GTA 6 All Hidden Secrets & Biggest Rumors Unveiled

GTA 6 is going to be much bigger than its predecessor which was a massive hit. It is considered as one of the biggest events when GTA 5 launched five years ago. Rockstar games grasp the opportunity of acquiring a huge fan base. All this together resulted in making GTA 5 best selling game of the industry till the date. Till the date, GTA is a fourteen title long series in which the last one proved himself best among all in term of sales. With the recent success of Red 2 which made its debut on 26 October 2018.

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The GTA fans are dreamy all long for its next successor and now Finally Rockstar Games given a positive sign towards the development of this legendary series. Yes, GTA 6 is in development and as per sources, it is going to launch in 2020 along with PS5. Its code name is Project Americans and the game location are supposed to be based in Miami and New York City. As per our intuition. It is possible that Sony is going to have an aggressive marketing strategy. This will help you to enjoy higher sales easily and automatically dump competitors.

GTA 6 Map Revealing The Secret


In GTA 6 England and London are going to be only non-US city this is due to the potential setting of GTA games match to places from the US. As per the interview with The Guardian was given by a head writer Dan Houser of Rockstar Games saying that GTA is not good enough to tell a UK based storyline. As per other speculations among fans, GTA 6 will return to Vice City. Not aware of the city? You are already familiar with the city in 2002. When GTA introduced Vice City which was a fictional city primarily based on South Florida. As per Rumors, it is suggested that GTA will feature travel between Vice City to South America. Or The Map of GTA 6 will be cover United Staes only. This seems impossible but who knows what is in the womb. As Rockstar games have a track record of surprising fans by giving Wonderful innovations.

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GTA 6 Deadly Characters

GTA 6 Characters
GTA 6 Characters

There is still much more to come up. But as per recent incidents and pairing it with the interview of Rockstar Co-founder Dan Houser which is also a lead writer of the house. In the Guardian interview, he said that they can do a game with a female lead character. They always wanted to do that but they didn’t find the right game to make it possible. As per rumours, the leading lady can be Hollywood Actress Eva Mendez. If GTA 6 features a female protagonist making it unique and fresh from its entire series.

As we have seen all male characters in the series yet. Another possibility is that GTA 6 will have multiple lead characters like GTA 5. Possibly you have a choice to play as a cop or a criminal. There is no official announcement from the company. In the Last instalment of game three main characters are established. which are Franklin, Michale, Trevour they can also come back in GTA 6 and continue the game? A female protagonist can be added to heat up the game and add up all the spice with glamour she has. So, Hold the breath and wait till the official announcements are made.

GTA 6 What Vehicles will be there?

GTA 5 and GTA online has created a buzz all over by its ultra-luxury cars in the game. So, the expectations are high this time too. Fans are dreaming of having vehicles like Batmobile ( A fictional vehicle belongs to Batman). Till now Grand Theft Auto features tuners, racers, bikes, off-roaders, sedan, emergency vehicles, boat, yacht, jetpacks, muscle.  After looking at this list anyone can say that GTA 6 will have come out of the world type vehicle. Designed to raise heartbeats of GTA 6 game players.

GTA 6  Time Travel another twist or Rumour?

As seen in Back to the future this might be possible this time also in GTA 6. Do not underestimate this as that time had the only futuristic vehicle as cop cars. In GTA 6 you can have enhanced time travel. As this can refresh the game entirely and add up to new possibilities. Some of them jump to another time frame and fix up the situation which was messed up earlier by him while playing the game. Creating an ultra modern world by the help of advanced graphics. Let’s wait up till the official announcement of the game and be prepared to enjoy all the fun.

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I hope you would like the information shared above. The above content is designed to make you aware of all possibilities regarding GTA 6. If you found the article helpful kindly share it with your near and dear ones. Still having any doubt or finding any difficulty with the content mention it in the comment box below. Our team will try their best to provide answers in our upcoming blogs.  




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