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Cartooncrazy: Watch Subbed & Dubbed Anime [2022]


Today when you’ve to watch subbed and dubbed anime shows, there is:


Gogoanime and dozens of similar websites.

To be honest, I’ve tried most of them. After using these third-party streaming websites, the one thing I can definitely say is – No matter which website I use to watch anime shows, I end up coming back to Cartooncrazy.

It’s one of the few websites that I started using in my early days of getting into anime shows.

I won’t claim it’s a perfect website in an imperfect world.

Cartooncrazy has its own merits & demerits.

Don’t worry I won’t anything from you. But before I say anything else, let me share the objective of this post.

So, going forward, I’ll:

✅Post 100% working Anime Streaming Proxy sites.

✅Share pros. & cons. of Cartooncrazy.

✅Cartooncrazy detailed review.

✅Cartooncrazy Alternative Websites.

So, let’s get started:

100% Working Anime Streaming Proxy Sites

S. No. Anime Proxy Site Status
1 online
2 online
3 AnimeHeaven.Eu online
4 online
5 JustDubs online
6 online
7 online
8 online
9 online
10 online
11 online
12 online
13 online
14 online
15 online
16 online
17 online
18 online
19 online
20 online
21 Tubi TV online
22 online
23 online
24 online
25 MangaAnime.en online

Cartooncrazy Pros. & Cons.



✅Cartooncrazy lets you watch both subbed and dubbed Anime shows right at your fingertips.

✅Cartooncrazy provides the latest episodes right after its release.

✅It’s one of the oldest websites to watch and download Anime shows. So, you would even find some of the classic Anime shows on the website.

✅You can watch your favorite Anime shows using not one but these 8 popular video streaming servers: Vid streaming, Multiquality Server, StreamSB, Doodstream, Streamtape, ServerHyrax, MP4 upload, yourupload.

✅After selecting the server of your choice, Cartooncrazy lets you switch the video quality of the episode from 360p to 720p.

✅Cartooncrazy also allows you to download the latest episodes in the selected video quality.
You can use Cartooncrazy to watch your favorites shows in the picture in picture mode. The PiP mode lets you do some other work and watch anime show at the same time.


Too many annoying pop-ups that can easily go away by installing ad-blocking Google Chrome extensions.

Cartooncrazy provides dubbed and subbed Anime shows only in the English language.

How to access CartoonCrazy on a PC/Mobile/Kodi?

If you want to use Cartoon crazy to watch your favorite anime show on your device such as desktop, computer. Mobile phone and Kodi then here’s how you can do it.

CartoonCrazy on PC

Be it the windows OS, Linux, or Mac OS PC, if you want to watch anime on cartoon crazy then, all you need is a web browser that supports HTML5 and JavaScript.

I believe browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla are capable enough to fulfill all your needs.

Once you have the browser set up a premium VPN service to make sure your PC is not infected by any kind of online virus and malware.

Then type in the exact site URL in the address bar and open the website.

That’s it. You are done here.

P.S. As I said, Cartoon crazy has the biggest con of displaying annoying Popup ads. So before opening the website make sure you have installed proper ad blocker extensions on your browser.

CartoonCrazy on Smartphone

Just like you open Cartoon crazy on your desktop PC, you need to follow the same process to open the website and watch the latest episodes of your favorite anime.

Just like PC here I would recommend you to set up a premium VPN service to make sure your IP is hidden from the outside world.

CartoonCrazy on Kodi

It looks likes you want to use cartoon crazy on your TV to watch the latest anime shows.

For this thing to happen, make sure you have installed Kodi on your Firestick and the fire stick is connected to your TV

Then based on your Kodi version installed on your firestick install the most popular Kodi builds.

Then based on your fire stick device use Kodi to install a browser on your TV screen.

Now follow the same process as you did when using Cartoon crazy on your PC and mobile phone.

Type in the URL into the web browser, open that page and you are good to go.

CartoonCrazy Alternative Websites


CartoonON is the first CartoonCrazy alternative website on this list.

Even though it is a fairly new website, it comes with a wide collection of anime shows from all over the world.

In terms of the user interface, the website looks quite clean.

At the top, there is a search bar where you can type in name of a particular anime show you want to watch.

Right below that, you get six different options. Each option comes with a different sub-menus.

These are the following six sub-menus that you get at the top:

  1. By Studio.
  2. By Characters.
  3. By shows
  4. By Series.
  5. Contact.
  6. Blog.

These menus let you get access to cartoons from popular Studios such as Walt Disney, Marvel Comics, Ben 10, popular Disney characters Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man.

Not just that if you want to know what’s happening all over the world in the anime world, CartoonsOn comes with a blog section, where you can Read every chatter going all over the anime industry.

Apart from all these features on the homepage itself, you get more options such as Just updates and most-watched cartoons on the website.

You can use these options to find an anime show that meets your taste.

Furthermore, if you want the website to add a particular cartoon, then you can head over to the contacts section to request the website owner to include it on the website.


✅Easy to operate user interface, even for a beginner.

✅Provides a wide collection of Japanese anime to the US-originated cartoons.

✅Here you can watch your favorite anime show or cartoon in HD quality. So if you have a good high internet connection, switch the default internet video quality from 360p to 720P.


❎Even though it’s not annoying, but cartoons come with a lot of pop-up errors. So you must install a pop-up blocker extension to avoid this Issue.

❎Once you have requested a particular anime show or reported any error, you don’t get any time frame Or hear back on your grievances.


Kisscartoon is the second CartoonCrazy alternative in this list.

In the anime world, this website is considered as one of the renowned third-party websites to stream dubbed and subbed anime shows.

In the user experience Department, the kiss cartoon does hold some ground but The annoying pop-ups coming onto the website ruin everything.

Right on the top, you can see four menus:

  • Ongoing
  • Series
  • Movie
  • Dubbed Anime.

You can use this menu to navigate to the particular content of your choice on Kisscartoon.

Right below that, the homepage of Kiss cartoon is divided into three sections:

  • Suggestion
  • Cartoon series
  • Cartoon movies.

The first section suggestion is further divided into 4 options: Newest Episode, Most View, Most Favorite, and Most Rated.

The second section of the homepage cartoon movies comes with two sub-menus: the Latest updated and random movies.

Last, but not least Cartoon Series comes with two of the following sub-menus: The latest updated and random series.

You can switch between these sub-menus to find dozens of hidden gems on the website.

Being one of the oldest websites to stream Anime shows, it includes some of the classic anime you might not have watched to date.

When watching an episode on this cartoon TV, you get to switch between three servers.

Further down the line, these servers let you switch the video quality between 360p and 720P.

And if you want to download a particular episode, Simply hit the download button available right on the video player.

Lastly, if you want to share your views on a particular episode, with other animal lovers, Write down your thoughts in the comment section given at the end of the default video player.


✅There are multiple Kisscartoon Proxy Websites available. You can switch either of them to watch the anime show of your choice.

✅It comes with both light and dark themes.

✅Kiss cartoon does not have any kind of annoying or harmful ads for your device.


❎The website shows pop-up ads. However, you can avoid this by installing the ADblocker browser extension & ultimately have a better online experience.

❎When it comes to navigation, not a lot of options are available on the homepage.

❎Kisscartoon comes with a limited number of categories.

Gogoanime TV

Gogoanime is the third CartoonCrazy alternative in this list.

Along with kissanime, gogo anime is considered one of the few websites that started the trend of watching anime shows online for free.

Even though the website was forcefully shut down after years of its release, there are multiple Gogoanime proxy websites that you can use to watch the latest anime episodes.

By default, it comes with a dark user interface that can’t be changed to light.

Note: No matter what you do, there’s no way you can make changes in this department.

In terms of anime collection, Gogoanime is considered the number one website.
Gogoanime mostly impresses in terms of its user interface on the homepage.

Its home page is divided into three different sections:

  1. Recent releases
  2. Popular ongoing update and,
  3. Recently added series.

The first section is further divided into two sub-sections – Dubbed and Chinese.

Whereas, with the other two options, you can simply select an episode or Anime show to start watching.

On the right-hand side, there is a widget where some of the most popular anime shows are added based on their daily weekly, and monthly ranking.

Down the line, you can even see multiple options such as ongoing series and 50-plus anime genres.


✅GoGo anime TV lets you create an account on the website, which you can further use to wish to list a certain number of anime shows.

✅The website provides multiple options for you to navigate to a different part of the website.

✅Today, in the third-party streaming world, the Gogo anime website is A prime example of how collective navigation should be on a particular streaming website.

✅Unlike other cartoon crazy Alternatives mentioned in this list, Gogoanime is the only website where you don’t get any kind of annoying pop-up ads.

✅The website lets you switch between these 8 common video servers: Vidstreaming, Stream SB. Doodstream, Mixdrop, Mp4upload, XtremeCDN, Stream tape, Multiquality Server.


❎I can’t find any. If you know any do let me know in the comments section given below.


Last, but not least alternative to this list is YouTube.

Just by hearing this name, many of you would say believe you would say:
It’s a video streaming website. So, how come it is listed as an alternative to cartoon crazy?

Let me tell you why:

I know YouTube is not a mainstream website to watch any type of anime shows online.

It is one of the best places to watch Anime show clips and breathtaking fan-favorite scenes.

With this, you can get an idea of how a particular anime is before watching an entire season.


✅A reliable video streaming platform.

✅You won’t see any type of annoying ads running all over the website.

✅When watching a particular video clip, you can turn on the captions to understand the video better.


❎To remove video ads, you must purchase its subscription plan starting at $11.99 per month. However, you can reduce the cost by opting for the monthly Safeshare premium subscription.

❎In some videos, YouTube shows way too many ads.


After reading the review of Cartooncrazy, I would urge you to use Cartooncrazy to watch your favorite subbed & dubbed anime shows.

I’m 100% certain, in the end, you would agree with everything I had to say about Cartooncrazy.

Besides, it’s not compulsory to like this website. In fact, many users don’t like Cartooncrazy & use its alternative websites to watch their favorite anime shows.

That’s all for now. If you’ve got any questions for me regarding Cartooncrazy, then do let me know about it in the comments section given below.

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