your favorite manga series as soon as they are available. After getting updates, you can read them online and download them if you want.

Mangafreak has a simple interface with an attractive home page that shows all the latest updates of Manga. In addition, there is an option of ‘Latest’ and ‘Popular’ on the homepage through which you can get the latest and popular updates, respectively.


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Mangadoom Alternatives

MangaGo is a user-friendly website that contains mangas of various genres. It provides an easy way for the readers to navigate through their pages.

This website has managed to keep the interests of new visitors by offering them different ways to read and download their favorite mangas for free.


If mangadoom isn’t accessible in your region, I believe these 10 mangadoom alternatives are suitable replacements for free to read the latest paid manga chapters.

That’s all for now.

If you need any help with either of these websites, let me know in the comments section given below.

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