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Minecraft Grindstone Crafting Recipe from Scratch [2022]

As we all know, Minecraft is a building and crafting game developed by mahjong studios, which helps you to create a new universe with the help of different exciting tools.

Minecraft is a widely popular game across the globe amongst both children and adults, and its popularity is continuously growing day by day since its release in December 2011.

Today it has 130 million active monthly users. The game has present you with different iterations and development to make the game more interesting.

If you are a lover of the game and have stayed away from it for a while, then you must not be aware of an exciting feature i.e. Grindstone.

Then it doesn’t matter if you play this game on Minecraft Bedrock Edition or the Java Edition.

Let me introduce you to the Grindstone…

Grindstone Minecraft

It is a new tool in the game and highly useful. It is a weapon smith’s block generated in village Minecraft which helps to repair weapons and remove enchantments simultaneously.

It doesn’t mean that without grindstone Minecraft, you won’t be able to repair your items and remove enchantments but the problem was “You couldn’t do both the things at the same time”.

With the help of Anvil, you could only repair items, but enchantment will remain intact and with enchantment table, you could only remove the enchantment, but could not repair tools.

What does a Grindstone Do in Minecraft?

Do you want to know more about the tool and how can we make the most out of it?

Here are 3 main functions that Grindstone Minecraft performs:

For removing enchantments

For removing enchantments, you will have to consolidate two identical items to form a new item. The process will consume the original two times to form a new item and will also remove the enchantment.

The new item will have the combined durability of both sacrificed items, and you will also get the cost of the enchantments in terms of experience points.

Removing non-curse enchantments

Grindstone Minecraft will also help you to remove all the non-curse enchantments from a particular item. You have to put the item in the input slot, and it will disenchant the item.

You can also remove the prior work penalties from the items with the help of Minicraft grindstone, but it will not work in cursed items.

Repair items

You can repair items with Minecraft Grindstone. You have to put the same type of item in the top slot and bottom slot. Item in the top slot will be repaired by sacrificing the item in the bottom slot.

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Minecraft Grindstone Recipe

Making the grindstone or in other words, repair and disenchant Minecraft recipe is quite easy. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming this to be an easier process than building a blast furnace in Minecraft. And following are the ingredients needed to craft a grindstone in Minecraft.

  • 2x sticks
  • 2x wooden planks
  • 1x stone slab

You will not face any difficulty in getting the above items. You will easily get wooden planks and stick by crafting using wood, which is found in plenty.

You need three pieces of stones for making a stone slab.

For making stone, you just have to collect some pieces of cobblestone in a Furnace to heat them. Isn’t it something that we are learning while playing this game? What’s your opinion? Does the game help us to learn better or it’s just a time waste? Here, we have examined the 6 reasons why parents don’t want their kids to play Minecraft.

Anyway, let’s get back to the Minecraft Grindstone Recipe:

Put one stick in the left corner, another on the right, and a stone slab in the middle of the top row. Put one plank in the right and another in the left of the corner of the middle row, and your Grindstone is ready.

How to Craft a Grindstone | Minecraft Block Guide

2 Sticks, 2 Wooden planks, and 1 Stone slab are all you need as an ingredient of the Minecraft Grindstone recipe. If you want to check out the step by step crafting and use of a Grindstone, watch out the video till the end:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make grindstones hurt you when you step on them in Minecraft with command blocks?

Type in /hurt Name where “Name” is a player’s name in the command box to severely hurt the player.

Minecraft bedrock equipment still keeps their enchantment penalty even though a grindstone was used on them?

Yes, it does with the only exception of cursed items.

Is grindstone better than anvil?

You can use an anvil to preserve the enchantments you used to combine similar items only at the expense of XP points. On the other hand, Grindstone is useful because it offers some experience for the loss of those enchantments. So, in a way, it’s obviously better than Anvil.

Final Verdict

Minecraft is an extremely overwhelming game to play. With the help of the game, you can create the world of your imagination and roam around. Various versions and various features have been introduced from time to time to make the game more exciting.

The Grindstone feature is the icing on the cake. It makes the game more appealing.

If you have not played the game with Grindstone, don’t wait – just jump into it and don’t forget to give your review.

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