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Tips to Build Skyblock on Minecraft


Do you find it hard to play skyblock? If yes, then refresh your knowledge about Minecraft. Skyblock is nothing but a game mode where you need to apply the knowledge that you have gained by playing other modes of the game.

Here you start with a minimum of basic resources. Here the challenge is not to just live but also build on the floating island in the sky.

There are 4 variations of Skyblock available based on different geographical condition of the game i.e. Shroomblock, Hellblock, Endblock, Kcolbyks (Reverse Skyblocks).

In skyblock, you start with 26 blocks, a bucket full of lava, Oaktree, and blocks of ice which are the least minimum resources and can not fulfill the daily needs of a person.

As per my own experience of playing skyblock, the level is not that difficult but players like you got tempted to build a bridge to connect it with the mainland or jumps off from the island for gaining health.

Actually, these things are one of the most common mistakes which you should avoid. Basically, the objective of skyblock is to develop your own resources for food, shelter, water, etc. 


You can easily achieve these targets by using your Minecraft Modpack Launcher. It is advised not to use cheats as it will spoil all the excitement of playing the game.

To complete the skyblock level, You have to complete a number of challenges that will create your pathway to success. Also, find out why parents don’t want to play Minecraft their kids

Skyblock Challenges

  1. Build a Cobblestone generator.
  2. Build a house.
  3. Extend the island.
  4. Grow a melon farm.
  5. Grow a pumpkin farm.
  6. Grow a sugarcane farm.
  7. Grow a wheat farm.
  8. Grow a giant red mushroom.
  9. Make a bed.
  10. Build 64 stone bricks.
  11. Create 20 torches.
  12. develop a water source.
  13. Craft a furnace.
  14. Develop a small lake.
  15. Build a platform 24 blocks far from the island for mobs to spawn.
  16. Create 10 cactus green dye.
  17. Cook 10 mushroom stew.
  18. Craft 10 Jack lanterns.
  19. Make 10 bread.
  20. Collect 10 Ender-pearls.
  21. Cook 10 fish.
  22. Create 10 Black Wool.
  23. Create 10 Gray Wool.
  24. Create 10 Light Gray Wool.
  25. Create 10 Lime Green Wool.
  26. Create 10 Red Wool.
  27. Create 10 Yellow Wool.
  28. Create 10 Pink Wool.
  29. Create 10 Green Wool.
  30. Create 10 Orange Wool.
  31. Create 10 Snow Golems.
  32. Create 20 Paintings.
  33. Build and light a nether portal.
  34. Build 5 Gold Ingots.
  35. Create 16 Glass Panes.
  36. Collect 50 birch logs.
  37. Collect 64 arrows & craft a bow.
  38. Develop 10 stone buttons.
  39. Build 30 stone slabs.
  40. Create 10 signs.
  41. Build 20 ladders.
  42. Craft 20 fences.
  43. Develop 20 fence gates.
  44. Create 10 levers.
  45. Build 10 trapdoors.
  46. Make 10 stone pressure plates.
  47. Create 10 wooden pressure plates.
  48. Collect 64 bonemeal.
  49. Build 20 cobblestone stairs

By completing these challenges you can see how far you can go and develop your own island. The game is fun and unique as here you get an opportunity to survive within the sky. So, move forward and make your dreams come true. Here I am going to help you basic things without providing any cheat.

Tutorial: 10 Must Know Tips & Tricks of Skyblock

While playing Minecraft, 2-things are necessary from time to time:

  1. Repair Tools
  2. Remove enchantments

If you wants to do it separately, then you can use Anvil and enrichment table but if you want to do it simultaneously, then you need to know about overall Minecraft Grindstone Crafting Recipe that is actually an icing on the cake.

How to Develop Island?

After getting an island, it is up to you how to develop it. How to build, what layout and resources you develop and that will actually show your skills. It is quite a simple job what all you need is to have a Minecraft knowledge, patience and you are all done.

The basic things which you require to develop on the island are as follows:

Send Coop Invites

You can add friends to your island and to add, the invited person has to accept the invitation only.

To invite: click on the player and tap the “send coop invite” option.

As these can help you develop your island in a faster way. Now let’s move forward and know “what you have and how could you make the maximum use of the resources to develop Island faster”.

What You have?

Before rushing out to develop things on your island. First, evaluate the things you have in your inventory. First of all, use that tree to develop several young trees, Yes you can do it simply by using leaves which can be grown into a tree over a point of time.

This exercise will help you gather more wood in the future and create new things for your surroundings. 

Water Source

A water source can be created by melting the ice that you have in your chest. To develop an infinite source of water, you have to place 2 water buckets.

If you do not have a bucket, place any two water sources in a way that they have air block between them.

Just note my tip: You can place water sources diagonally and you are done with your infinite water source. Getting an infinite water source, the next important thing is to develop a cobbler generator.

Cobbler Generator

To generate cobbler stone, you need to dig a hole that can fit your lava. Cobbler stone will evolve by placing lava and water next to each other. I have seen many players try to develop a cobbler generator in the first instance but this creates chances of losing your water source.

So, don’t even try that after digging the hole, put your entire lava as soon as the both things clash, cobbler stone will start generating.


After creating your cobbler generator now its time to start farming along with creating residential and other places to craft out your city.

Start collecting mud, grass as these two things will help you to do farming even you can craft bricks by just adding water.

Accordingly, start growing food, homes, and other things that you feel necessary for livelihood.


This is a way to go in building Skyblock on Minecraft. If you do it a step wise, most likely you will achieve your targets and if you choose the wrong steps or steps at a wrong place, you will lose the game. Now, the choice is yours 🙂

Are you one who built skyblock on Mincecraft? If yes, what was your strategy… or what did you like the most from this article?

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