KissAnime VS GogoAnime : What’s Best Anime Streaming Website And Why?

If you have been looking for websites that stream you cartoons from the 70’s and 80’s and a lot more than chances are you know the debate between KissAnime vs GogoAnime.

So, if you are going to choose between the two, you would need to clear on the footing each of these streaming services stands. If you are anilinkz fan than must check my post on its alternatives.

Why kissanime mobile not working?

KissAnime vs GogoAnime

These are streaming services that collect torrent files of all cartoons and allows you to watch them for free. You can also download them on the go.

Where as GogoAnime can be a little more sneaky that KissAnime. GogoAnime is a browser hack and also a streaming website. But, both of these websites give you an unlimited edition of free anime download.

Having very similar user interfaces it is actually hard to decipher between the two, regardless the collection of KissAnime is far greater.

Is KissAnime and GogoAnime Illegal?

It is very hard to address the KissAnime vs GogoAnime debate without touching on the point of legal issues.

Outwith any further debate, the answer is quite simple. Yes!

Both are.

KissAnime is not legal, but it also is not illegal. This sounds confusing, but pirating is only illegal for the one hosting it.

KissAnime is hosting the cartoons on Google and OpenLoad, that also means that they are hosting any form of illegal content.

However, if you are looking for the technicality in the law, it is at the breach of the rules with both Google and OpenLoad. That puts KissAnime in a very grey spot to be precise.

Now, when you think of GogoAnime, much like KissAnime they too stream those copyright cartoons. It’s not necessarily legal but not explicitly illegal either. It really depends on which jurisdiction you fall under in your country.

Kiss Anime Mobile

Difference between KissAnime vs GogoAnime

The difference is hardly much apart from the fact that GogoAnime can latch on to your website and invite a lot of malware.

But, there are other websites that work as good alternatives for both these grey websites.

Alternatives for KissAnime

The grey spot for KissAnime vs GogoAnime has never been easy, as both are basically similar websites, doing business the same way.

But, to make it easier, I will give you four top alternatives for each. For now, let’s see the top 4 alternatives for KissAnime.

Kissanime Alternatives


My first bet for KissAnime Alternatives is AnimeSeason. One of the major reasons why this made the list if because, they do not serve irritating ads all the time while you are streaming.

Making your anime experience uninterrupted.


My next vote is really a good KissAnime alternative. it is a clear and ad-free website.

Masterani has some really decent features too like you get to sort the kind of cartoons you want. You can sort them on the basis of content, whether it is for children or adults.


With an attractive web page and landing interface, this website gives you full control over what you want in terms of cartoons.

It also personalizes your searches and suggests to you what you would like to see, much like Netflix.


Once you use 9Anime, chances are you will find your perfect KissAnime alternative. It is easy to use, clean landing page and its navigation makes it almost addictive.

Alternatives for GogoAnime

Of course, you can use the above-mentioned votes but, I have put together another top four alternatives for GogoAnime.

So, the best GogoAnime alternative is;


Hulu is the house of smashing hits of cartoons. An easy to use interface make sit a feature-rich collection of a cartoon. You name it, and chances are they already have it.

It is not free though.

Anime Planet

Their personalized navigation much like Netflix will recommend you shows that you may like based on your searches. And, their vast collection of cartoons make sure that you do not miss GogoAnime.


This is my final pick for GogoAnime alternative. mainly because like the above three, it let’s you have a seamless experience on the website with a lot of category filters.

My KissAnime vs GogoAnime Wrap Up

In the end, there are so many options it is almost impossible to make the pick. Especially when the two leading streaming services are KissAnime and GogoAnime.

But, I hope the above alternatives helps you curate your favorites in no time. if you have more ideas, you can always tell me in the comments below.

How to download Anime videos from Gogoanime?

Few persons asked me “How to download anime videos from Gogoanime?” and that’s the reason I have added this video. If you still face any problem while downloading anime video from Gogoanime or Kissanime, then you can write to us in a comment box given below.

If you are using any of the above websites to watch anime videos, then please let us know your experience and if we like your story, we will love to feature your story in front of our audience.

Also, let us know If I have missed anything about best streaming anime platforms.

Till then, Keep watching Cartoons, keep smiling and Live Long!


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