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Stardew Valley Gifts: 5 Ways to Make In-Game Friends [2021]

Best Stardew Valley Gifts

Released in February 2016, Stardew Valley is a farming simulation role-playing video game & available to play on macOS, Linux, Windows PC, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch & PlayStation Vita.

In this game, you play as a character who has just received a farm known as Stardrew Valley from the recently deceased grandfather.

Even though Stardrew Valley comes with multiple objectives, it largely focuses on making friends in the Pelican Village.

However, many of you think of it as an easy task.

Trust me, this isn’t.

If you want to go down the easy road, the only way to make easy friends is by expressing your generosity using gifts.

OK, but how’s that helpful. Star drew Valley comes with dozens of gifts.

Which one is the best?

Don’t worry. That’s why going forward in this post, I’ll share some of the best gifts in Stardrew Valley. Let’s get straight into this:

Best Stardew Valley Gifts
Best Stardew Valley Gifts


Stardew Valley Gifts
Stardew Valley Gifts

Be it a game or real life, Pearls when given as a gift can influence anyone to become your friends.

In stardew Valley, villagers also adore Pearls over any other previous items.

How to Acquire Pearls in Stardew Valley?

There is not one, but multiple ways using which you can acquire a pearl.

First, you can get it by playing the mermaids songs at the Night Market.

If you can’t do that, go ahead and build a fish pond and fill it with blowfish.

This would certainly increase your chances of getting a pearl.

After building a pond, make sure the number of fish you have in it is happy.

Likely, a Happy Fish will surely give you a chance to provide a pearl right at the top of Chum Bucket.

Magic Rock Candy

Stardew Valley Gifts
Stardew Valley Gifts

In stardew Valley, magic rock candy is a special edible item.

It is a universally loved item that lights up the mood of every villager in stardew valley.

How to acquire Magic Rick Candy in Stardew Valley?

Unlike a pearl getting a magic rock. Candy is not that easy.

You can get it as a reward after donating 90 items to the museum.

If that’s not the case, you can also get it as a rare item dropped by haunted skulls present in the game.

If you aren’t that lucky, head over to the Calico desert where you can find Traders selling the same magic rock candy every Thursday at a very high price.

Fruits Tree Fruits

Stardew Valley Gifts
Stardew Valley Gifts

Who doesn’t like fruits?

From our real life to the in-game reality, no one says no to fruit.

In stardew Valley every villager like eating foods such as Homegrown Apple and Peach.

Even though you can get fruits quite easily in the game.
However, it requires sheer patience to see them grow every season.

However, once the fruit is ripe. From kids to the elders. everyone loves to eat them.

How to acquire fruit tree fruit in Stardew Valley?

To grow a tree, you need saplings and you can easily get it from Pearce shop in the village.

Once you have planted the tree sapling, it will take 28 days to grow into a tree. In the meanwhile, you have got all the time to plan what’s coming next for you in the game.


Stardew Valley Gifts
Stardew Valley Gifts

There is nothing sweeter, and tastier than honey. Just like flowers, you can easily cultivate honey.

How to Acquire Honey in Stardew Valley?

However, the only roadblock in this process is that you cannot make honey until you reach level three of farming.

Once you are at the exact level, you will automatically learn the crafting recipe for a bee house. FYI, unlike Minecraft Grindstone Crafting Recipe, Stardew Valley’s honey crafting recipe is relatively easy for you.

Once the Beehouse is developed, place it somewhere around the farm and wait for them to finish up their work.

Before start making honey, remember in stardew Valley, there can be only three types of Honey – Sunflower, Tulip, and wild.

If you have planted the flowers within the five times of the house, the honey produced is labeled as sunflower or tulip. And if anything goes above, comes under the wind honey category.

However, as far as giving it as a gift, it doesn’t matter which type of honey you offer the villagers.

Any type of Honey is well-liked by them.

Cooked Dishes

Stardew Valley Gifts
Stardew Valley Gifts

Imagine if someone invites you for a Home-cooked meal.

Would you say no?

It’s highly unlikely unless you have to be somewhere else.

The same can be said about stardew Valley villagers.

Here villagers would happily accept the invitation for a home-cooked meal and eat anything that’s put in front of them. The only common exceptions are bread, fried egg, strange buns, and seafoam pudding.

Despite these common dislikes for some food, each Villager has their own dislikes.

So before cooking a meal, it’s best to make sure and know what he or she likes to eat in advance.


So, these are some of the best Stardrew Valley gifts that you can use to make instant friends in the game.

I know it’s not that easy to find all these gifts at once.

You should keep grinding. In the end, you’ll surely have it all.

And if you’re stuck somewhere in the process, let me know your exact position in the comments section given below.

That’s all for now. If you like this post then do share it with your online & offline friends.

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