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IS GTA 5 worth to play? GTA 5 Trusted Review

The Grand Theft Auto is the most hyped game. GTA 5 has brought up many such features that give justification to the hype that is gained by the game. Let’s enquire about GTA 5 reviews and its latest features. The GTA 5 game is no common game, and that is the strength of the game. The graphics and the gameplay of the game are amazing and the thrill that the game imparts is great. The UI is smooth and very compatible with OS. You can play GTA vice city of PC for a more amazing experience. The game is heavy but absolutely free of lags.

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GTA 5 Features

GTA 5 has a cool radio station

The very obvious and habitual thing that we do while riding the bike is, plugging in and listening to music. GTA 5 offers this feature that allows you to listen to your favorite radio station. This is one of the reasons why GTA 5 is hyped. The unique and real-time feature, indeed.

Multiple Protagonists

The GTA 5 game has multiple characters. The feel of the real world is stimulated rightly. No wonder, why the game makes so many fans and the appreciable users.

GTA 5 game allows Multiplayer

It is very cool to ask your friends to join the online league along with you. Enjoy the whole different world, virtually with your real friends!


GTA 5 Reviews

“1. The soundtrack, though large, was actually disappointing to me. Not a lot of really good songs here, especially nothing to compete with the selection in GTA: San Andreas. Further, not being able to choose your own default radio station (per character or in general) only set the franchise back, oh, nine years.

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2. “In fact, the city is so large that you’ll need more than one character to quickly jump between sections.” Ummm, this is a flaw, actually, but thank you for (accidentally) exposing the truth about another issue: the taxi drivers are quite unreliable, and navigating through your phone and the list of places your taxi can drive you effectively makes “jumping” to another section this way a chore.

Notice a pattern here? Bigger does not necessarily equal better. Let’s continue.

3. The three characters are pathetic little losers who don’t know who they want to be in life, and gawd are they fugly. Why anyone would want to play as a loser in their GTA game is beyond me. But no matter. I actually didn’t like the whole “Each character has his own special skill” BS either. Considering the size of the map and that you may indeed want to switch to another character to explore another section in it, they should’ve gone ahead and let them all have the same skills.

To me, establishing the three characters as unique individuals were wrecked by the fact that their fighting styles are all the same (and cannot be changed), they can operate all the same vehicles, and they can use all the same weapons. So there exists no reason to not let me use each special skill no matter who I’m playing as. In Sleeping Dogs, I didn’t have to change characters to go from slow-motion driving to slow-motion shooting. In fact, I could do both at the SAME TIME! Not in GTA 5, though. Even in this regard, GTA 5 pales in comparison.

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4. “The world within the game” is perhaps the game’s biggest disappointment. None of the things you listed (that are new; you can sky-dive in GTA: San Andreas too) are half as much fun as all the things they took out, which I’ll list shortly. Tons of people are already saying they’re bored with the game, and it’s not hard to see why.

After completing the story, there is very little to do in this game that is actually FUN. What’s more, they cripple your chances at having fun even committing a crime. The broken police and wanted level system, the ultra-weak tank (gets destroyed too quickly), and mechanics such as not being able to aim before you shoot while driving, all subtract from the gameplay.

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5. I can’t believe you listed GTA 5 Online as one of its “killer features”. A simple Google search will tell people all they need to know about Online (i.e., It sucks).

Instead of these so-called “killer features”, I would’ve much preferred the following cool features/activities that were in previous GTAs but not in this one:

Emergency vehicle missions (police, ambulance, firefighter), buyable safe houses, gambling in or even just SEEING a beautiful casino, more enterable buildings in general, gang wars/acquisition of territories, the ability to choose your own default radio station, a jetpack, nitrous in vehicles, hydraulics on vehicles, dating, grabbing a bite to eat, pool (billiards), basketball, varying combat styles, and the ability to steal the train!

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Compared to GTA: San Andreas, GTA 5 is…. mediocre. The only thing “killer” about it is the graphics/presentation. SA owns it in terms of gameplay.” You must know which is the Best selling game of the week.

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GTA 5 is undoubtedly the very much cool game. The graphics and the simulation it masses, is very fantastic. Moreover, the game works very smooth and is compatible. Do let us know your reviews in the comment below. More latest updates and the features, stay reading us.

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