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GTA 6 Episodic Release Date | GamePlay | Trailer & Everything You Need to Know

Grand Theft Auto is a long-lasting series of action-adventure open-world video games created by Mike Dailly and David Jones.

Rockstar North, a British development house, is the developer of this amazing game, and its parent company, Rockstar Games, is the publisher of the company. The name of the series “grand theft auto” is based on the reference term used in the United States for motor vehicle theft. It was released on MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows in October 1997.

and then, this game was released on PlayStation in 1998, and on Game Boy Color in 1999. The Gameplay takes you on an open-world adventure where you have to complete missions to proceed further in the story.

The mission revolves around shooting and driving with other small tasks on the side. It is a highly in-demand game across the globe and the 2nd most popular game after Minecraft. Rockstar has released various iteration of the game, and the last one is GTA 5, released in 2013 with 130 million registered users in 2020.

Seeing the spike in the interest, the publisher announced the development of GTA 6, and now we are whole-heartedly waiting for it.

When Will the GTA 6 Release?

No doubt, the GTA 6 is the most talked-about game over the internet, and fans become bored after playing GTA 5 for seven years and eagerly waiting for the sequel. As there is no revelation regarding the game, the fans started framing theories regarding the release of it.

However, Rockstar remains tight-lipped regarding any update about it. For a while, Rockstar’s team was working on Red Dead Redemption II and released it at the end of 2018, so we cannot expect the release any time sooner.

Currently, Rockstar is working on a re-release of GTA on PS5. Seeing the size of the game, it will take almost two years or more to develop it, and Rockstar finished the work on RDR 2 in 2018, so we may expect it to release by the end of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022.

What Will the Gameplay Like in GTA?

Rockstar kept their card closed and has not officially disclosed anything about GTA 6. However, discussions around the game are going around fiercely. There is evidence that GAT6 will be the largest in franchise history.

A freshly identified picture added reliance to an assertedly leaked GTA 6 world map from back in 2018, which showed the title will take place in South America, Vice City, and the Caribbean.

It’s unclear if the next installment will come with multiple protagonists like GTA 5. However, there is a high possibility that there will be two protagonists in GTA 6, which would crave for the game to incorporate a split-screen mode.

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It is speculated that the game will take place in the past timeline of the 1970s and 1980s, where the war on drugs was at the height. The player may act as a drug lord, and the second character may help the protagonist to establish its narcotic empire.

Rockstar may design the co-missions, where players pull off heist and assassinations in synchronization.

Supposedly one player is in the meeting with the drug lord, and another player is waiting to kill the competing druglord with a sniper. Above are just speculations, but certainly, it will be much better from GAT5.

Hi-tech hardware like next-gen consoles based on AMD’s Zen 2 architecture with eight-core CPU is required to play Split-screen multiplayer games, so it is key to make GTA 6 happen.

Would an Episodic Release Work for Gta 6?

Episodic release means the release of the game in parts. An episodic release of GAT6 means it will release in parts. It is a custom that before the arrival of any new game, the fans start giving theories about it, and the same is happening with GAT6.

Seeing the popularity of the game, Hitman, after its episodic release, the fans are speculating the episodic release of the GAT6.

However, it seems unlikely for GAT6 because it is a game with great attention to storytelling. A game like Hitam has less focus on storytelling, so it can take full advantage of the episodic release. Nevertheless, if Rockstar will decide the episodic release of the game, it has to be launched more innovatively.

Is There Any Trailer Available for GTA 6?

No, there is no official trailer has been released yet. However, there are rumors that the trailer will likely to come by October 2021. You can see many trailers present on youtube made the fans and claiming that it is the official trailer of GTA 6 and claiming millions of views, shows the craziness of the players for the game. As there is no official update, but as soon as I get any updates, you will get to know here.

What is Its IMDB Rating?

Well, IMDB is not the platform for rating video games but playing today’s 3D video games seems like you are watching a movie, in fact, part of it. Players cannot resist themself to rate it there.

GTA 5 has a mindblowing rating of 9.5 out of 10. The rating of the game help to increase the popularity of the game across the globe.

Frequently Asked Question

1. On which platforms will GTA 6 release?

We’re suspecting that it will release on Xbox Series X and PS5.

2. Will GTA 6 also launch on PC?

Both GTA 4 and GTA 5 launched on PC, so there is a high possibility that it will also launch on PC.

3. Where will GTA 6 be set?

Well, there is no announcement regarding that, but according to the rumors, it will be in South America Vice City and the Caribbean.


This game is absolute-blast and today when I have written article on this topic, I know how much GTA vice city and ludo matters to me in my childhood.

Undoubtedly, Rockstar has well crafted the game and puts attention to every small detail. It has quirky characters, a beautiful storyline, high-quality graphics, and breathtaking scenes. It has the most detailed game after Red Dead Redemption. Since its release, it has nominated for several game awards and also won many of them. Once you start playing it, you will not able to stay away from it even for a while. It is the world’s second most popular game around the corner.

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