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7 Expert Solutions to Get Rid of Youtube Error 400 Forever [2022]

Google’s YouTube is the most popular online video service, and there are many reasons why it is. It is free, it has a massive collection of videos, and it is easy to watch.

However, sometimes you may face issues playing back those videos on Android smartphones.

Issues like “Youtube error 400 “or other similar errors can be very frustrating when trying to watch a particular video.

If you have these kinds of issues and cannot access your favorite YouTube videos, then follow these simple solutions to say goodbye to YouTube server errors on android forever. Let’s get started:

How Do I Fix YouTube Error 400 on Android?

Solution #1 – Clear The Cache And Cookies From Your Browser

Your browser may be trying to use a cached version of the page, and that’s why you’re getting the YouTube Error 400. Clearing your cache will remove all the data stored on your computer (bookmarks, cookies, history, etc.). So, here’s how you can clear cache from some of the popular Android browsers:

Chrome Browser

1) Press Ctrl+H to display the History page.

2) In the search box at the top of the page, type:

3) Select “Cached” from the Time drop-down menu.

4) Click Clear underneath Cached images and files.

Firefox Browser

1) Type about: cache in the address bar and press Enter.

2) Find the YouTube entry in the list and click on it.

3) Then click on the “Clear now” button under the Actions column.

Opera Browser

1) Press F12 to enter the Developer Tools window.

2) Click on the Network tab at the top of the window.

3) Select “Clear Caches” from the context menu in the Network tab. If you cannot access developer tools or clear cache via your browser, try this combination of keys: Press Ctrl+Shift+R and your browser will completely reset.

Solution #2 – Clear YouTube Cookies

Ever since the launch of youtube, its users have faced multiple issues accessing their youtube accounts.

So, to fix that, some people say clearing cookies in the browser solves the issue, and some say that deleting cookies related to the Youtube account does not solve the problem.

I have used both of these ways, and they did not work for me.

And I finally found a solution that works 100%.

Here is how this solution works:

  1. Open your browser and type in YouTube or google on the search bar to open Youtube.
  2. Then, click Sign in and enter your username and password if you are already a logged-in user.
  3. Make sure you are logged in before proceeding to the next step. Click Sign out to sign out of your account altogether (If you want to sign out temporarily, you can use this option). This will log you out of your youtube account completely.
  4. Close your browser to delete all the Youtube cookies from your computer. Unfortunately, you will have to start a new session after closing it.
  5. Please restart your computer and then open it again.
  6. Log in again with your username and password if auto-login is enabled on your computer or if you have cleared all the youtube cookies before restarting your system.

Even though this shouldn’t happen if you’re still facing the YouTube Error 400, try to apply the next solution provided at your disposal.

Solution #3 – Update Chrome to the Latest Version

Depending on the type of problem you face with your browser, there could be multiple reasons for it. The biggest reasons might be an outdated version of the browser or a corrupted extension installed. In such cases, updating the browser can help resolve the issue. You should also check if any extensions installed on your browser are causing this error by going into Incognito mode.

Refer to the following steps to restore Youtube:

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+N simultaneously on your keyboard to open a new tab in Chrome with Incognito Mode.
  • Now make sure no chrome extension is active and open in a tab to see whether you’re getting the 400 error or not.
  • If there’s an error, try to find which extension is exactly crashing youtube on your web browser.

Solution #4: Unblock

YouTube gets easily blocked by some schools, organizations, and corporations.

Here’s how you can access YouTube in incognito mode:

Step 1: Open your browser and go to

Step 2: Write youtube in the search bar.

Step 3: Click on the YouTube icon in the search bar.

Step 4: A box will pop up asking you to log in if you aren’t already. After signing in, click on the continue button (You may need to click twice).

Step 5: Finally, You are all set! Enjoy watching your favorite videos in incognito mode!

Solution 5: Check your Network settings

If the above steps do not help, you must check the internet connection. To do this, turn on Airplane Mode, and if the YouTube app is working, it means that something is wrong with your network settings.

If you notice that your Wi-Fi is unstable, you should restart your router. To do this:

  • Log into your router settings and restart it. If you don’t know how to do this, please contact your internet provider.
  • You can also try another DNS (Domain Name System) like Cloudflare This may be found in the Cloudflare app, which is available for download on Google Play save right here.

If the problem persists even after doing this, you must reset your web browser to continue.

Solution 6: Reset Your Web Browser

Before uninstalling the web browser, you can reset the browser and bring its settings back to default. Here’s how you can reset it from the advanced settings of your browser:

To access the advanced settings, click on the three-dot menu button on the top right corner of your Chrome and select settings.

Then, go to Privacy and security, and under Privacy, you will find the option for advanced settings. Click on it. You will get a window with various options. Look for “Reset” at the bottom. Click on it and confirm with “Reset Settings.”

This will reset your Chrome settings to their original state, and Youtube should open up fine now. Unfortunately, if you’re still getting the YouTube Error 400, you’re left with no resort other than reinstalling the web browser.

Solution #7 – Reinstall Web Browser

If you’ve tried all the above options and still can’t fix the ‘YouTube Error 400’ error, it’s time to reinstall the installed web browser.

Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features to uninstall Chrome. Select the web browser and then click Uninstall/Change.

Reinstall Chrome by going to or a browser of your choice and downloading it on your device. You should then be able to access the websites that were inaccessible before.


The above solutions have helped thousands of users with this problem of YouTube error 400 across the globe, and they will work for you too if followed correctly. So follow these solutions carefully to determine which one works for you the best.

That’s all for now.

If you’re stuck somewhere in the process and need any help, please ask us in the comments section given below.

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