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7 Best Chairs Under $200 For Gamers [2022]

Best Chair Under $200

Gaming chairs are usually seen as luxurious or premium items that you can buy to elevate your gaming experience. However, some gaming chairs are expensive, so it is hard for gamers with limited budgets to find the best gaming chair for under $200.

WARNING: The below list of best gaming chairs under $200 will change your life forever.

GTRACING Gaming Office Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair With Massage Leather Office Chair, Blue -  -

It’s just the gamers who can benefit from an ergonomic gaming chair to sit on. The benefits of the GTRACING Gaming Office Chair can be enjoyed by anyone who spends long periods sitting in front of their computer at home or work.

GTRACING Gaming Office Chair is designed for gaming has all the features needed to keep a person comfortable for hours on end. In addition, it is designed with unique features to help keep a gamer cool and dry even during long gaming sessions.

An ergonomic chair designed for gaming will have all the same features as any other office chair, but it will also have some unique features. For example, most high-end chairs will have a headrest and lumbar support to help keep the spine aligned properly.

This chair is also made of more durable materials than traditional office chairs. They are usually made from leather or mesh, which helps keep them cool even during long play sessions.

The best thing about GTRACING Gaming Office Chair is that anyone can use it regardless of what type of work they do. These chairs are great for working in offices, but they are also great for people who work from home and want to use their computers.

Healgen Big and Tall Gaming Chair HEALGEN Gaming Office Chair with Large Lumbar Support,Reclining  High Back Ergonomic Memory Foam Desk Chair,Racing Style PC Computer  Executive Leather Chair with Headrest : Home & Kitchen

A gaming chair is a great way to add extra comfort and style to your home office. They are also great for relief from back pain, especially if you find yourself sitting for long periods in front of your computer.

The Healgen Big and Tall has many other gaming chairs, such as tilt, recline, and lumbar support. It’sIt’se from high-density foam that supports your body while maintaining its shape.

The Healgen Big and Tall is a unique gaming chair on this list. What it lacks that other gaming chairs have, is the ergonomic design of the seat.

As a result, this model is perfect for heavier gamers who need a wider seat. One user that weighs 340 lbs said it fits in perfectly.

If you have wide hips or thighs, this chair is perfect for you. It could easily accommodate even larger users.

But the wide seat isn’t the only thing that makes this chair ideal for big and tall people. The backrest measures 33″ in width, making it one of the widest I’ve reviewed at Gaming Chair Pro. So, if your shoulders are broad, you won’t be constrained by its size like you might in other chairs like the DXRacer Formula Series. This is one of my favorite features of this Healgen chair!

Pink Gtracing Gaming Chair

GTPLAYER Ergonomic Gaming Chair Ergonomic Reclining Ergonomic Leather  Office Chair, Pink -

GTracing is a well-known brand that makes quality gaming chairs with ergonomic designs, premium upholstery, and robust construction. The GTracing Gaming Chair Pink is no exception.

If you’re looking for a gaming chair that offers not only comfort and support but also style, then the Pink GTracing Gaming Chair is what you need. First, of course, you get all the features of our top pick, including a tilt mechanism and adjustable headrest, and lumbar pillows. But it comes in pink color for added flair. It’sIt’so available in other colors such as blue, black, red, white/gold, and green if you are not a fan of pink.

The gaming chair is made of high-density foam padding, which gives it a comfortable feel. It also has a metal frame for added strength, with nylon smooth-rolling casters to make the chair easy to move around on any surface. The PU leather covering makes it durable and skin-friendly, with more padding at the armrests for additional comfort when working or gaming.

The chair has a nice recline of 90 to 170 degrees, allowing users to take naps while seated in it. This recline helps prevent back pain or muscle fatigue for long gaming sessions or office work. However, it doesn’t have a footrest, unlike some other chairs I tested, like the GTRACING Gaming Office Chair in the latter part of this post.

GTRacing Pro Gaming Chair Gtracing Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic Video  Game Chair Backrest and Seat Height Adjustable Swivel Recliner with  Headrest and Lumbar Pillow Esports Chair,Red : Home & Kitchen

One thing I love about GTRacing chairs is their inclusion of lumbar pillows at no extra charge. This pillow sits right at your lower back area and provides some much-needed support to prevent backaches or sore backs after long hours sitting down.

There are two fabrics used on this chair – PU leather on the seat and breathable mesh on the backrest. In addition, the cushioning has been upgraded to a high-density foam that retains its shape over time while still comfortable enough for anyone to sit in for hours without feeling tired.

The GTRacing Pro Gaming Chair comes with a lumbar and headrest pillow that is both generously padded. The headrest pillow is particularly noteworthy and makes it an excellent choice for tall gaming chair users.

The base of this chair is made out of solid aluminum, ensuring the chair will last for many years to come. It also comes with an adjustable footrest that can be unfolded from under the seat to give you another way to relax your legs.

The GTRacing Pro Gaming Chair is available in 5 different colors — black, white, red, blue, and green — so you’ll have plenty of choices to match your room decor.

Vitesse Ergonomic High Back Racing Gaming Chair

Vitesse Gaming Chair,Office Chair Ergonomic Computer Chair High Back Chair  Racing Style Chair with Footrest Headrest and Lumbar Support PU Leather  Adjustable Swivel PC Chair Desk Chair -

The Vitesse Ergonomic High Back Racing Gaming Chair is a solid choice for gamers looking for a comfortable, ergonomic gaming chair for under $200.

The ergonomic PC gaming chair comes in six different color options and is built with a sturdy metal frame. The chair can hold up to 300 lbs of weight, making it one of the best gaming chairs for big and tall people.

One thing I dislike about this gaming chair is the lack of height adjustment on the armrests. This is common on budget chairs like this one, but adjustable armrests do help make it a more versatile option when used as an office chair or even just as an everyday desk chair outside of gaming.

Healgen GM002 Massaging Gaming Chair

HEALGEN Back Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest,PC Computer Video Game  Racing Gamer Chair High Back

Vibrating massage function: Healgen GM002 Massaging Gaming Chair comes with a vibrating massage function in the lower back area, which can help relieve back pain. Also, it’s powered and has a rechargeable bank.

Tilt, swivel, and rocking functions: This chair comes with the standard tilt, swivel, and rocking features characteristic of gaming chairs. It can tilt up to 155 degrees (although some people say it can go back to 180 degrees), it offers a full 360-degree swivel, and it has a rocking feature to allow you to rock back and forth. Most of the chairs on this list also have these features, but it’s worth mentioning them because they are vital ingredients for an optimal gaming experience.

Easy assembly: The chair is relatively easy to put together. The instructions are clear and straightforward, and you don’t have any special tools (although some users recommend having a vice grip handy). According to most reports, it takes about 15-20 minutes to put together.

Design: I like both the look and feel of this chair. It’s sturdy enough that it doesn’t feel cheap when you look closer.

The VON RACER 8280

Von Racer 8280 Gaming Chair Review - YouTube

It’s similar to the Merax Gaming Chair in terms of style and comfort level but does have some additional features that may make it more desirable for a particular group of gamers (such as those who prefer a reclining massage chair).

The chair’s massage feature can be adjusted with a knob on the right-hand side of the seat – users can turn it on or off as they see fit. The chair also features retractable footrests so you can prop your feet up while gaming or working at your desk.

The massage function isn’t impressive as it could be – all you get is a vibrating feature that you can switch on or off whenever you like, no matter where you are on the chair (it’s just limited to the lumbar area). But still, a little massage goes a long way!

Concluding Lines

When it comes to gaming chairs, only a few options deliver. This is why I wanted to put together this list for those who don’t have budget concerns! I believe that all of the above models are worth your consideration.

Of course, you can’t use every one of these chairs firsthand, but I have put a tremendous amount of research into each one. After reading our brief reviews, I hope you feel confident that all three of these chairs will help take your gaming experience (and comfort) to the next level. And if you need even more help finding what is suitable for you, check out some other top lists on the Best Gifts Under $200 or Top Christmas Sales Under $200!

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