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KissAnime VS GogoAnime: Best Anime Streaming Website? [2021]

KissAnime VS GogoAnime

If you have been looking for websites that stream cartoons from the era of 70’s and 80’s then chances are that you’re confused between which site to choose.

There are a lot of people on Social Media literally asking which one’s better:

  • Kissanime or
  • GogoAnime

If you ask me I would say both are great as long as they provide anime shows in high-quality.

But some of you can’t stay put without getting to know the difference between two of the classic anime sites.

Today, I’ll end this Kissanime vs GogoAnime debate forever by doing side-by-side comparison of the two sites. Moreover, I’ll also reveal the alternative sites of both Kissanime & Gogoanime.

Now, let’s get started:

Why isn’t kissanime mobile working?

KissAnime vs GogoAnime

Both Kissanime & GogoAnime are top-class sites offering the latest to popular anime series absolutely free. Such sites use torrent files as the source to provide anime shows right after their official release.

Even though there are some legitimate sites like Netflix, Funimation that offer anime shows but none of them give the opportunity to watch them free.


You can opt for a trial period but tell me honestly, for how long?

Two Weeks or Max-to-Max 1 month. That’s it. But what after this?

You’re stuck in the middle. On the other hand both Kissanime & GogoAnime gives you full freedom to download unlimited number of videos completely free.

Having very similar user interfaces, it is actually hard to decipher between the two, regardless the collection of KissAnime is far greater.

Is KissAnime and GogoAnime Illegal?

It is tough to address the KissAnime vs. GogoAnime debate without talking on its legality issues.

I won’t go deep in defending such sites. The answer is simply YES!

Both are illegal to use.

But there’s a loophole that says something else. KissAnime is not legal, but it also is not illegal. This sounds crazy right? But pirating is only illegal for the one hosting it.

KissAnime is hosting the cartoons on Google and OpenLoad, which means that they are hosting any form of illegal content.

However, if you are looking for a technicality in the law, it is a breach of the rules with Google and OpenLoad. That puts KissAnime in a very grey spot, to be precise.

Now, when you think of GogoAnime, much like KissAnime, they too stream those copyright cartoons. It’s not necessarily legal but not explicitly illegal either. It really depends on which jurisdiction you fall under in your country.

Kiss Anime Mobile

Difference between KissAnime vs. GogoAnime

The difference is hardly much apart from the fact that GogoAnime can knowingly send malware to your website. So, it would be better if you stay away from such viruses. you to on to your website and invite much malware.

But, other websites work as good alternatives for both these grey websites.

Alternatives for KissAnime

The grey spot for KissAnime vs. GogoAnime has never been easy, as both are basically similar websites, doing business the same way.

But, to make it easier, I will list 4 best alternatives for each one. Let’s get started:

Kissanime Alternatives


My first bet for KissAnime Alternatives is AnimeSeason. One of the major reasons why this made a list is because they do not serve irritating ads all the time while you are streaming.

Making your anime experience uninterrupted.


My next pick is as it’s a really good KissAnime alternative. It is a clear and ad-free website.

Masterani has some really decent features, too, like you get to sort the kind of cartoons you want. You can sort them based on content, whether it is for children or adults.


With an attractive web page and landing interface, this website gives you full control over what you want in cartoons.

It also personalizes your searches and suggests what you would like to see, much like Netflix.


Once you use 9Anime, chances are you will find your perfect KissAnime alternative. It is an easy-to-use, clean landing page, and its navigation makes it almost addictive.

Alternatives for GogoAnime

You can use the above-mentioned votes, but I have put together another best 4 alternatives for GogoAnime.

Let’s get started:


Hulu is the house of smashing hits of cartoons. An easy to use interface make sit a feature-rich collection of a cartoon. You name it, and chances are they already have it.

It is not free, though.

Anime Planet

Their personalized navigation, much like Netflix, will recommend you shows that you may like based on your searches. And their vast collection of cartoons make sure that you do not miss GogoAnime.


This is my final pick for the GogoAnime alternative. Mainly because, like the above three, it lets you have a seamless experience on the website with a lot of category filters.

Wrap Up | KissAnime vs GogoAnime

In the end, there are so many options it is almost impossible to make the pick, especially when the two leading streaming services are KissAnime and GogoAnime.

But, I hope the above alternatives help you curate your favorites in no time. If you have more ideas, you can always tell me in the comments below.

How to download Anime videos from Gogoanime?

Few persons asked me,How to download anime videos from Gogoanime? That’s why I have added this video. If you still face any problem while downloading anime videos from Gogoanime or Kissanime, then you can write to us in a comment box given below.

If you are using any of the above websites to watch anime videos, please let us know your experience, and if we like your story, we will love to feature your story in front of our audience.

Also, let us know If I have missed anything about the best streaming anime platforms.

Till then, Keep watching Cartoons, keep smiling and Live Long!

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